75th self-reliance Day 2021: The Ashok Chakra checked out on the Indian national flag is rendered in a marine blue color on a white background. The Ashoka Chakra has actually 24 spokes which accumulate every Indian to work tirelessly because that 24 hours. Top top the occasion of 75th freedom Day, allow us discover out the an interpretation of the 24 spokes of Ashok Chakra.

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5. 5th Spoke:- morality (To maintain high morality in expert and personal life)

6. Sixth Spoke:- organization (Ready come serve country and culture when needed)

7. Saturday Spoke:- Forgiveness (A emotion of forgiveness in the direction of humans and also other creatures)

8. Eighth Spoke:- Love (feeling of love towards the country and all other creatures that God)

9. Nine Spoke:- Friendship (To have actually cordial relation v all the citizens)

10. Tenth Spoke:- Fraternity (To build a sense of brotherhood in the country)


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11. Eleventh Spoke:- company (Strengthening the unity and also integrity that the nation)

12. Twelfth Spoke:- Welfare (Participation in welfare tasks related come country and society)

13. Thirteenth Spoke:- Prosperity (Actively take part in the advance of the country)

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14. Fourteenth Spoke:- industry (To help the country in its commercial progress)


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15. Fifteen Spoke:- security (To be constantly ready for the security of the country)

16. Sixteenth Spoke:- Awareness (To be mindful of the truth and don"t think in rumours)

17. Ten Spoke:- Equality (Establishment that a culture based on equality)

18. Eighteenth Spoke:- Artha ( Optimum use of money)

19. Nineteenth Spoke:- policy (To have confidence in the country"s policy)


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20. Twenty Spoke:- righteousness (Talking about justice because that all)

21. Twenty-one Spoke:- Co-operation (working together)

22. Twenty-second Spoke:- Duties (To obey your duties honestly)

23. Twenty-third Spoke:- civil liberties (Do not abuse her rights)

24. Twenty-Fourth Spoke:- Wisdom (To have knowledge past books)

Thus, every spoke the the Ashok Chakra has its very own meaning. All the spokes talk about the holistic advancement of the country.

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This spokes give a clear article to all the countrymen about their rights and also duties. This spokes are prefer 24 values that should be followed by the citizens so that the differences of caste, religion, language and also attire can be minimized.