The Twelve Mile Circle continues to generate all species of interesting search engine queries, an limitless stream that potential write-up topics. I remember back in the at an early stage days that the blog I had to come increase with everything myself. That’s hardly ever an concern anymore. Case in point, someone wanted to understand the shortest way to journey from Canada come Mexico.

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I don’t know why someone would necessarily desire or require this knowledge. One would have to cross with the unified States any type of which way it’s sliced. This led me come conclude that perhaps my unknown visitor had actually an worry with the unified States. He didn’t choose it for some reason. Maybe he to be a wanted criminal or an aging Vietnam battle draft-dodger? room the U.S. Armed forces authorities still searching for those guys? never mind. Let’s just say they room for the benefits of this exercise.

I crossed the mexico border in ~ Boquillas del Carmen once. Absolutely NOT the quickest route

Maybe he’s a smuggler concealing miscellaneous of particular value to human being in Mexico yet not to people in the joined States? The query didn’t provide specifics so I’ll make them up. Let’s aid our draft-dodging smuggler of Chinese counterfeit football balls survive the United states as conveniently as possible. He’ll need to obey speed borders to protect against police attention and also he’ll need to use default routes generated by Google Maps together a proxy because he’s unfamiliar v the dangerous U.S. Territory he will certainly cover.


At first I wanted to set up a matrix. I intended to calculation both the distance and time in between every U.S. Border crossing through Canada and also Mexico. Ns abandoned that once I counting 117 Canadian and also 47 mexico possibilities (117 X 47 = 5,499 combinations, both for time and also distance). As much as ns enjoy and also respect the 12MC audience, it’s not productive for me to calculate 10,998 various numbers just to recognize the absolutely minimal times and also distances. I took some educated guesses instead. It’s feasible that rather may improve upon these marginally, and also perhaps also meaningfully.

Douglas come Tijuana

Residents of Vancouver, british Columbia probably have actually it the best. Travel via the Douglas, BC crossing to the Tijuana (West) crossing in Baja California would take 22 hours and also 43 minutes end a distance of 2,223 kilometres (1,381 miles). That’s less than a day! Also, currently that we realize Google Maps overestimates take trip times, one can probably shave one more hour or two from that figure with continuous driving and also make it to the safety of the mexico border posthaste.

Paterson come Tijuana

I wondered if I might discover a shorter Pacific seaside route. The initial one swings out to the west albeit the takes complete benefit of one efficient and swiftly-moving interstate 5. Would a shorter route, one more closely aligned v a line of longitude do a difference? Actually, no. Ns replicated the exercise starting from the Paterson, BC border cross instead. Oddly, it was both longer and less timely. Evaluating the map (above) it appeared to open minded this method because of the wobbly nature of obscure roads selected because that the trip. Notification several jogs east and also west that raised the full distance (2,305 kilometres / 1,432 mi) and time (25 hours).

Oungre to Ciudad Juárez

There was one more route. It surprised me how carefully it challenged the Pacific coastal route, although that wouldn’t benefit many Canadians. Maybe residents of Regina, Saskatchewan could use it. Otherwise it’s fairly remote from population centers. This one ran native the Oungre, SK border cross to Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, on the leg of the ameri crossing. Google maps predicts that the U.S. Transit would certainly cover 2,220 km (1,379 mi), over 23 hours 18 minutes. Check out what ns mean? 3 kilometers much shorter although 45 minute longer.

Windsor come Piedras Negras

Finally ns attempted a diagonal route, taking benefit of the southerly boundary dip adhering to the border of the great Lakes. It’s a little longer (2,596 km / 1,402 mi) and couldn’t be done in a single day (27 hours). However, potentially, many much more Canadians can take benefit of it because of its loved one proximity come Toronto and also Montréal. This one goes indigenous Windsor, Ontario to Piedras Negras, Coahuila.

The worst option? It’s most likely Campobello Island, NB come Tijuana (West). That’s 5,438 kilometres (3,379 mi) over 55 hrs (map).

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Hopefully this will offer plenty of options for mine Canadian draft-dodging soccer round smuggler.