A piece of paper can, in fact,be folded much more than 7 times. It has been done many times in many places all roughly the world.

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For every those who didn’t recognize this, there space plenty of human being who argue the you deserve to only wrinkles a item of file in fifty percent a maximum of 7 times.

Go ahead, give it a try. This is one of those experiment which does no come with the disclaimer of: “Don’t shot this at home.” A small suggestion would be, however, to not to use a piece of paper torn native a notebook.

Sohow numerous did you regulate with the urgently project?

If you’re a normal human being being through normal stamin (unlike the Hulk), then I would certainly imagine that you couldhave regulated a maximum of 5 folds. Possibly 6…if you’re rather strong. It is highly unlikely, however, that you would certainly have controlled 7 or an ext folds in the piece of paper.


The group that collection therecord.

The number that these industrious students completed was 13 folds!

Why is urgently a record many times so difficult?

The main an obstacle lies in the ever-increasing thickness and also thus the strength the the file itself. It would certainly seem quite level at a glance, but if you take it a piece of document thatis only 0.1 mm thick and also fold the in half, the brand-new thickness is 0.2 mm. This thickness walk on boosting exponentially, together does the elevation of the paper. If you fold the same item of file 7 times, it would be together thick together 128 sheets of paper.

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Also, v the boost in height, you also have a lesser width at hand to use in bespeak to apply some pressure to store the document folding. So yes, not only does the record become extremely thick, but it also becomes very, an extremely tall.

In fact, that is stated that if you folded a paper more 보다 100 times, friend would have actually a item of document thatwould be thicker 보다 the universe itself!