A many numbers have a corresponding word that"s a synonym. Some, choose pi, have actually remained well known. Others favor a "brace" for two or a "score" because that 20, are tiny used now, particularly in the service context. One old-fashioned number word the you"ll still encounter in organization is a gross, a quantity an interpretation 144 that a provided item.

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A pistol is a quantity an interpretation 144, or a dozen dozen, and also it"s a advantageous number for little items.

If you"re acquainted with the mathematical concept of square numbers, that"ll give you some insight into why assets are frequently packaged and sold in specific quantities. For example, 6 packages of battery to the carton and six cartons come the case method you simply keep multiply your basic unit – in this case, the packages of battery – to come at a final count. Assets packaged in tens, similarly, end up being cases that 100 because that ordering purposes. Ordering one gross way you desire a dozen dozens of her item, or 12 squared, which follows the very same logic.

Counting in dozens is a habit the goes earlier thousands of year to the mathematicians of old Mesopotamia. They functioned with a powerful – if cumbersome – device of math based on the number 60, i beg your pardon is why we still have actually 60 minutes in one hour and also 360 degrees in a circle. Twelves to be useful due to the fact that they multiplied easily into 60s and were simple to counting by hand. If you counting the knuckles on her fingers, beginning at the base, you have a dozen of them. If you use the knuckles of your other hand as counters as well, you deserve to keep monitor of a dozen dozens pretty easily without having actually to compose anything down.

Part the the factor for the continuous popularity that the dozen is the it"s a really useful number, largely since it deserve to be separated so plenty of ways. Imagine because that a moment you"re splitting cookies between a variety of kids. If you"ve bought a dozen cookies, you deserve to divide them evenly between two, three, 4 or six kids, or also five if you save a pair cookies because that yourself. If girlfriend mentally adjust those cookie to ink cartridges and the "kids" come workstations, the logic applies to her office as well. Purchase or selling products in gross systems is equally advantageous for the same reason.

For a the majority of products, a gross is a good number to have on hand. Obviously, you won"t order car or heavy machinery by the gun no matter how large your fleet or her factory, but tiny items space different. It"s a typical quantity because that promotional items, such together pens and refrigerator magnets, for example, and also for various novelty items. Nearly anything little enough to it is in stocked and used in bulk, and inexpensive enough to it is in purchased the way, have the right to be packaged or available for revenue in amounts of a gross.

Although it"s less common, you may additionally see a couple of various other variations ~ above the gross from time to time. One is called the "small gross," and it"s a amount of 10 dozen. Top top the other hand, you might also encounter a "great gross," i beg your pardon is a dozen pistol or 1,724 in total. In short, it"s 12 cubed quite than 12 squared: The base-12 indistinguishable of going from 10 come 100 come 1,000 items. It"s no a term you"ll encounter a lot, however it might come up occasionally if you sell or buy merchandise by the dozen or the gross.

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