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THE SACRAMENT OF confirmation (Cann. 879 - 896)

Can.879 The sacrament of check strengthens the baptized and obliges them an ext firmly to it is in witnesses the Christ by word and deed and to spread and defend the faith. That imprints a character, enriches by the gift that the divine Spirit the baptized proceeding on the route of Christian initiation, and binds them much more perfectly to the Church.



Can.880 §1. The sacrament of confirmation is conferred through the anointing of chrism on the forehead, which is done by the imposition of the hand and also through the native prescribed in the authorized liturgical books.

§2. The chrism to be used in the sacrament that confirmation should be consecrated by a bishop even if a presbyter administers the sacrament.

Can.881 the is desirable to celebrate the sacrament of check in a church and also during Mass; for a just and also reasonable cause, however, it have the right to be celebrated outside Mass and in any type of worthy place.



Can.882 The ordinary minister the confir-mation is a bishop; a presbyter detailed with this faculty in virtue of universal law or the special approve of the knowledgeable authority likewise confers this sacrament validly.

Can.883 The complying with possess the faculty of administering confirmation by the regulation itself:

1/ within the borders of their jurisdiction, those who are identical in legislation to a diocesan bishop;

2/ as regards the human being in question, the presbyter that by virtue that office or mandate that the diocesan bishop baptizes one who is no much longer an child or admits one already baptized right into the full communion of the Catholic Church;

3/ as regards those who are in risk of death, the pastor or indeed any kind of presbyter.

Can. 884 §1. The diocesan bishop is to carry out confirmation personally or is to take treatment that an additional bishop administers it. If need requires it, that can give the faculty come one or an ext specific presbyters, who space to carry out this sacrament.

§2. Because that a grave cause the bishop and even the presbyter endowed with the faculty the confirming in virtue that the regulation or the special grant of the skilled authority have the right to in single cases also associate presbyters with themselves to provide the sacrament.

Can.885 §1. The diocesan bishop is ob-liged to take care that the sacrament the confir-mation is conferred on topics who properly and reasonably seek it.

§2. A presbyter that possesses this faculty need to use it for the services of those in whose favor the faculty was granted.

Can.886 §1. A bishop in his diocese legitimately administers the sacrament the confirmation also to faithful who space not his subjects, uneven their own ordinary specifically prohibits it.

§2. To administer confirmation licitly in an additional diocese, a bishop demands at the very least the reasonably presumed permission that the diocesan bishop uneven it concerns his very own subjects.

Can.887 A presbyter who possesses the faculty that administering confirmation additionally confers this sacrament licitly on externs in the region assigned to him uneven their suitable ordinary prohibits it; he cannot confer that validly on everyone in one more territory, there is no prejudice come the prescript of can. 883, n. 3.

Can.888 within the are in which they space able come confer confirmation, ministers can provide it also in exempt places.



Can.889 §1. Every baptized person not yet confirmed and only such a human being is qualified of receiving confirmation.

§2. To obtain confirmation licitly outside the danger of death requires the a person who has the usage of factor be aptly instructed, properly disposed, and also able come renew the baptismal promises.

Can.890 The faithful are obliged to receive this sacrament in ~ the appropriate time. Parents and pastors that souls, specifically pastors that parishes, space to take treatment that the faithful are properly instructed to get the sacrament and come to it in ~ the ideal time.

Can.891 The sacrament of confirmation is to be conferred top top the faithful at around the age of discretion uneven the conference the bishops has actually determined an additional age, or over there is peril of death, or in the referee of the minister a grave cause suggests otherwise.



Can.892 Insofar together possible, over there is to it is in a sponsor because that the human to it is in confirmed; the sponsor is to take care that the confirmed person behaves together a true witness that Christ and faithfully fulfills the obligations innate in this sacrament.

Can.893 §1. To do the role of sponsor, a human being must fulfill the conditions mentioned in can. 874.

§2. That is desirable to select as sponsor the one who embarked on the same duty in baptism.



Can.894 come prove the conferral of con-firmation the prescripts the can. 876 are to be observed.

Can.895 The name of those confirmed with mention made of the minister, the parents and also sponsors, and the place and date that the conferral that confirmation space to be taped in the confirmation it is registered of the diocesan curia or, wherein the conference that bishops or the diocesan bishop has actually prescribed it, in a register preserved in the parish archive. The minister must inform the pastor of the ar of baptism around the conferral of confirmation so the a notation is made in the baptismal it is registered according to the share of can. 535, §2.

