To calculate how much power does a rice cooker consumes, you will do it first need to know exactly how much power (watts) does her rice cooker has. There room different varieties of models on the market, and they differ in power. There room two ways exactly how you can calculate and get the genuine power intake of her rice cooker.

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The very first way is by using the simple data native the label of the rice cooker and calculating it. The 2nd and better way is to use a measure up device kill A Watt Meter. Therefore, permit us explain each of these methods.

Method 1: Calculating the Power expense of Rice Cooker

Let’s usage an example. We’ll usage a black + Decker Rice Cooker design that consumes 700 watts (0.7 kW) and also has a capacity of 1.8 liters (0.47 gallons). To chef a rice through rice cooker the takes in between 25 and also 35 minutes. We will certainly take an average time the 30 minutes right into our calculation.

Note! If you discover volts and also amps on her label, you can use this basic formula to convert them into watts: watt (W) = Volts (V) x Amps (A)

Now the we have all the important data, we can calculate the power usage of our rice cooker and how lot it will expense us every use. The formula is the following:

Total = P(W) x T(h) x 0.13 (1kWh)Total = 0.7 (kW) x 0.5 (h) x 0.13 = $0.045

To chef rice in a rice cooker will expense us $0.045 cent per use. If we execute this every day, it will cost us $1.36 per month or $16.38 per year. We took the typical price of electrical energy of 13 cents per kWh.

Method 2: measure up The Power price of Rice Cooker

Every electrician will tell you the the best and most exact way you can get the actual power usage of any kind of electric appliance is by making use of a measure device. By using a kill A Watt Meter, you can measure the power usage of the rice cooker and any other appliance in your home. You simply need to placed Kill A Watt meter right into an outlet and connect her rice cooker come this device.


All the power that walk true the outlet will certainly be measured. This measurement tools are really affordable and also can be discovered on Amazon. My advice is to certainly get one maker like this to have actually on hand.

Rice Cooker Vs Stovetop: i beg your pardon One Is Cheaper come Use?


You must have wondered which technique of make rice is better, faster, and more efficient for cooking rice? Stovetop or rice cooker? Well, the rice cooker is clearly the far better solution. For a rice cooker to cook rice it consumes 0.5 systems of electricity per hour when the stovetop consumes approximately 3 devices of electrical energy per hour.

So, cooking rice in a rice cooker will certainly be much more cost-effective than cooking it ~ above a stovetop. Therefore, to conserve money on your electrical energy bill, a rice cooker will carry out the job. Although, if us look because that the best solution possible, then buying a multi-cooker is the finest way. This cooker have the right to be supplied for any kind of cooking and also save electricity.

Does warm Mode Consume Less power On A Rice Cooker?

Everyone that owns a rice cooker wants to know does a rice cooker in a warmth mode consumes less electrical power than in the food preparation mode? Generally YES, the rice cooker consumes less power in warmth mode, but it greatly depends on the version of the rice cooker and also its specifications. The power usage in the warm mode the a rice cooker is in between 30 come 50 watts depending on the model and also size.

Some more recent models come through a complex circuit mechanism that has multiple food preparation options. These varieties of rice cookers have a built-in timer and also a ‘Sleep mode’ option which allows for the rice cooker come consume less electricity.

The rice cookers that have actually these choices are able to consume less power in warmth mode than during the chef mode. Yet most rice cookers have a basic circuit mechanism. These types of rice cookers job-related on the rule of offering a consistent amount of energy from the moment you began using it to the end. By that, the cook mode and the warmth mode room consuming an same amount the energy.

Does The Electricity intake Of A Rice Cooker count On The lot Of Rice?

Another most typical question around a rice cooker is does the consume the exact same amount of power regardless of the quantity of rice that is gift used? The Rice cooker doesn’t consume much more electricity relying on the lot of rice yet on the time that the machine spends to chef the rice. If over there is a smaller sized amount the rice in the rice cooker, a smaller amount that water is needed, and therefore the rice cooker will require much much less time to bring the water come a boil.

Therefore, if a rice cooker has a huge amount that rice, it will certainly require an ext water, which will certainly take a longer time to bring to a boil. On the various other hand, it will take much less time for a smaller amount the rice come cook, since less water is offered that requirements to lug down to a boil.

For those who want to make fluffy rice, lock will should dry every the water native a rice cooker, which will certainly take a much longer time for the rice cooker to cook it and also that will certainly lead to much more energy consumption.

What affect The power Of Rice Cooker


Today you deserve to find various rice cooker models that range in power native 500 W or 1000 W. But in that power range, i beg your pardon is no negligible, what precisely can affect the power of the rice cooker? right here are the key things:

Design featuresThe variety of programs availableThe selected setting (temperature and program)Bowl volume

If you select a rice cooker with a lower power it will consume much less energy. But it’s no that simple! Yes, a rice cooker v a greater power, on the one hand, will consume much more energy, but it will certainly take the to cook rice in a shorter period of time, and also as a result, electricity intake will be lower unlike rice cooker with lower power, yet a longer operating time.

How much Rice Cooker expense Per Usage? 

A typical rice cooker consumes anywhere in between 0.4 to 1 kW of power per consumption which method it will cost you 0.048 cents to chef rice. The power intake mostly counts on the model of the rice cooker and also other attributes that the has.

It should likewise be listed that the rice cooker has two modes; cooking mode and also warm mode. ~ the cooking mode is done, if you leave your rice within it will certainly activate the warmth mode i beg your pardon will additionally consume power and can influence your price per usage. Therefore, the cost per consumption for a rice cooker is approximately 0.048 cents and it will cost you approximately $1-2 every month to run it.

If girlfriend are among the human being who supplies a most kitchen appliances, then you will surely it is in interested in how Much strength (kWh) does a Blender Use.

How To pick A Energy efficient Rice Cooker?

A wide selection of rice cookers are easily accessible on the market today and also finding the right version is not constantly easy. The newer models that rice cookers come through a integrated thermostat, that is able to save power when a details temperature is reached, reduces the heater intensity, or turns off. Therefore, once buying it is vital to pay attention to the complying with criteria:

The Power and also The Capacity

As with most food preparation appliances, wattage is a attribute to consider when purchasing a rice cooker. Note the the higher the wattage is, the quicker the food preparation time. One more essential criterion, the tank capacity typically varies from 0.5 come 5 liters depending on the model. An appliance v a capacity of 0.5 come 0.8 L should be perfect for a single person or a pair while a rice cooker that 1 liter come 3 liters is necessary for a family.

Easy to Use

A an excellent rice cooker is over all a pleasant an equipment to use. It is as such important come check certain elements. First, prefer models that have non-slip feet to border accidents. Try to to buy easy-to-use rice cookers that space equipped v a opening button and also that have an on-off switch.

Additional Features

When to buy a rice cooker it is crucial to look because that a maker that comes with more options. Girlfriend will additionally find the there room 2 in 1 and also 3 in 1 model the comes with additional accessories, such as the steam basket. These species of rice cookers will permit you to chef carrots, meat, and even fish. Also, the finest appliances space usually equipped with an LED display as well as an automatic keep-warm duty and a reheat mode.

Final Thoughts 

As we might read in this article, rice cookers space not large consumers that electricity and also they will certainly not influence your power bill. These gadgets are an extremely convenient and also easy come use, and much more and an ext people have them in their households. Therefore, that was necessary to recognize what is their power consumption and also how castle work.

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Rice cookers use much less than 1% of total electricity in your house, and they would expense you between $30 to $50 every year to operation it. If you regularly prepare rice, then this is the home appliance the you need to have. Ns hope I helped you and that you acquired the prize you come for.