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We keep hearing from parents and also students the they just don"t understand this new vocabulary the teachers space using. So below is a rapid lesson ~ above the 3 terms that seem come be leading to the most confusion!

We learn how to check out by sounding the end words phonetically and by equivalent sounds with letters or groups of letters.


Each sound the you listen in a word is a Phoneme. It’s the the smallest unit the sound that renders up a finish word. This is not to be confused with the letter itself; phonemes are only the sound made. It"s essential to understand that Phonemes have the right to be do of much more than one letter.

Take the word dog for example. There are three moody involved: the “d” sound, a quick “aw” sound, and a “g” sound.

The native **hope” is a 3 Phoneme word, too: the “h” sound, the long “oo” sound, and also the “p” sound.

And for something a little much more difficult, words “school” has 4 Phonemes: the “s” sound, a “k” sound, a long “uu” sound, and also an “l” sound.

There space 44 phonemes in the English language, consisting of 24 consonant sounds and also 20 collection sounds. Think of the various combinations that consonants and vowels (like “ch” or “ea”) that make unique sounds.


A Grapheme is a symbol provided to identify a phoneme; the a letter or group of letter representing the sound. You usage the letter surname to identify Graphemes, like the “c” in vehicle where the tough “c” sound is stood for by the letter “c.”

A two-letter Grapheme is in “team” whereby the “ea” provides a lengthy “ee” sound. A four-letter Grapheme have the right to be discovered in words “eight” whereby “eigh” renders a long “a” sound.

To confuse everyone, some Phonemes (sounds) can be spelled with different Graphemes (letters). The tough “c” sound can be spelled through a “c,” a “k,” or a “ck” Grapheme. Rather a couple of Graphemes can be supplied for the lengthy “ee” Phoneme: “ee” as in Leeds, “ea” as in seam, “ie” together in brief, “ei” together in ceiling, and also “e-e” together in theme.


Finally, a Digraph is a two-letter Grapheme that provides one sound. Because that example, take into consideration the “ch” in choose, “sh” in shut, or “oa” in boat. A separation Digraph is once an “e” on the end of a word renders the middle vowel long, such together the the difference in between “din” and also “dine.” lock both have three phonemes (sounds), but the separation Digraph in “dine” makes the long “i” sound.

Now come test your understanding: those a Trigraph?

(Here’s a hint: The prize is not as well “high” above your ability.)

Practice makes Perfect

Phonemes, Grapheme, and also Digraphs (not to point out Trigraphs!) might seem complicated, but practice provides perfect! every you have to do is remember that each that these 3 terms is connected to how letters come with each other to make sounds. Below are part tricks to aid you remember:

Phoneme sounds choose phonics, which is the technique of teaching people how to correlate sounds v letters. Grapheme has the native graph in it. *Graphemes are symbols, just like how graphs are also visual representations of information.Digraphs are two-letter Graphemes. You can remember this trick since Digraph has the prefix di which means two.

Keep practicing!

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