Can.896 If the minister of the location was no present, the minister one of two people personally or through an additional is to notify him as shortly as possible of the conferral that confirmation.


THE MOST divine EUCHARIST (Cann. 897 - 958)

Can.897 The most August sacrament is the Most divine Eucharist in which Christ the lord himself is contained, offered, and received and by i beg your pardon the Church continually lives and grows. The eucharistic sacrifice, the memorial that the death and resurrection of the Lord, in i beg your pardon the sacrifice that the overcome is perpetuated v the periods is the summit and resource of all worship and also Christian life, i beg your pardon signifies and effects the unity of the world of God and brings around the structure up the the human body of Christ. Indeed, the various other sacraments and all the ecclesiastical functions of the apostolate room closely linked with the Most holy Eucharist and ordered come it.

Can.898 The Christian faithful room to organize the Most holy Eucharist in highest honor, acquisition an active part in the celebration event of the most august sacrifice, receiving this sacrament many devoutly and also frequently, and also worshiping it with the highest adoration. In explaining the doctrine around this sacrament, pastors the souls space to teach the faithful diligently about this obligation.



Can.899 §1. The eucharistic celebration is the activity of Christ himself and also the Church. In it, Christ the Lord, with the set of the priest, offers himself, substantially present under the types of bread and wine, to God the Father and gives himself together spiritual food to the faithful united with his offering.

§2. In the eucharistic collection the human being of God space called in addition to the bishop or, under his authority, a presbyter presiding and also acting in the human of Christ. Every the faithful who space present, whether clerics or laity, unite with each other by participating in their own way according to the diversity of orders and liturgical functions.

§3. The eucharistic solemn event is to be arranged in such a way that all those participating receive from it the many fruits because that which Christ the mr instituted the eucharistic sacrifice.

Art. 1.


Can. 900 §1. The minister that is able come confect the sacrament that the Eucharist in the human of Christ is a validly ordained priest alone.

§2. A priest not impeded by canon law celebrates the Eucharist licitly; the provisions the the complying with canons room to it is in observed.

Can. 901 A priest is cost-free to apply the Mass because that anyone, living or dead.

Can.902 unless the welfare the the Christian faithful requires or argues otherwise, priests have the right to concelebrate the Eucharist. They space completely free to storage the Eucharist individually, however, yet not while a concelebration is following in the exact same church or oratory.

Can.903 A priest is to be permitted to celebrate even if the rector of the church go not know him, detailed that either he presents a letter of development from his plain or superior, approve at the very least within the year, or it deserve to be judged prudently that he is no impeded indigenous celebrating.

Can.904 Remembering constantly that in the secret of the eucharistic sacrifice the work of redemption is exercised continually, priests are come celebrate frequently; indeed, daily celebration is recommended serious since, also if the faithful cannot be present, that is the plot of Christ and also the Church in i beg your pardon priests satisfy their major function.

Can.905 §1. A monk is not permitted to storage the Eucharist much more than when a day other than in instances where the regulation permits him come celebrate or concelebrate more than once on the exact same day.

§2. If there is a shortage of priests, the neighborhood ordinary can enable priests come celebrate twice a day because that a simply cause, or if pastoral necessity requires it, even three times on Sundays and also holy job of obligation.

Can.906 except for a just and reasonable cause, a priest is no to celebrate the eucharistic sacrifice without the joining of at the very least some member the the faithful.

Can.907 In the eucharistic celebration deacons and lay persons space not allowed to offer prayers, specifically the eucharistic prayer, or to do actions i beg your pardon are proper to the celebrate priest.

Can.908 Catholic clergymans are forbidden come concelebrate the Eucharist with priests or ministers of church or ecclesial neighborhoods which perform not have full communion v the Catholic Church.

Can.909 A monk is no to ignore to prepare himself appropriately through prayer because that the celebration event of the eucharistic sacrifice and also to market thanks to God in ~ its completion.

Can.910 §1. The plain minister of holy communion is a bishop, presbyter, or deacon.

§2. The extraordinary minister of holy communion is one acolyte or one more member that the Christian faithful designated follow to the norm of can. 230, §3.

Can.911 §1. The pastor, parochial vicars, chaplains, and, v regard to all those dwelling in the house, the superior of a neighborhood in clerical religious institutes and societies the apostolic life have actually the duty and right of pass the Most holy Eucharist as Viaticum come the sick.

