Hockey stats have actually a lot of abbreviations. When you start complying with the video game it is difficult to understand what every one of them mean. But the most crucial one, and the one people care the most about is the Points.

What space points in hockey? The ns in hockey stats stands for Points. A player it s okay one point for every goal or aid that lock score and Points space the cumulative complete of all the goals and assists the a player accumulates. 

The simplest method to look at it is objectives + Assists = Points

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Let’s look in ~ this a little much more closely and also the best method to carry out that is to usage some examples.

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Do goals and assists both count as one point?

Before we gain to the examples there is one inquiry we have to ask: execute goals and also assists count together one point?

Yes, both goals and assists both count as one point.

For every goal scored in the NHL it have the right to have up to 2 assists. Assists space awarded come the last two players top top the goal scorer’s team who have actually touched the puck after ~ regaining possession from the various other team prior to the goal was scored.

In various other words, if our team steals the puck indigenous the other team and also it gets passed or touch by two various players prior to a goal is scored every of those players gets an assist.

A goal deserve to be unassisted or only have actually one aid attached come it.

Both the goal and each that the assists will certainly count as one point towards the football player stats. Since there are up to two assists awarded every goal many players will certainly have an ext assists than points.

Now, let’s obtain to those examples.

Examples for analysis points stats

How to check out the box score and also a football player statistics to figure out points:

When you space looking at the boxscore of a video game they will list the objectives like this:


First to note that ns for points is being stood for as PTS, which is often the case and why I put this example in here.

Remember: goals + Assists = Points.

In this video game Dominik Kahun obtained 1 goal and also 1 aid for a accumulation of 2 points. Malkin had actually 1 score + 0 Assists = 1 Point

When friend look in ~ a players individual statistics friend will watch the cumulative complete of goals, assists, and points that they had actually in all of the gamings that year.

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Does the leader of complete points in a season get an award?

Yes, the player who gets the many points in the year is awarded v the arts Ross Trophy.

How countless points does a player gain in a season?

There is a vast variation of suggest totals for players who play because that a totality season, because there is wide variety of different varieties of players. Some players space offensively gifted, while others are in the league who have a an ext defensive focus.

With that being said, a player that plays the totality season will certainly get in between 20 come 100 points. If you have the right to maintain a 40 allude pace or greater there is a pretty an excellent chance you will uncover a contract

Top 10 allude leaders because that 2018-19

Nikita KucherovTampa Bay128
Connor McDavidEdmonton116
Patrick KaneChicago110
Leon DraisaitlEdmonton105
Brad MarchandBoston100
Sidney CrosbyPittsburgh100
Nathan MacKinnonColorado99
Johnny GaudreauCalgary99
Steven StamkosTampa Bay98
Aleksander BarkovFlorida96

The top allude season of all time was by Wayne Gretzky – examine out a failure of point out Gretzky scored because that each team he played for. – examine out a malfunction of points Gretzky scored because that each team he played for. . He scored 215 point out in the 1985-86 season. In reality Gretzky has actually 9 that the height 10 allude seasons. The lone exemption was Mario Lemieux who registered 199 clues in a season.