Lake Mille Lacs Scenic Byway it’s always in Season!

The Lake Mille Lacs 68-mile Scenic Byway is the state’s 22nd byway. The byway loops about Lake Mille Lacs and includes highways 169, 27, 18 and 47. Shakopee Lake Road, i beg your pardon is a county-owned road, is also component of the loop.

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The scenic route contains many methods to learn around Minnesota’s natural beauty, wealthy history, culture and entertain opportunities. A partial perform of the route’s attractions include: birding and wildlife viewing, the Mille Lacs Indian Museum and Trading post in Vineland, several historic Civilian conservation Corps (CCC) camp sites native the 1930s and 1940s, the nations smallest national wildlife refuge and two State Parks.

Keep an eye on on the Scenic Byway Committee, they space just obtaining started! They are looking front to creating many new relationships and also partnerships with the area and also have numerous projects and also enhancements in store.

Enjoy your visit, watch for the signs and…“always take the scenic route.”

Location: approximately 90 mile north that Mpls/St. PaulSetting: Lake views and local communitiesSurface: PavedSuitable Vehicle: any kind of vehicleLength: 68 milesTime: 1.5 come 2 hoursMain Roads: Highways 169, 27, 18 and 47 and Shakopee Lake RoadSeason: Drivable year round

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Birds that the Byway

The Audubon society lists Lake Mille Lacs as one of their essential Birding areas (IBA). The Mille Lacs IBA consists of the whole water body and islands (Spirit and Hennepin) of Lake Mille Lacs, the neighboring shoreline, and far-reaching areas surrounding to the lake. The IBA is located around 100 miles north the the Twin urban in 3 counties (Mille Lacs, Aitkin and Crow Wing) and also several townships.


Byway next Trips

Driving the Byway is a great trip yet it’s even better to spend some extra time experimenting the communities, forests and also parks the are located along or just a quick distance turn off the trail.

Take your expedition from a couple hours come a full day!

Stop in one or all of our strange Cities along the Byway. Isle, Wahkon, Onamia, Garrison and also Malmo wherein you’ll discover unique shops, dining and also lodging opportunities, community festivals throughout the year and also more.

The Mille Lacs area is fortunate to have 2 State Parks – Mille Lacs Kathio State Park and Father Hennepin State Park which room both positioned along the Byway. Rise the monitoring Tower in ~ Kathio, put your toe in the sand at the dad Hennepin State Park beach, hike, bike, camp and enjoy the good outdoors in both locations.

A pair of other an excellent wildlife and nature stops would certainly be the Wealthwood State woodland on the north finish of the lake and also the Mille Lacs Wildlife monitoring area simply to the south of the Byway.

Scenic Stops

The entire byway is a scenic opportunity but wake approximately a spectacular sunrise at the Garrison Concourse situated on Highway 169 appropriate in the City that Garrison.

Don’t miss out on a captivating sunset from the Scenic skip on the eastern side of the lake a couple of miles phibìc of the City that Isle top top Highway 47.

These are simply 2 that the areas to take it in the views and also both space mesmerizing and also addictive and also we know you’ll want more!


Scenic Secrets

Twilight roadway Spur – This frontage road supplies an even better view that the lake top top a winding residential road which starts just north that the Hwy 169 and Hwy 27 Junction and follows the lake every the way up to just south the the Casino.Vista road Spur – go into Vista road from Highway 47 simply south that Johnson’s Portside and follow north to 440th Street. This is a specifically beautiful spur in the loss where girlfriend drive v canopies of color and also can prevent off at the Scenic Overlook.Whistle road Spur – enter Whistle roadway off the Hwy 169 which bring you with residential areas and also views of the lake.Izatys historical Marker – The mite is in ~ the intersection of U.S. 169 and also Vineland Road, on the right as soon as traveling north on U.S. 169. The marker is ~ above the western shore of Mille Lacs Lake. The site is on the Mille Lacs Reservation and within Mille Lacs Kathio State Park.The inscription reads “In this vicinity was standing the grand Sioux village of Izatys whereby Duluth planted the French arms on July 2, 1679. The settlement was saw by father Hennepin in 1680. Around 1750 the Chippewa moving westward from Lake Superior, caught the village, and by this decisive battle drove the Sioux permanently right into southern Minnesota.”Just south of the marker, on Twilight Road, sits a sandy beach area come stop and relax. Eagles are an extremely visible in this location.

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Mystical, Mythical, miracle Mermaid – This mythical aquatic creature is known as the siren of the sea. But in this case, she is recognized as the Lady of the phibìc Shore and also sits ~ above Conifer Street. The Lady is an 11.5-foot high chainsaw carving that a mermaid. She sit atop a hill end looking the inland sea well-known to all together Lake Mille Lacs. The original artistry was done by trojan Halget. He sculpted her native a tree through a chainsaw while at Pikes suggest in Garrison during the fall of 2006. Halget was i was delegated by terry Drahosh, of Garrison.