How come substitute fresh spinach for frozen spinach! Or, a simple way to saute spinach for an easy side dish.

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Several recipes I’ve attempted recently have dubbed for frozen spinach.

I love spinach, butI have some trouble obtaining flavorful dishes as soon as I use the frozen spinach.

For example,I’m going come blame frozen spinach because that the “healthy spinach artichoke dip” debacle the looked and also tasted nothing like dip is supposed to taste.

(Nevermind the I provided twice as lot spinach together I supposed to and it had zero fat/deliciousness added. #learning)

It was prior to I started thefailed recipesseries so i unfortunately don’thave photographic evidence.

I was beginning to think I have to avoid recipes that contact for frozen spinach altogether when I realized it shouldn’t be that difficult to substitutefresh spinach pipeline instead!

Obviously it’s a bit easier to use frozen spinach quite than cooking down fresh. But if you’re ready to take the extra step, your tastebuds might thank you. Frozen spinach is normally boiled or blanched, however the method I usage is come saute it.

If you’ve ever sauteed spinach before, you more than likely learned the it cooks down a lot. Here’s what I started with (for perspective, this is 11 ounces of infant spinach in a5-quart pan



After heater 1 tablespoon of olive oil and sautéing her spinach for 5 minutes, this is what you’re left with. Where’d it every go?!


If you’re using this sautéed spinach as a side dish you will want to include salt and pepper, garlic, butter, lemon juice and/or other flavor.

If you’re using in place of frozen though, just a pinch the salt will certainly do prior to yousqueeze out as lot remainingwater as you have the right to through a colander.


I’ve seen various conversions, but it is my knowledge that a 10-ounce package of frozen spinach is indistinguishable to 1 and 1/2 cups after draining, i m sorry is roughly what girlfriend can gain from food preparation down 1 pound of new spinach.

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1 lb. New spinach (cooks down to 1.5 cup drained) = 10 ounce frozen package

In the above pictures ns used just 2/3 of a pound (11 ounces), which currently filled my pot nice well.If you have trouble fitting all the spinach into your pot, cook a small bit the the spinach under for a minuteand then include the rest.