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How long does a Bic lighter last? This question has actually three components: exactly how long have the right to a Bic lighter burn once you need it, how long can you use a Bic lighter, and how long deserve to a Bic lighter it is in stored because that use and still work-related when you require it?


When you have added fuel, the limit to the life the the lighter is the highlight mechanism.

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How Long deserve to a Bic Lighter Burn?

Full size Bic lighters are supposed to burn for an hour, though not continuously. Mini Bic lighters contain much less fuel and generally burn for about twenty minutes. However, if you irradiate it and keep it lit, her lighter has about ten minutes prior to the optimal starts come deform native the heat.

Ironically, the mini Bic lighters room the better choice for most survivalists since the flints deserve to be replaced and also the fuel much more easily refilled. A side benefit of the mini Bics is the they can be shed while hosted upside down, such as once you’re utilizing the Bic lighter to start a fire in the fireplace.

How Long can You use a Bic Lighter?

We’re going to assume that you don’t lose the lighter after a few days that use.

It isn’t unusual to discover old Bic lighters in a drawer the are number of years old and also still work. If you have a source of fuel come refill the lighter, the border to the life the the Bic lighter is how quick you wear out the flint and the mechanical contents that to win the flint to produce the flame. Bic advertises the its full lighters last because that 3000 lights. Many smokers attest that lasts because that a thousands or more lights.

How Long deserve to a Bic Lighter it is in Stored?

Assuming the lighter doesn’t rust, it deserve to be stored because that years and still work. The only major reason because that it come not job-related is if it runs the end of fuel or if the butane fuel is able to escape indigenous the lighter. The escape price is identified by the aperture that the vent, the temperature of the air and usage patterns. Don’t fiddle with the Bic lighter, holding it in your hand and also heating it increase via human body heat, or flipping the flame on and off, publication trace quantities of vapor past what burns in that brief spark. Because the lighter loses trace amounts of fuel to the reduced pressure atmosphere, girlfriend can prolong its life through storing it under pressure; this avoids the fuel native leaking out. Execute not exceed one or two pounds of pressure.

Buy lighters the are sold in a sealed parcel to assist preserve the fluid fuel inside.

Tips for prolonging the Life the a Bic Lighter

Note the if there is just a little liquid left, warming it up in her hands will boost the press and permit you to gain another few uses out of the lighter. If the lighter loses several of the fuel and the push inside drops, the lighter will certainly go out even if there is fuel inside. If you are able to warm up the liquid faster than the is shedding pressure, you’ll have the ability to light the fuel. Otherwise you’ll lose pressure and also be can not to usage it also if over there is fluid fuel inside. With mini Bic lighters, you may have the ability to pour the fuel into an additional lighter because that use.

Storing the Bic lighter in a cool location extends its life. Vacuum packing the Bic lighter and also storing the in a freezer will expand its life as lengthy as the freezer is cold and there isn’t a leak in the seal. If over there is a leak in the seal, vacuum packing it will reason the fuel to leak out faster and also die till you can refill it.

Another option is storing the in a contempt pressurized mason jar, as lengthy as girlfriend don’t end up exploding the lighter trying to pressurize the jar or melting the plastic body in the process. However, simply storing the in a cool dried mason jar with a sealed lid can help prevent rust and fuel leakage. Storing castle in a plastic bag enables for a small fuel to be shed to evaporation, but the lighter must still work after a few years.


The short answer is that Bic lighters burn a long time contrasted to other types of fire starters, which is why they room a famous inclusion in numerous survival kits. Lock are simpler to usage than matches, they’ll start far more fires 보다 a box of matches assuming the mechanical components and also fuel are good, and also you have the right to use them also if they acquire wet. Keep them dry and also store in a cool place to have the ability to use them for years.

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Questions & Answers

Question: I had just to buy a BIC lighter last week, and also I was an extremely disappointed v it. I smoke 18 cigarettes a day. Just a few days later, on Tuesday, I had actually to buy one more lighter due to the fact that this one had quit top top me. Don't girlfriend think that should have actually lasted me a lot of longer?

Answer: It sounds defective. Take it ago to the retailer and also demand a refund.

Question: exactly how much go a Bic lighter cost?

Answer: Buy lock in bulk, and also classic lighters cost about a dissension each. Decorate ones expense $2 or more.

Answer: No, I had not. The does do them "last longer" if you have the right to add more fuel.

Question: exactly how long does it take because that a bic lighter come burn up?

Answer: In general, an hour of constant usage. Other components determine exactly how long it lasts if you're making use of it in many quick bursts together as when you're smoking.