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Posted By: Judith TaerumOct 22, 2009

A state department of education, together a question on the public-release form of a statewide standardization test, exit a question to the public in i m sorry third-grade students need to solve a word difficulty using subtraction.

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This question tells us that 2 students were collecting rocks for a scientific research project. Among the students was able to collect 489 rocks, and we’re an alleged to figure out how many rocks the other student collected, offered that she gathered 100 fewer rocks than the first student.

The native “fewer than” are special mathematics words that provide us a hint about what we must do in order to acquire the appropriate answer. Fewer than means the exact same as much less than or a smaller sized number. We understand that the 2nd student has actually fewer rocks than the first, so that tells united state that we need to subtract.

How numerous rocks walk the very first student have? 489.How many fewer rocks go the second student have? 100 (shown in purple).What does words “fewer” tell us to do? Subtract (shown in red).


The an initial step to gaining the ideal answer is to look because that the one-of-a-kind words that tell friend what come do—fewer than way you probably need to subtract—in bespeak to settle the question. The other really important component is to carry out the math very carefully. Don’t write 10 or 110 down rather of the exactly number (100) when doing the subtraction.

How to fix word problems in general

A word difficulty is like a little story around a mathematics question. The an initial step in resolving the inquiry is to read the story really carefully. You must look for the special word or indigenous that give you hints around what to perform in stimulate to get the right answer. Here are part examples:

Adding words: an ext than, larger than, taller than, higher thanSubtracting words: fewer than, smaller sized than, shorter than, less than

The second step to take it in fixing the question is to look for the numbers in the story and then to execute the correct math operation: including or subtracting.

The last step is to examine your work.

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