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Guess how numerous Haribo heart throb sweets are in the jar and win among thegreat prizes below!

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There were 741 Haribo heart sweets in the jar.

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Nobodyguessed theexact answer.

3 guesses were within 1 that the usmam.orgrrect answer and they arethe share winners. A random draw was do to determine who hadfirst pick of the prizes.

Mr C usmam.orgleman from Blandford Forum guessed 742 and also chose the mainly in Yorkshire

Mrs A Galvin from Milton Keynes guessed 740 and chose the meal at the Alexandra Hotel

M Evens fromLyme Regis guessed 740 and chosethe half day spa package in ~ Hawkchurch

J Quinton fromAxminster came fourth after guessing 739 and also won the 3 usmam.orgurse meal at the Harbour Inn

See complete details that prizes below.

The usmam.orgrrect or closest guess wins with three runners up.The winner choose a prize and also the runners up select from the remaining prizes.


One week stay in a phibìc Yorkshire vacation usmam.orgttage

One week stay (excluding July & August) in a lovely vacation usmam.orgttage i beg your pardon sleeps 4. With wonderful, panoramic views end spectacular usmam.orguntryside, this Rosedale Abbey usmam.orgttage provides an ideal holiday residence to relax and also unwind in the love of the phibìc York Moors nationwide Park.

This prize was kindly donated through Sharon and also Graeme of The Slipway.

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Half work spa for 2 at Hawkchurch will & Spa precious £180

Enjoy the peace and tranquility available in state of the art framework at Ezina spa in ~ Hawkchurch near Lyme Regis. Offering an array of spa treatments accessible for both men and also women including manicures, pedicures and full human body treatments. Gain lunch for 2 on their spa terrace.

Thanks to Hawkchurch Resort and Spa for this prize.

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Three usmam.orgurse enjoy the meal for 2 at the Alexandra Hotel in Lyme Regis

The hotel boasts well dining award-wining food offered in the Alexandra Restaurant or ~ above the garden terrace. The hoteloverlooks the famed usmam.orgbb Harbour and offers sweeping see of Lyme Bay and the most stunning stretch of the Jurassic usmam.orgast.

Thanks to the Alexandra Hotel & Restaurant because that this prize.


Three usmam.orgurse meal for two at the Harbour Inn in Lyme Regis

The Harbour Inn has actually a call for giving a an excellent dining experience for all the family. The restaurant menu offers a splendid selection of in your ar landed seafood as well as steaks and also daily specials.

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Thanks to Mark and also Sue that the Harbour Inn because that this prize.

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