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Does anyone recognize how plenty of gallons that gas the 2005 Tacoma V-6 holds? I understand it different from actual auto to auto but usually not more than 1/4 come a 1/4 gallon either way. My original window sticker claims 21 galllons. Is this correct???? I"m thinking mine is no more than 18.8 come 19.0. I have never put more than 18.6 gallons, and felt choose I was an extremely lucky no to run out that gas. Was I entirely off and also could have actually gotten an additional 25 miles of so?Rip



the low fuel light does not come on as soon as you room almost completely out of gas. The serves as a reminder. RTFM! 21 gallons because that every trim
Is not 21 Gallons.Its 24.92 gallons. Toyota lied. We all lied.Is the that hard to read your damn manual?
Is not 21 Gallons.Its 24.92 gallons. Toyota lied. Us all lied.Is that that difficult to check out your damn manual?
Damn, how I hate liars.How"s whatever in Jacksonville? I use to live on north Fletcher in Fernandina Beach some years ago.
The OP knew the fuel tank was claimed to organize 21gal. He was asking about your personal experience or knowledge because he is having doubts. Nothing wrong v asking! If you don"t favor the question, it"s really easy to skip. Or is it? BTW, I review the manual, and also there to be no personal owner experience in it. I think someone must start a web forum so owner can discuss it.
Will part brave member that this forum operation their truck until the engine stops, and also then phone call us how much you put in ~ above the fillup? better yet, walk test journey a new Tacoma and see how far you deserve to go after ~ the light comes on./kudos come Kosmo Kramer.
BTW, I review the manual, and there was no personal owner experience in it. I think someone should start a net forum so owner can discuss it.
occasionally humor doesn"t come across just right. Ns don"t really think the anyone meant any kind of harm ... Simply a Friday morning chat. :respect:About your last comment (above). What do you average by this .... "there to be no personal ownership experience" ?What am i missing?
Will part brave member the this forum run their truck till the engine stops, and then tell us exactly how much you put in on the fillup? /kudos to Kosmo Kramer.
ns remember reading somewhere wherein some knucklehead did simply that because he didn"t think the light and ... I"d pay to check out Kramer enter/exit a Tacoma
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so exactly how many an ext gallons til the tank walk dry ~ the low light which ? luckily mine light has actually never come on. I refill everytime i view that it"s half way between E and the first mark.
How"s every little thing in Jacksonville? I use to live on phibìc Fletcher in Fernandina Beach part years ago.
I love Jacksonville. Its grown a lot. In the last 5 year the area ns live in has had actually a finish face lift. So much more people and also businesses that is crazy. Crime is a lot worse though. In the critical year or therefore its been around a automobile or so a main been broke into my neighborhood.A many nice cars about here to. I"ve seen quite a few Vipers end in Mandarin and also 3 Ferrari"s over close to Regency. St. Augustine is still mine favorite ar in Florida though.
I thought it was in the ar of 18 gal. Too, yet then again, I"ve never ever driven very far ~ the low fuel light came on.Or possibly it does only host 18 gal. And all the gas stations room screwing us over. Ns wouldn"t placed it past them.

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"06, PreRunner, V6, SR5, TRD Sport, access CabIt"s much better to remain silent and also thought a fool 보다 to speak up and also remove every doubt. Tom Jackson - Birmingham, AL
I believed it was in the neighborhood of 18 gal. Too, however then again, I"ve never driven an extremely far ~ the short fuel light came on.Or maybe it does only hold 18 gal. And also all the gas stations space screwing united state over. I wouldn"t placed it previous them.
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