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Sounds favor dumb question butEdmunds has it at 26.0 an additional site has it provided 31.0I recognize I"ve placed in 28 after ~ driving a tiny bit ~ above the lightI avg 12mpg or so and also at 26 gallons that"s just 312 miAt 31 gallons that"s 372 and also I was sure i"m gaining close come 400 mi a tankAnyone know for sure?I want to know just how much fuel I deserve to actually use planning a trip and also not certain how far to big the tank in between fill ups. I can usually only put 26 in
I have run mine ESV with the gas gauge as much down together I think I want to run it and the really most I have put in that is 28 gal.
I have the consistent size, and also when my low fuel blog post comes on and it seems to it is in on E, the most ive ever put in is 21.5 when filling up
On the ESV the short fuel warning cries wolf v 3 gallons left. However, 3 gallons spread out over that huge tank floor is mighty thin, so if you space going uphill or downhill with just 3 gallons in there it may start to stumble. I"ve never put more than 28.5 in, also filling all the way up to the top of the neck. BTW, ns usually can get practically an extra gallon in after ~ the very first click-off by carefully/slowly adding fuel through the nozzle pulled the end so I can see the fuel falling in. However be cautious of burp-back if you leaving the nozzle in there and also re-trigger the pump ~ the first click...learned the the difficult way.
I have the constant size, and when my short fuel message comes on and also it appears to it is in on E, the many ive ever before put in is 21.5 as soon as filling up
I have all standard size Escalade"s and also have placed 25 gallons in numerous times, it"s choose a game of chicken v your gas gauge.
I to be not great with the Chicken point as ns am pulling an fastened trailer!
That"s not an problem for me due to the fact that I generally have plenty of gas jugs in the trailer, it"s cheaper than paying 10 bucks a gallon on the trails.

My ESV has actually 31 a 31 gallon tank. That is the first thing i noticed ~ trading in mine 2008 Escalade, after filling up the ESV the an initial time.

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