For a long time i didn’t pay much attention come the color of a football ball, but then sooner or later I started thinking about why most soccer balls girlfriend see space two colors: black and white. In popular society a soccer round is constantly portrayed at black and white and if girlfriend asked most human being to attract a soccer round they would certainly probably draw it black and white. So, I decided to find out why a soccer ball is black and also white and also share what I uncovered out with you.

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The reason soccer balls room black and also white is to do them simpler to check out on a black and also white tv screen. The contrast between the black and also white renders it easier for those watching to follow the route of the round as it moves around the soccer field.

I can already hear you questioning yourself why a soccer ball would it is in designed because that a black and white TV screen, and I’m guessing most of you don’t even know anyone that owns a black and white TV anymore. Yet you have to remember that soccer has actually been around for a long time. And it to be being displayed on TV prior to most people’s TVs to be in color.

The reason for the an initial Black and White soccer Ball

The very first full soccer game to be broadcast live top top TV all over in the civilization was the FA Cup Final between Preston phibìc End and also Huddersfield ~ above April 30, 1938, in England. However, there to be so couple of TVs in the nation at that time and also it’s thought that an ext people most likely watched the video game live in ~ the stadium 보다 on TV.

At this time and also until well right into the 1970s black and white TV to adjust were an ext popular than color TV sets as the shade ones we’re still also expensive for most world to bought one. This meant that most people watched soccer games on a black and white screen.

A far-ranging problem v this is the on a black and white display screen the ball was notoriously hard to follow.

The very first soccer balls supplied were frequently made of brown leather. They were heavy, hard, and single, uniform color. Although once you were at a soccer video game it wasn’t too tough to track whereby the round was going, ~ above a grainy, regularly blurry, black and white TV screen following the movement of the round was another challenge entirely.

Have a look in ~ this clip of a soccer game from the 1950s. An alert how the round blends into the background and also when it moves at speed it is hard to follow.

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Before black and also white soccer balls were used

For the 1970 FIFA human being Cup in Mexico Adidas made decision to perform something around it.

Introduction that the Telstar soccer Ball

By this time watching football on TV to be becoming more popular and it was decided that something required to adjust to enable people to be able to track the ball an ext easily.

In 1970 and also at every FIFA world Cup because Adidas has been responsible for developing the official game ball because that the tournament. For the 1970 human being Cup Adidas produced the now-iconic Telstar football ball.

The Adidas Telstar soccer round was specifically designed to be easier to see and follow ~ above a black and white TV display as the bulk of world watching would certainly be watching in black and also white.

The contrast between the two colors made the much much easier for a person’s eye to pick it up and also much more tough to shed sight that it. The opposing colors even helped the viewer to recognize the direction the ball was spinning.

The arrival and usage of the Telstar ball was revolutionary to soccer. Up till this time, there had only been one style of a football ball. It to be the talking allude of the tournament and the design of the ball ended up being lodged in the mental of countless people. The reality that a soccer sphere was now black and also white became the fact for anyone watching.

This presumption is quiet lodged in the psychic of many people today and the belief that a soccer ball must be black and also white is still common in popular culture because of the 1970 FIFA people Cup.

The style of the Black and also White football Ball

To discover the details of the black and also white soccer sphere a little much more let me simply go over few of the facts around how the ball was designed as you might be surprised about it’s makeup.

The initial black and white soccer balls were consisted of of a series of leather, hand-stitched hexagons, and also pentagons whereby every pentagon was surrounded by a series of hexagons. The pentagons were all painted black and also the hexagons were every painted white.

In complete there to be 32 panels top top a black and also white football ball consisted of of 12 black pentagons and 20 white hexagons. The factor why a soccer sphere was comprised of hexagons and pentagon was the that specific combination of shapes developed the appropriate shape because that a soccer ball known as a spherical polyhedron or a truncated icosahedron.

There room a range of claims about who very first came up v this design. Some places claim it was Richard Buckminster Fuller who very first invented this design for the ball, some say the it to be Eigil Nielson, and also other people claim the design goes all the means back to the ancient Greek mathematician and also physicist Archimedes.

Maybe that was among these people, or perhaps it was a mix of these designs. Whoever the was, the culmination of all these concepts put with each other by Adidas in the 1970 FIFA world Cup Telstar sphere was what carried it to worldwide awareness and cemented the truth in millions of people’s minds the the black and also white soccer round is exactly how a football ball need to look.

Modern Day football Balls


Of course since this time the style of soccer balls has developed and adjusted multiple times. You will now see balls through multiple colors and also patterns top top them together the score of making it possible to watch the soccer ball on a black and white display screen is go not also play a small component in the reasoning of those creating a soccer ball these days.

But for everything reason, the idea the a soccer ball is consisted of of black and white spots extending the surface still stays to this day and also is what many world have come to expect.

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I hope this post has answered any type of questions girlfriend had around the reason behind why a soccer sphere is black and white. To acquire your hand on among my favorite modern soccer balls inspect out this one here on The has whatever you can ask because that in a football ball. Or if you want to obtain hold of a modern-day black and white Telstar round this one top top Amazon is worth having actually a look at at.