How numerous Watts perform You Need?

To pick an inverter native that has sufficient power for your application, add the watt for items you may want to run at the same time. Usage the complete wattage, add to 20%, as your minimum power requirement. Note: The wattage"s given below are estimates. The yes, really wattage forced for your appliances may differ indigenous those listed. Check the nameplate on the appliance to determine the yes, really wattage required.* Appliances and also tools through induction electric motors (marked * in tables) might require native 3 come 7 times the detailed wattage as soon as starting. The start-up load of the appliance or device determines whether an inverter has actually the capacity to power it. Be certain to check the specific wattage requirements and operating instructions for appliances / devices to it is in used. Also, wait conditioners are a very challenging load since of the high start-up surge. Use the Locked Rotor Amps to recognize the begin up surging requirement. F.Y.I. .....

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(conversion formula: watts ÷ 120 volts = Amps ........ Amps x 120 volts = Watts)

Common AppliancesEstimated WattsSuggested InvertersCoffee Maker600-1200Cobra CPI-1590Keurig1500 (max)200-400 (continuous)Samlex SSW-2000-12ABlender300-1000Power shining 1100Microwave(600-1000 Watt cooking Power)1000-2000KISAE SW1220Xantrex PROwatt SW 2000Waffle Iron800-1500Power shining 2300Samlex SAM-2000-12Wagan Slim line 2000Krieger KR2000Cobra CPI-2590Hot Plate750-1500Electric Skillet1000-1500Toaster Oven1200Toaster800-1500Hair Dryer1000-1875Vacuum Cleaner300-1500Space Heater750 / 1500Clothes Iron1000-1500* Refrigerator500-750* Chest Freezer600* Washing Machine500-1000KISAE MW1215Samlex SAM-1500-12Power bright 1500Furnace Fan750-1200Household Fan50-120Cobra CPI-480Wagan Slim line 500Samlex SAM-450-12Clock Radio10-50Stereo30-100Cell call Charger10Samlex SAM-100-12Cobra MicroPort 150Laptop Computer20-75KISAE SW1204Samlex PST-300-12Wagan Pure line 400MacBook Pro85iPad / Tablet10-20Samlex PST-120-12Wagan upstream 200 PRODesktop with Monitor200-400Samlex PST-600-12Xantrex PROwatt SW 600Inkjet Printer15-75Samlex SAM-450-12Laser Printer500 (continuous)2000 (peak)Samlex PST-2000-12KISAE SW1220Photographic Strobe(300 Watt-Second)1200 (peak)Samlex PST-600-12Xantrex PROwatt SW 600Aquarium50-1000KISAE Abso 1000Magnum power MMS1012GTV 32" LED/LCD50KISAE SW1206Xantrex PROwatt SW 600Wagan Pure heat 700TV 42" Plasma240Home theater Projector200Blu-Ray or DVD Player15Satellite food / Receiver20-30Video game Console(Xbox / PS4 / Wii)40-140

Common ToolsEstimated WattsSuggested Inverters
Angle Grinder900KISAE MW1215Samlex SAM-1500-12Power glowing 1500Xantrex XPower 1500
Drill (1/4"-1/2")500-960
Disc Sander1200
Jig Saw300-700
Band Saw700-1200
Table Saw1800Power bright 2300Cobra CPI-2590Xantrex XPower 3000
Circular Saw1400-1800
Chop / reduced Off Saw1500-1800
Shop Vac 6.5 hp1440
* electrical Chain observed 14"1200Wagan agree Line 3000
* Airless Sprayer 1/2 hp750Krieger KR2000
* wait Compressor 1 hp2000Wagan agree Line 5000

Pumps and also Air ConditionersEstimated WattsSuggested Inverters
* fine Pump 1/3 hp750 (Running)1400-3000 (Starting)Power bright PW3500-12Wagan pro Line 3000
* fine Pump 1/2 hp1000 (Running)2100-4000 (Starting)Wagan pro Line 5000Xantrex XPower 5000
* Sump Pump 1/3 hp800 (Running)1300-2900 (Starting)Xantrex freedom HF 1800KISAE Abso 2000
* Sump Pump 1/2 hp1050 (Running)2150-4100 (Starting)Xantrex liberty HF 1800KISAE Abso 2000
* wait Conditioner(7000 BTU to 10,000 BTU)1000-1500 (Running)2200-5000 (Starting)Wagan pro Line 5000Xantrex XPower 5000