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I"ve to be scouring the internet and I couldn"t discover my specific answer 2003 Xterra throwing a password on catalytic converter. Details and/or images will be appreciated.1. How plenty of Catalytic converters are there on one "03 XTERRA2. Which financial institution is i beg your pardon catalytic converter? (Mine is mirroring an error on financial institution 2) say thanks to YOU IN ADVANCE

Its they space plugged the going to come ago and bite you later on. As in, the auto will stall out due to exhaust restriction and make everything super warm underneath.Plugged cat is typically a sign of some various other engine problem as well. Cats need to last forever unless they room exposed to many fuel, coolant, oil, or various other things that normally shouldn"t it is in in the exhaust stream.
Maybe, however it drives choose it go the day ns bought it (the password was ~ above already) almost 5 years ago. If the was also clogged, I"m sure the code would come back. I observed that xterras litter the cat codes as soon as cat is operating at 95% or much less (or if there is an exhaust leak, etc). I"m more than likely hovering approximately that 95% but until the code comes back, ns doubt there"s lot to issue about. Didn"t average to hijack this object though.

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