Tokyo is located 6738 mile (10,843.76 km) away from new York.

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Knowing that the nearest plane to new York is the JFK worldwide Airport and the nearest to Tokyo is the Haneda Airport, friend can easily search for flights and compare the flight time.Let’s look at some flight examples many thanks to the table below:Company NameDeparture and also ArrivalTotalTimeNumber the StopsANA5:55 PM – 9:10 PM+114h15Non-stopAsiana1:00 PM – 11:25 PM+121h251 stopDelta6:59 AM – 2:55 PM+118h561 stopAmerican7:00 AM – 3:00 PM+119h001 stop
As you can see, the minimum time of travel is 14h15 with a non-stop flight, however it largely boosts if yes at least 1 stop. In the table above, I made decision the best flights (short, yet not extremely expensive) for the month the May, yet I also saw 47 hours flights, wherein you continue to be in Honolulu for more than 24 hours and continue your trip the next day. This have the right to be incredibly tiring if you don’t have any kind of interest in visiting Hawaii for less than 1 day.So this is a small piece that advice: whenever friend can, pick a nonstop trip for long-distance flights. A 14 hours flight is tiring enough, for this reason no need to include extra time come your take trip by waiting for link flights.
By the way, the time difference between new York and also Tokyo is 14 hours, which method that midnight in brand-new York amounts to 2pm in Tokyo (plus 1 day). Hello jet lag! (If you desire to learn an ext about jet lag and how to minimization its annoying effects, you can check my previous short article on jet lag.)To help you v jet lag, you have the right to also shot homeopathic jet lag prevention pills (they nothing interfere through your eventual medication) or a supplement for hydration (also natural). If you’re choose me and also have a difficult time drinking water simply for hydration, the complement option have the right to be of good help. These commodities are easily found online in shops prefer Amazon. I’ll give you two web links if you want to have actually an idea of the natural commodities that can aid you v jet lag:Homeopathic jet lag avoidance pills on AmazonElectrolyte complement for hydration on Amazon

Flying from Los Angeles, California come Tokyo

Los Angeles and also Tokyo are separated by 5468 miles (ca. 8,800 kilometers) of ocean.
Since the closest airport to Los Angeles is the Los Angeles worldwide Airport and, as usual, the the next airport come Tokyo is Haneda Airport, we deserve to now compare part flights time.Company NameDeparture and ArrivalTotal TimeNumber the StopsDelta11:30 AM – 3:20 PM+111h50nonstopAmerican10:55 AM – 3:00 PM+112h05nonstopANA12:50 AM – 5:00 AM+112h10nonstopUnited8:00 AM – 2:45 PM+114h451 stopAmerican + JAL12:30 PM – 7:15 PM+114h451 stop
Generally, the average flight time is between 11 and 12 hours for non-saw flights. Once you start including some stops, the trip time becomes longer.Even if the distance in between Los Angeles and Tokyo is smaller than between brand-new York and Tokyo, the time distinction is bigger (17 hours rather of 14 hrs for new York, as we saw previously). So, midnight in Los Angeles equates to 5pm in Tokyo. This is a substantial difference, and you will certainly be encountering jet lag, so setup accordingly.

Flying from Hawaii to Tokyo

As because that Hawaii, the distance between this island and Tokyo is 3844 miles (ca. 6,186 kilometers). Return Hawaii is closer come Tokyo than new York or also Los Angeles, the time difference is still 17 hours. So as with Los Angeles, midnight in Hawaii amounts to 5pm in Tokyo.With all this nice details in mind, let’s take a watch to part flight instances from Daniel K. Inouye international Airport (Honolulu) come Haneda airport in Tokyo:Company NameDeparture and also ArrivalTotal TimeNumber the StopsANA12:55 PM – 4:25 PM+18h30nonstopHawaiian2:50 PM – 7:30 PM+19h40nonstopJAL1:45 PM – 9:45 PM+113h001 stopUnited + ANA2:15 PM – 3:25 PM+230h102 stops
As you have the right to see, shorter trip times start around a total time that 8h30 for non-stop flights, yet can increase an extremely fast with one or 2 stops.A 2 stops flight can it is in cheaper – and it was in reality the cheaper instance in the table above – but you arrive to Japan 2 days later instead of just 1 day. This have the right to be a huge inconvenient once you travel for a few days and also you want to take advantage of every the days to check out Japan.


I expect you found this information helpful so you can incorporate your trip time into to her travel setup in the best method possible. Yet let me sum up for you the important things us saw.In general, the best companies to paris to Japan from the United says are ANA, Delta and American (except once you paris from Hawaii, in that situation choose ANA or Hawaiian).If you take trip from Hawaii, you have the right to expect to have actually a “short” trip of at least 8 hours, otherwise, if you’re traveling from Los Angeles you’ll get an median flight time of 12 hours and up to 14 or 15 hours if you choose a leave from brand-new York.Since you will do it be paris a lot of of various time zones, you should expect suffering from jet lag a few days, so it is in careful. Inspect my previous article around jet lag come learn exactly how you have the right to minimize jet lag effects or usage the web links I offered you before to buy part affordable and also natural choices to aid you.The last item of advice ns can give you is to always compare flights and also dates, and use various tools to execute it. Because that instance, Google Flights is a great tool to to compare flights; the doesn’t offer the tickets, yet you are redirected to the airline’s website, which is great. Friend can also use other websites like CheapFlightsFreak that uses some trip deals and also even special discounts throughout the holidays. You can even uncover some last-minute flight tickets at a good price.If you want to re-superstructure your trip experience, simply tell me exactly how it went in the comment below. For those flying soon… have a nice flight!

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