§2. In the case of requirement or with at the very least the presumed permission the the pastor, chaplain, or superior, who should be educated afterwards, any priest or various other minister of holy communion need to do this.

Art. 2.


Can.912 any kind of baptized person not banned by legislation can and also must it is in admitted to divine communion.

Can.913 §1. The management of the Most divine Eucharist to children requires that they have sufficient knowledge and also careful preparation so the they know the an enig of Christ follow to your capacity and also are maybe to obtain the human body of Christ v faith and devotion.

§2. The Most divine Eucharist, however, can be administered to kids in hazard of fatality if lock can identify the body of Christ from ordinary food and receive communion reverently.

Can.914 it is primarily the duty that parents and those that take the ar of parents, and the duty that pastors, come take care that youngsters who have reached the usage of factor are prepared effectively and, after they have actually made sacramental confession, room refreshed through this magnificent food as soon as possible. That is because that the pastor to exercise vigilance for this reason that kids who have actually not attained the usage of factor or whom he judges space not sufficiently disposed do not method holy communion.

Can.915 Those who have been excommunicated or interdicted after the imposition or declaration of the penalty and others obstinately persevering in manifest tomb sin are not to be admitted to holy communion.

Can.916 A person who is aware of grave sin is no to celebrate mass or obtain the body of the lord without previous sacramental confession uneven there is a tomb reason and there is no chance to confess; in this instance the human being is come remember the duty to do an action of perfect contrition which has the resolution that confessing as quickly as possible.

Can.917 A human who has already received the Most holy Eucharist deserve to receive that a second time ~ above the exact same day only within the eucharistic celebration event in i m sorry the human being participates, without prejudice come the prescript that can. 921, §2.

Can. 918 it is very recommended the the faithful receive divine communion during the eucharistic solemn event itself. It is to be administered outside the Mass, however, to those who request it because that a simply cause, through the liturgical rites being observed.

Can. 919 §1. A person who is to receive the Most divine Eucharist is come abstain for at least one hour prior to holy communion from any kind of food and drink, except for just water and medicine.

§2. A priest who celebrates the Most holy Eucharist two or 3 times on the same day can take something prior to the 2nd or 3rd celebration also if there is much less than one hour between them.

§3. The elderly, the infirm, and those who treatment for them deserve to receive the Most divine Eucharist also if lock have eaten something in ~ the preceding hour.

Can.920 §1. After gift initiated into the Most divine Eucharist, every of the faithful is obliged come receive divine communion at least once a year.

§2. This precept must be fulfilled throughout the Easter season unless it is fulfilled because that a just cause at an additional time during the year.

Can. 921 §1. The Christian faithful who space in danger of fatality from any type of cause are to be nourished by divine communion in the form of Viaticum.

§2. Also if they have actually been nourished by holy communion top top the very same day, however, those in risk of fatality are strong urged to obtain communion again.

§3. If the risk of death lasts, it is encourage that divine communion be administered often, however on separate days.

Can. 922 divine Viaticum for the sick is not to it is in delayed also long; those who have actually the treatment of souls space to it is in zealous and vigilant the the sick space nourished by Viaticum while fully conscious.

Can. 923 The Christian faithful have the right to participate in the eucharistic sacrifice and also receive divine communion in any kind of Catholic rite, there is no prejudice come the prescript that can. 844.

Art. 3.


Can. 924 §1. The most holy eucharistic sacrifice should be readily available with bread and also with alcohol in which a little water should be mixed.

§2. The bread should be just wheat and recently do so that there is no peril of spoiling.

§3. The wine must be organic from the fruit of the vine and also not spoiled.

Can. 925 divine communion is come be given under the form of bread alone, or under both varieties according to the norm of the liturgical laws, or also under the kind of wine alone in a instance of necessity.

Can.926 according to the ancient tradition of the Latin Church, the monk is to use unleavened bread in the eucharistic celebration event whenever he supplies it.

Can.927 that is certain forbidden, also in extreme urgent necessity, come consecrate one issue without the various other or even both external the eucharistic celebration.

Can.928 The eucharistic solemn event is to be brought out in the Latin language or in another language noted that the liturgical texts have actually been legitimately approved.

Can.929 In celebrating and administering the Eucharist, priests and deacons space to wear the spiritual vestments prescribed by the rubrics.

