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My examine engine light came on and also the password reads inefficient catalytic converter financial institution 1. I have evidenced it is the catalytic converter bring about the issue by analysis the bank 1 - sensor 2 voltage readings. The readings for the sensor room swinging from high to low mimicking the upstream sensor. Therefore, i would choose to remove the converter. However, the is a part of the exhaust manifold and also it shows up the totality assembly needs to be removed. The only issue is, there does no seem come be enough room to remove the exhaust manifold native behind the engine. Go anyone know the procedure for removed the exhaust manifold v catalytic converter nearest the firewall ~ above a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe, 2.7L GLS?

Can"t aid with the details setup, but I"ve replaced one that was component of the downpipe and I had to drop the from underneath.
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Before you replace that cat, is over there ANY
chance at all the the upstream and downstream connections have actually been swapped?
I did change both O2 sensors. However I"m pretty sure I didn"t swap the connections. Also, both sensors space reading alternating high and also low voltage, not simply the downstream. I was pertained to that the issue could be that i didn"t usage OEM sensors when I replaced them. I offered bosch after-market sensor replacements. However, the sensors seems to operation correctly. Think me, i wish it was as an easy as swapping the connectors.

Lots of an option words involved, front pipe needs to come out, that in the way.. Then obtaining at manifold come cylinder nuts is a real field day.. Then comes out bottom...I expect you have 2WD... Much more room come work... 4WD through transfer in means I believe, even much more fun..Seems come me the 2 or 3 ns done to be 2WD, and also I may have lowered structure at behind to make some an ext room
engine size" boxes on your personal profile page.
This information makes that much less complicated for other members to answer/comment on her posts.
Thanks because that the details SBR7111. Mine luck is the I have the AWD model. The structure is in the way. Also, it doesn"t appear to have any kind of room to come out the bottom. Right now, i am actually reasoning of removed the entire passenger wheel assembly and associated parts and attacking that laterally.

I did replace both O2 sensors. Yet I"m pretty certain I didn"t swap the connections. Also, both sensors space reading alternating high and also low voltage, not just the downstream. Ns was concerned that the problem could it is in that ns didn"t use OEM sensors when I changed them. I supplied bosch after-market sensor replacements. However, the sensors appears to operation correctly. Believe me, ns wish it to be as simple as swapping the connectors.
Beware, then. I"m pretty sure we"ve checked out your precise symptom once O2 sensor relations were swapped on the exact same bank. That"s why i asked if someone had actually recently remained in there fiddling v them. What code(s) is(are) the ECU throwing?When this occurs, the upstream sensor is not being used to trim the mix (it"s just the cat effectiveness detector), and also the downstream sensor just sees the calculation of the cat, no the input next to the cat.It"s a really rapid thing come check and also a &^%$ of a lot of easier and cheaper 보다 pulling a cat when it turns out to it is in unnecessary!
How numerous miles top top this cat? Not certain your conclusion is convincing based upon the information provided. 02 sensor is much easier and also cheaper to replace and also much much more common to it is in the cause of her problem. No saying it IS the the solution, but I would invest a lot much more into diagnosis before this massive and also expensive surgery.In mine experience, Bosch sensors often suck. Denso or NGK space a much less costly alternative to OEM.

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2007 Hyundai santa fe 2.7did you ever replace it? or anyone else in this forum?what to be the procedure or measures to act it, i have actually a clogged one but and i don"t want to do any more work then i have actually to, also did it come out the bottom or top? 2007 hyundai santa fe catalyc converter manifold

I have this similar issue. An initial it to be the cat at the exhaust. Vehicle started dancing at idle. Sure sufficient lost finish power. Gotten rid of cat in ~ exhaust and also super clogged. Couldn"t also bang out the melted material inside. Discovered a cheap one ~ above ebay for 80. Replaced and back to normal. Now financial institution 1 is do the fumes smell damaging like eggs. Of food have already replaced every o2 sensors and still analysis po420. I bought the component again top top ebay for 175 and also going to have it changed for 150. One can do that yourself however if you have a family member with a lift and also much more time. Allot much easier to just have it taken treatment pff. Expect this helps. Take it care
I have actually a comparable issue. 2007 Santa Fe 2.7L with 210k mile on it. I recently had a dead miss on cylinder 1 because of a dead coil pack, for this reason while I had the intake manifold off I replaced all 6 coil packs and also plugs. After putting it all ago together ns then had actually a P0420 error and also a CEL. The engine runs an excellent - no issues there. Would certainly it it is in worth changing out at least the downstream OS sensor on financial institution 1 to see if that clears the code? ns scanned it with BlueDriver and noticed comparable issues come what Keith report (rapidly oscillating readings ~ above the downstream sensor when driving, levels out at idle at roughly .800). I have actually until September before state investigate is due, so i am do the efforts to decision on the finest course the action. If there is a chance an altering out the O2 sensor can resolve that (perhaps that was fouled while running through the dead miss, and also not the CAT as I initially suspected) ns am willing to offer it a shot ... Especially since it sounds like replacing the CAT myself could be a significant hassle since I carry out not have a lift, garage, etc.