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Not sure around the fourth Generation, but I believe they"re the very same as my 3rd Gen. There are 3 cat on the car. One in each bank of the engine then both financial institution flow right into on converter top top the finish of the Y-pipe. Together for the irradiate coming back on ideal after the repairs to be made, i wouldn"t worry too much about it. I"ve review bulletins from GM that plenty of vehicles that have the converters changed may have the SES irradiate come ~ above withing 100km of the repair. This is as result of some sort of gassing that goes top top in the new converter. Ns forget exactly what it"s from, yet it"s nothing serious, simply reset the light and all must be good.
Thanks for everyones input. I guess its for sure to assume the mechanics at the dealer should know which cat to adjust if they review the password saying basically negative cat financial institution 1 (p0420 catalyst listed below threshhold bank one). I just remember going with this through the 02 sensors and the very first mechanic i talked to telling me the the sensor in the former was financial institution one.
Nothings a big deal till you do it one!One out of every 4 Americans is experiencing from some form of mental illness. Think of her three best friends. If they space okay, then it"s you!
Thanks because that everyones input. I guess its safe to assume the mechanics at the dealer should understand which cat come change if they read the password saying basically bad cat financial institution 1 (p0420 catalyst listed below threshhold financial institution one). I just remember going with this with the 02 sensors and also the first mechanic ns talked to telling me the the sensor in the front was financial institution one.
Yeah right :rolleyes2: bank 1 and also 2 are likewise reffered to as "right hand and also left hand". If the engine were inline through the vehicle, definition the accessory belt / crankshaft wheel side faced the former of the vehicle, and the output / flywheel side faced the rear, financial institution 1 would be ~ above the right, financial institution 2 on the left, indigenous the driver"s seat point of view. At the very least with Ford, as soon as the engine is horizontally opposed for FWD applications, the bank reference does no change. Bank 1 = appropriate Hand, financial institution 2 = Left Hand. The appropriate hand financial institution is against the firewall, left hand behind the radiator.So as soon as the mechanic told girlfriend P0420 described the front bank, he was wrong.... However, he may have meant the upstream O2 sensor.... Which again, he would be wrong. There space 3 cats on exhaust and 4 O2 sensors. Over there is one cat because that each bank, and also a third cat located after bank 1 and 2 exhaust merge. The 3rd cat walk not have a sensor. Upstream sensors space sometimes called the "front", when downstream sensors the "rear". The correct method to identify the sensors is to label it financial institution 1 Sensor 1 (right hand upstream) or financial institution 2 Sensor 2 (left hand downstream), etc.P0420 ad to bank 1 Sensor 2 (right hand downstream). The downstream (aka "rear") sensor"s objective is to screen the performance of the cat. If a cat walk bad, you"ll obtain P0420 for financial institution 1, and also P0430 for financial institution 2. Simetimes that is the sensor that has gone bad. The sensor it s okay "lazy" through age. The PCM referrals the sensor convert frequency. If the sensor switches slow, that sets a code. Commonly this means the cat is bad, however if the sensor is old, it may be the sensor in ~ fault. A diagnostic scanner will certainly report the sensor switching speed. Compare that data with a tail pipeline sniff check (emission tester). If the emissions space withing spec, the cat is working, if the cat has failed, emissions will certainly be high and out of spec. It is much much less expensive to replace an O2 sensor 보다 a cat, so begin there.

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