In the simplest form, a tanning bed is a big lamp fixture. It calls for electricity as with other lights. One point to consider when purchasing a demorphs bed because that your home is exactly how to power it.

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120 Volt vs. 220 Volt

Most homes are wired through 120 Volt, 15Amp outlets in the walls. The Wolff 16 and XS power 16 will occupational fine on this circuits v no modification. However as the beds get larger, castle need much more power. The Wolff 24 and also the XS power 24 still operation on 120 Volts, however require a 20Amp circuit. The standard for tanning bed is 220 Volts, lot like an electric dryer or range range. The is an extremely important to provide the ideal power because that your home tanning bed.

Impact on electric bills

While a tanning bed may be contrasted to a big appliance in strength requirement, in actuality it will certainly not run almost as lengthy nor as regularly as other appliances. The actual affect to your electric bill is rather minimal. Let’s look in ~ the figures…XS strength 24 (220) uses 12Amps ~ above a 220VAC circuit 12A x 220V = 2640 Watts2640W ÷ 100 = 2.64 KilowattsThe nationwide average price per Kilowatt Hour is approximately 10¢2.64 Kilowatts × ¼ hour (15 minute session) = .66 Kilowatt hours10¢ every KH × .66 KH = 6¢ every session

Dedicated circuit

Most household electrical outlets room strung together in a “daisy chain”. That method one outlet is linked to an additional which is connected to another and also so on to the end of the operation of wire. A solitary circuit breaker in her breaker panel might be associated to many outlets throughout your home. The reasoning is, you will never have actually something plugged in and also running in every the outlets at once. For the quick time a tanning bed is running it will certainly need most of the power on that is circuit. Thus it is highly recommended that the supply power is top top a devoted circuit. This means the circuit breaker is connected directly come the outlet or junction crate the tanning bed is plugged into, and nothing else. This to reduce the threat of overloading the electrical circuits.

Certified electrician

Since most homes are no wired with committed circuits, much much less 220 Volt strength to anything yet a dryer or oven, one should be provided. You might need to hire a certified electrician to cable the outlet(s) properly before operating the tanning bed. Listed below is a table showing exactly what type of power each house tanning bed needs.


Voltage drops as it travels through wire. How much your home is native the electrical sub-station, how far your residence is native the strength pole, how far the tan bed is native the breaker box, etc. Will all affect the voltage reading at the demorphs bed. Where you live in the country and also the season will also impact voltage. Think the the critical time her lights dimmed when the waiting conditioner turn on. Because that that factor you have to get specific voltage reading where the tanning bed will be placed. Buck-boosters reduced (buck) or raise (boost) voltage to compensate because that these fluctuations. While higher voltage outcomes in more tanning power, you must keep the voltage below 230V for ideal operation of the tan bed. Continued use over 230V may damages the unit and void your warranty. Once you have actually your voltage reading, please contact your demorphs consultant to pick the exactly Buck-Booster if required.

Sunco Inc. 2013 energy Ratings

To permit our beds to be more Green Friendly and Energy-efficient, we usage 100% Fulham Ballast in all beds. Nevertheless of the price point. Fulham manufactures the many energy-efficient ballast in the industry. Listed below is a sample that what each Tanning session will expense you (based top top National mean of .10 every KwH).

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TanningBed VoltageCost per Session
Wolff 16110VAC, 15A3.8 Cents
Wolff 24110 VAC, 20A3.7 Cents
XS power 16110 VAC, 20A2.5 Cents
XS power 24110 VAC, 20A2.8 Cents
XS strength 24220VAC, 20A4.3 Cents
XS power 30220VAC, 30A5.7 Cents




We perform NOT damage your safety favor some of ours competition by placing a unprotected cheap steel grid in our tanning units. All Beds come with a top and bottom safety UV Acrylic shield. (A) Contraindication: This product is contraindicated for usage on persons under the period of 18. (B) Contraindication: This product should not be supplied if skin lesions or open up wounds are present. (C) Warning: This product have to not be supplied on people who have had actually skin cancer or have actually a family history of skin cancer. (D) Warning: Persons repeatedly exposed come UV radiation have to be regularly evaluated for skin cancer. DISCLAIMER: The manufacturer reserves the best to do reasonable adjustments or substitutions at your discretion because that refinements that boost the quality, appearance and also performance that the product.