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Dude, you very own a bike and dont know just how to readjust the plugs.... WTF....Ok. Take the tank turn off halfway and use proprod uder the seat. Take it the airbox off.(4 clamps to intake manifold, and a few hoses/wires.) take it the coils turn off of the optimal of the plugs. Use suitable tools(in device kit) and also remove the plugs, in order! Thread brand-new plugs in using tool and also you hands, not a wrench. Tighten all 4 down hand tight. Then go about half turn v the wrench come seat/crush the washer ~ above the plug. Reverse assemble. Easy. All the tools youll require are under the seat. B carefull no to strip the threads. Buy an excellent plugs. I had a stock plug failure on me and also caused a misfire under low. Since they usage crap plugs. Plugs have to be about 4-8$ every for an excellent ones.RWS
Also indicate you carry out a search on plugs - a lot of of good info there. Personally, I use the Iridium plugs, which are an ext expensive, yet they last much longer so you don"t need to go in there together often.
WHAT...$4-$8 each for a spark plug. Dealerships must love you bro. Share NGK plugs will expense you around $2-$3 in ~ Autozone and also NGK Iridiums cost around $28 because that a collection of 4 at advanced Auto super Mod
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