here is a review of the calories burned for an mean man and average woman engaged in the task - tubing, floating ~ above a river, general.The calorie burned, for an average male, weighing 190 pounds (86 kg) is 99 Calories, in 30 minute of tubing, floating top top a river, general. The calories burned, because that an median female, weighing 163 pounds (74 kg) is 85 Calories, in 30 minute of tubing, floating on a river, general.

Calories melted Score and Rank

Calories every minute and also per hour

The calories burned per minute, through tubing, floating ~ above a river, general because that an average male is 3 Calories per minute, and for an typical woman is 3 Calories every minute.The calories burned in one hour is 198 calories because that a typical man, and 170 calories in one hour because that a usual woman.

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Activities i beg your pardon Burn the very same Calories

The tasks which burn the same number of calories as tubing, floating top top a river, general are as adheres to - active workstation, treadmill desk, walking task promoting video game (e.g., Wii Fit), light initiative (e.g., balance, yoga) animal care, family animals, general bookbinding carpentry, home remodeling tasks, light initiative carrying 15 lb child, slow-moving walking cello, sit cleaning, sweeping, slow, light effort conducting orchestra, stand custodial work, light effort (e.g., clean sink and also toilet, dusting, vacuuming, irradiate cleaning)

Comparing to Inactivity

30 mins that inactivity for instance just sitting and also watching television burns 43 calories for a usual man and 37 calories for a typical woman. Which way tubing, floating top top a river, general burns 2.5 times more calories than the identical time of inactivity because that an typical man and 2.3 times more calories because that an median female.

Equivalent calories in Food

This level that 99 calories charred by one average guy is indistinguishable to 0.2 big Macs, 0.4 snickers bar, 0.8 Starbucks Grande skinny Lattes, 0.3 cheeseburgers, 0.3 slices of pizza or 0.3 large blueberry muffins. Because that an typical female burn 85 calories is identical to 0.2 large Macs, 0.3 snickers bar, 0.7 Starbucks Grande thin Lattes, 0.3 cheeseburgers, 0.3 slices the pizza or 0.2 large blueberry muffins.

Weight Loss indigenous tubing, floating ~ above a river, general

To prize the question how countless pounds will I lose from the activity tubing, floating on a river, general? taking this example of in 30 minutes, the weight loss for a usual man is a minimum of 0.01 pounds, and also a usual woman would lose 0.01 pounds.Based ~ above 4 sessions every week of because that a term of 30 minutes every session, the approximate time bring away to lose one pound is 25 weeks because that a man and also 25 weeks because that a woman, suspect no other changes in way of life or eat habits.The exact same 4 sessions per week of because that a expression of 30 minutes per session, would lose 1kg in 8 weeks for a man and also 9 weeks because that a woman.Get your totally free Diet and also Fitness ebooks here or click the images below to discover out an ext about our weight loss, health and also fitness program.

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To personalise the calories burned tubing, floating ~ above a river, general, please enter your weight and also time invested performing the activity, in minutes, right into the box below and press the calculate button to discover your calorie burned.

Calories melted - Personalised

weight pounds kg duration (mins)

You deserve to browse the calorie burned, for various other common activities from the web links below. Or use our calories melted calculator.

Calories shed Activities

aerobics at work-related badminton baseball ballet ballroom dancing basketball boxing biking canoeing climbing cleaning cricket cross country skiing crossfit to ride bicycle dancing practice elliptical fishing football fencing gardening golf gymnastics hiking steed riding housework ice skating jogging judo karate kayaking kick boxing pilates rodeo sports rollerblading ropejumping rowing rugby running relaxing sailing shopping sit skating skiing sleeping soccer softball spinning sports standing step aerobics swimming tae kwan carry out tennis treadmill volleyball go water polo weight lifting yoga zumba
Reference: Compendium of physics activities: an upgrade of task codes and MET intensities.Ainsworth, B, Haskell, W, Whitt, M.Med Sci sporting activities Ex, 32(9): S498-S516, 2000.Get your complimentary Diet and Fitness ebooks right here or click on the images below to discover out an ext about our load loss, health and fitness program.
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