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I"ve checked out the fps on various compound bows range from the mid to upper 200s every the method up come 310, 320+ range. What"s the minimal fps to successfully kill a deer? What"s overkill?
Deer have actually been eliminated with recurve or long bows the shoot less than 200 feet per second, and also I"m certain there are guys out there searching with 320 fps bows, maybe also faster.The point with gaining a super quick bow is acquiring the broadheads to paris well, which is the factor you check out so plenty of mechanical top nowdays. Ns think my bow shoots in the 260 fps range.The key thing is to be able to draw her bow as soon as it"s yes, really cold and be i was sure in what you have that you can make the shot and also put the arrowhead where you desire it, nevertheless of how rapid it is. :up:
Put it wherein it belongs
Practice. Truly that is the key. Mental the very same feel from her practice when that deer walks into your sights, and also follow through.While ns am shooting in ~ 321 FPS through a 371 gr. Searching arrow. There have been plently of deer killed just a dead with a rod bow fine under 200 fps. Placed it where it belongs.:up:

I don"t really think over there is a appropriate answer to your question. Slow and also accurate kills deer, fast and accurate kills deer. Until you obtain into the slow enough not enough energy range, dead is dead no issue how fast the arrow goes through.I liked a comment ns heard from Harold knight (of Knight and Hale) about 10 years ago. He was asked around all the brand-new fangled rapid bows on the market and also how that felt about that sort of speed. The stopped, and in a method only a county young can, said, "Well, I"m no opposed to it i suppose, however exactly how much into the ground carry out you should drive a broadhead after the passes v a deer because that it to be a effective shot?"
I don"t yes, really think there is a right answer to her question. Slow and accurate death deer, fast and also accurate kills deer. Until you get into the slow sufficient not enough energy range, dead is dead no matter how quick the arrow goes through.I chosen a comment i heard from Harold knight (of Knight and also Hale) about 10 year ago. He to be asked about all the brand-new fangled fast bows ~ above the market and also how the felt about that kind of speed. That stopped, and also in a means only a county boy can, said, "Well, I"m not opposed to it i suppose, yet exactly how far into the ground do you need to drive a broadhead after the passes with a deer because that it to be a successful shot?"
I agree v Harold:up: I can pull 80lbs and shot 320 or so however I prefer to traction 63 lbs and also shot 263 fps I deserve to be more accurate through that set up:up:

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The bow ns am searching with now shoot around 255 fps set up for hunting... Supposed to be about 300 IBO ... The bow i am considering upgrading to is about 323 IBO and also shoots around 295 - 300 fps set up for hunting.Newer bows , generally, gain a little much better % of fps between the IBO and Hunting set up than older bows ( performance ). The being said, favor the rather have proclaimed ... Exactly how dead is dead ?? I have killed deer with bows shooting in the 210 fps variety some 15 years ago ... Quiet dead... The all relies on what girlfriend want and also expect out of your equipment. There is not a bow made that cannot be made come shoot dead ~ above accurately. Over there is no a bow made the cannot shoot far better than larger ( 10+ year ) bows. It can be a small harder to dial the new , supervisor fast, persons in .... However when you get them there they room wonderful.Then again.... How dead is dead ??MET