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Seemed choose a great price for a 40 lb case. Yet I couldn"t open up it and also tell exactly how they looked as far as consistency.I think the brand was Koch.

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Koch? I"ve never ever seen that brand, or even heard of it, yet I"ve never been come RD.Are they from roosters?:roll:
The RD in Charlotte, NC doesn"t lug thighs...and I remained in there 2 weeks ago and they had changed from IBP pork to Prairie new "minimally processed" brand. Pissed me turn off after ns drove 1 1/2 hours to obtain some stuff.
I have actually only checked out "Boneless, Skinless" chicken thighs. Ns bought a situation for a catering gig. IT"S A most CHICKEN. AT least 100 PIECES. I froze that in 10 item packages.
Our RD doesn"t share them however the meat room manager told me that can obtain them any type of time. I"ve thought about it but decided versus it since I have actually no clue what lock look like.
I most likely won"t pull the trigger, but I kinda believed it might be worth if there space 100 thighs in there, to take all of the best and most uniform thighs, separate and vac seal/freeze them because that comps(with mine cooking process it really doesn"t issue if its fresh or frozen) and keep the remainder for home use.Thigh meat renders a killer Jambalaya!
Koch foods items is a fairly big poultry producer. Their key fresh product goes to commercial/food service sectors, not in the Piggly-Wiggly.I bet every RD that any kind of of friend walk in has actually thighs and other new poultry products. Hardly any type of of girlfriend have worked in a grocery/meat market, so friend don"t notice the stacks the waxed cardboard crate in the other areas of the cooler. It"s there. It"s simply not in those self-serve meat situations you pull the butts, briskets and also ribs the end of.And no, ns wouldn"t purchase a 40 lb box of thighs to usage for competition. 1. It"s a most chicken. Poultry is ideal prepared and served "fresh". The USDA classifies "fresh" as never ever frozen.

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if castle do have them and they room anything prefer the quarters, it is in afraid, be really afraid. Sloppy cuts, skin all over the ar (and no in a an excellent way)...stuff like that. Provided to supplied it because that the catering.. Then obtained a crappy situation for a an excellent money gig. Was embarrased, but had no other choice due the moment of the day and lunch to be the next day in ~ 11:30 delivery.. Ugly yardbirds...
I recognize the 40# case is "thigh meat". Once I to buy one for a gathering, it to be pieces v very few whole thighs. I cooked (grilled) most of it on the ranch kettle after ~ thawing and also marinading. Definately no competition worthy but an excellent tasting.Benny
Don"t think the RD up this method has them. If castle do, they space in the frozen section and also probably by the ton!I did get some thighs native Costco a if back. They room frozen 2to a pack IIRC. I think favor 8 or 10 packs? They seemed pretty good; decent also size (kinda small, but still ok), and also they looked nice fresh. Nice white skin. Castle cooked up pretty nice.wallace
Yes, we bought them and only found around 16 to 18 piece that were large enough for a competition.Stick with small packages is our secret. We buy 8 4-pk packages and we get one big thigh every package. Then us freeze the others for catering or vending.Hope that Helps,Sweet Beaver BBQ