Can.930 §1. If one infirm or elderly priest is can not to stand, he can celebrate the eucharistic sacrifice when seated, yet not prior to the human being except v the permission of the local ordinary; the liturgical laws are to be observed.

§2. A remote or otherwise infirm priest licitly celebrates the eucharistic sacrifice by using any kind of approved message of the Mass with the assistance, if needed, of one more priest, deacon, or also a appropriately instructed lay person.

Art. 4.


Can.931 The celebration and also distribution that the Eucharist have the right to be excellent at any day and hour except those i beg your pardon the liturgical norms exclude.

Can.932 §1. The eucharistic celebration event is come be lugged out in a sacred location unless in a details case requirement requires otherwise; in together a situation the celebration should be excellent in a decent place.

§2. The eucharistic sacrifice need to be lugged out top top a dedicated or blessed altar; external a sacred ar a suitable table have the right to be used, constantly with a cloth and a corporal.

Can.933 for a simply cause and also with the express permission of the local ordinary, a priest is permitted to celebrate the Eucharist in the place of worship of some Church or ecclesial neighborhood which does not have full communion v the Catholic Church so lengthy as over there is no scandal.



Can. 934 §1. The Most holy Eucharist:

1/ need to be scheduled in the cathedral church or that is equivalent, in every parish church, and in a church or oratory linked to the residence of a spiritual institute or culture of apostolic life;

2/ deserve to be reserved in the chapel the the bishop and, v the permission of the regional ordinary, in other churches, oratories, and also chapels.

§2. In sacred places where the Most holy Eucharist is reserved, over there must constantly be someone responsible because that it and, insofar as possible, a priest is to celebrate Mass over there at the very least twice a month.

Can. 935 no one is permitted to keep the Eucharist ~ above one’s human or to lug it around, unless pastoral need urges it and the prescripts the the diocesan bishop are observed.

Can.936 In the residence of a religious institute or some various other pious house, the Most divine Eucharist is to be reserved just in the church or primary oratory attached come the house. Because that a simply cause, however, the simple can additionally permit it come be reserved in another oratory of the exact same house.

Can.937 unless there is a grave factor to the contrary, the church in i m sorry the Most divine Eucharist is booked is come be open to the faithful for at least some hours every job so that they deserve to pray before the most Blessed Sacrament.

Can.938 §1. The Most divine Eucharist is to be booked habitually in just one tabernacle that a church or oratory.

§2. The tabernacle in i m sorry the Most holy Eucharist is booked is to be located in some part of the church or oratory which is distinguished, conspicuous, beautifully decorated, and suitable for prayer.

§3. The tabernacle in i m sorry the Most divine Eucharist is booked habitually is to it is in immovable, make of solid and also opaque material, and also locked in together a means that the danger of profanation is avoided as much as possible.

§4. For a tomb cause, it is allowed to make reservation the Most divine Eucharist in some various other fit-ting and an ext secure place, especially at night.

§5. The human responsible because that the church or oratory is come take care that the crucial of the tabernacle in i beg your pardon the Most divine Eucharist is reserved is safeguarded many diligently.

Can.939 Consecrated hosts in a quantity sufficient for the needs of the faithful space to be kept in a pyx or tiny vessel; they are to be renewed frequently and also the older hosts consumed properly.

Can.940 A special lamp i m sorry indicates and also honors the existence of Christ is come shine continuously prior to a tabernacle in i beg your pardon the Most divine Eucharist is reserved.

Can.941 §1. In churches or oratories wherein it is permitted to make reservation the Most divine Eucharist, there have the right to be expositions through the pyx or the monstrance; the norms prescribed in the liturgical publications are to it is in observed.

§2. Exposition of the many Blessed Sacrament is no to be organized in the same area the the church or oratory during the solemn event of Mass.

Can.942 it is recommended that in this churches and oratories an annual solemn exposition that the most Blessed Sacrament be hosted for an appropriate period of time, even if not continuous, so the the neighborhood community an ext profoundly meditates on and also adores the eucharistic mystery. Such an exposition is to be held, however, only if a suitable gathering the the faithful is foreseen and the created norms are observed.

Can.943 The minister the exposition the the many Blessed Sacrament and also of eucharistic benediction is a monk or deacon; in special circumstances, the minister the exposition and reposition alone there is no benediction is the acolyte, particularly minister of holy communion, or someone else designated by the local ordinary; the prescripts of the diocesan bishop room to be observed.

