Each wrist the the celebrity is decorated v a tattoo. Over there are 4 stripes top top the left wrist. There is a tiny symbol that infinity, i beg your pardon the actress inked in the north American city that Nashville, top top the ideal wrist.

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Four little stripes room the an initial tattoo the the star of “Twilight”. She inked this tattoo throughout a road pilgrimage with her friend Scout Taylor Compton. In early April 2013, girls to be driving by the city that El Paso in Texas. Lock dropped in “Sun City Tattoo” parlor, whereby Kristen inked her very first tattoo.

The actress doesn’t disclose the definition of the tattoo on her left arm.

There are several opinions about what this tattoo method for Kristen Stewart:

four stripes space a price of punk band black Flag that was well-known in 1970s;the variety of stripes is equal to the year of a long-term romance with the movie gibbs Robert Pattinson, the rest up v whom was really hard come live v for the actress.


In the very same year, Kristen inked her 2nd tattoo ~ above the other wrist, while travel in summer v the territory of the United claims with her friends. The tattoo is situated pretty close to the palm. It is worth noting that all four friends inked specifically the very same tattoos together Stuart in “Pride & Glor” parlor.


The celebrity chose to make the third tattoo after shooting the movie “Clouds the Sils Maria”. Kristen’s heroine had actually a tattoo in the kind of a light pear from the painting of the renowned Spanish artist Picasso “Guernica” top top her best forearm. Kristen notes the she got used to it, for this reason she decided to do a actual tattoo after ~ shooting.


The founder of Cubism include an interesting meaning in it. The tattoo depicts a irradiate bulb, i beg your pardon the artist considered to it is in a symbol of the modern progress of science and also technology, i beg your pardon was linked with the development of society. At the same time, the bulb is the symbol of a bomb, that is, a weapon the mass devastation used in civilization conflicts and also wars.

The artist supplied the image of a light pear to remind humanity that God is city hall everything and also sees everything. This photo is a heartfelt protest against war and also violence. Perhaps, the role of Kristen Stewart’s heroine echoes the inquiries raised through the good artist, thus, a special meaning is comprise by the tattoo.

The star’s fourth tattoo showed up in late 2014. Kristen hasn’t revealed its meaning yet, like her girlfriend Alicia Cargile, that has specifically the same tattoo.

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Kristen Stewart grew up in a family, members that which favor to ink their bodies. The star the “Twilight” will certainly most likely ink brand-new tattoos in the future.