Most animals have a day-to-day pattern of rest and activity. Some animals are more active during the day (diurnal) and also some are an ext active throughout the night (nocturnal). Just how much time do pets spend sleeping? Well, it relies on the animal: SpeciesAverage total Sleep Time(% the 24 hr)Average total Sleep Time(Hours/day)Brown BatNorth American OpossumPythonHuman (infant)16 hrTiger65.8%Tree shrew65.8%Squirrel62%Western ToadFerret60.4%60%Golden Hamster59.6%Platypus58.3%Lion56.3%Gerbil54.4%Rat52.4%Cat50.6%Cheetah50.6%Mouse50.3%Rhesus Monkey49.2%11.8 hrRabbit47.5%Jaguar45%10.8 hrDuck45%10.8 hrDog44.3%Bottle-nosed dolphin43.3%10.4 hrStar-nosed Mole42.9%Baboon42.9%10.3 hrEuropean Hedgehog42.2%Squirrel Monkey41.3%9.9 hr40.4%Guinea Pig39.2%Human (adult)33.3%8 hrPig32.6%29.1%22.9%Goat22.1%Cow16.4%Asiatic Elephant16.4%Sheep16%African Elephant8.3%Donkey13.0%Horse12.0%
82.9%19.9 hr
Giant Armadillo75.4%18.1 hr
75%18 hr
75%18 hr
Owl Monkey70.8%17.0 hr
15.8 hr
15.8 hr
14.9 hr
60.8%14.6 hr
14.5 hr
Three-toed Sloth14.4 hr
14.3 hr
14.0 hr
13.5 hr
13.1 hr
12.6 hr
12.1 hr
12.1 hr
12.1 hr
11.4 hr
10.6 hr
10.3 hr
10.1 hr
Chimpanzee9.7 hr
9.4 hr
7.8 hr
Guppy (fish)7 hr
Gray Seal25.8%6.2 hr
Human (elderly)5.5 hr
5.3 hr
3.9 hr
3.9 hr
3.8 hr
2.0 hr
3.1 hr
2.9 hr
Giraffe7.9%1.9 hr
References: This table was adjusted from foursources: Aserinsky, E., Eyelid condition at birth: relationship to adultmammalian sleep-waking patterns, In quick Eye movement Sleep,edited through B.N. Mallick and S. Inoue, Narosa Publishing, new Delhi, 1999,p. 7. Campbell, S.S. And also Tobler, I., pet sleep: a testimonial of sleep duration throughout phylogeny. Neuroscience and also Biobehavioral Rev., 8:269-300, 1984.Gravett, N., Bhagwandin, A., Sutcliffe, R., Landen, K., Chase, M.J., Lyamin, O.I., et al. (2017) Inactivity/sleep in two wild free-roaming afri elephant matriarchs - Does huge body size make elephants the shortest mammalian sleepers? PLoS ONE 12(3): e0171903, Kryger, M.H., Roth, T. And also Dement, W.C., Principles and Practiceof Sleep Medicine, W.B. Saunders Co., Philadelphia, 1989, pp. 39-41. Tobler, I., Napping and also polyphasic sleep in mammals, In Sleepand Alertness: Chronobiological, Behavioral and also Medical elements ofNapping, edited by D.F. Dinges and also R.J.

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Broughton, crow Press, NewYork, 1989, pp. 9-31.--------------------------------------------------------------
Did friend know? The mind of a dolphin shows up tosleepone hemisphere at atime.
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