Can.944 §1. Once it deserve to be done in the referee of the diocesan bishop, a procession with the public highways is come be held as a publicly witness of veneration towards the Most divine Eucharist, specifically on the solemnity the the Body and also Blood the Christ.

§2. It is for the diocesan bishop to develop regulations which carry out for the authorized in and the dignity of processions.


THE OFFERING provided FOR THE solemn event OF MASS

Can.945 §1. In accord v the approved practice of the Church, any priest celebrate or concelebrating is allowed to obtain an providing to apply the Mass because that a specific intention.

§2. It is recommended serious to clergymans that castle celebrate Mass because that the intentionally of the Christian faithful, especially the needy, also if they have actually not got an offering.

Can.946 The Christian faithful who offer an supplying to apply the massive for their intention add to the an excellent of the Church and also by that offering share its problem to support its ministers and also works.

Can.947 any type of appearance that tracking or trade is to it is in excluded entirely from the providing for Masses.

Can.948 different Masses are to be used for the intentions of those for whom a solitary offering, back small, has been given and accepted.

Can.949 A human obliged come celebrate and apply Mass for the intentionally of those who offered an giving is tied by the obligation also if the offerings received have actually been shed through no fault of his own.

Can.950 If a amount of money is available for the applications of Masses there is no an clues of the variety of Masses to be celebrated, the number is to be computed top top the communication of the offering created in the place where the donor resides, uneven the intentionally of the donor have to be presumed legitimately to have actually been different.

Can.951 §1. A priest who celebrates numerous Masses ~ above the exact same day can use each to the intention because that which the offering was given, but subject to the rule that, other than on Christmas, that is to save the offering for only one Mass and transfer the others to the functions prescribed by the ordinary, while permitting for part recompense by reason of one extrinsic title.

§2. A priest that concelebrates a second Mass on the same day cannot expropriate an offering for the under any title.

Can.952 §1. That is for the provincial board of directors or a conference of the bishops that the district to define by decree for the entire province the supplying to be provided for the celebration and also application the Mass, and also a monk is not allowed to look for a bigger sum. Nevertheless, he is allowed to expropriate for the application of a mass a voluntary giving which is larger or also smaller 보다 the one defined.

§2. Wherein there is no such decree, the custom in pressure in the diocese is to it is in observed.

§3. Members that all religious institutes must also observe the same decree or neighborhood custom discussed in §§1 and also 2.

Can.953 no one is permitted to accept an ext offerings for Masses come be applied by himself than he can accomplish within a year.

Can.954 If in certain churches or oratories an ext Masses room asked to be commemorated than have the right to be celebrated there, it is permitted for them come be celebrated elsewhere unless the donors have expressly indicated a contrary intention.

Can.955 §1. A person who intends to entrust to rather the celebration of Masses come be applied is to entrust your celebration as shortly as possible to priests acceptable come him, listed that that is particular that they are over suspicion.

He have to transfer the entire offering got unless it is particular that the excess end the sum addressed in the diocese was provided for him personally. The is likewise obliged to check out to the solemn event of the Masses till he learns that the obligation has been accepted and also the giving received.

§2. The moment within i beg your pardon Masses have to be celebrated starts on the job the priest that is come celebrate them got them unless it is otherwise evident.

§3. Those who entrust to rather Masses to be commemorated are to record in a publication without delay both the Masses which lock received and those which they transferred to others, and their offerings.

§4. Every priest have to note that s right the Masses which he welcomed to celebrate and also those i beg your pardon he has satisfied.

Can.956 Each and every administrator that pious reasons or those obliged in any means to view to the celebration event of Masses, even if it is clerics or laity, are to hand over to their ordinaries according to the technique defined by the last the Mass duties which have not been satisfied within a year.

Can.957 The duty and right of exercising vigilance the Mass responsibilities are fulfilled belong come the local ordinary in churches of secular clergy and also to the superiors in churches of religious institutes or societies of apostolic life.

Can.958 §1. The pastor and also the rector of a church or other pious place which regularly receives offerings for Masses room to have actually a special book in i beg your pardon they keep in mind accurately the number of Masses to it is in celebrated, the intention, the offering given, and also their celebration.

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§2. The simple is obliged to study these publications each year either personally or through others.