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Im writing a story about a much less evolved people where a large ant colony takes in a stranded stranger. In a civilization where ants room the size of a small tarantula, how many ants would certainly it require to lift/transport a full grown (human) adult? Also, how big would a solitary ant need to be come lift a (human) adult over its head?


Depending ~ above your internet source: first, second, third

Ants deserve to lift anywhere in between 50 to 5,000 time their very own body weight, but also ants space on a various scale, therefore if we take a conservative 5 time their very own weight, offered that a dog sized ant would be crushed under the load of its own exoskeleton.

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From there we need the typical weight of a human, i beg your pardon google tells me for a male is 83.6kg, and also for a mrs is 70.2kg (convert this if girlfriend want, but they room the units I know and understand)

Now we need the load of a tarantula, i beg your pardon is 28 - 83 grams, a huge range admittedly, yet on the assumption that you"re making use of an mean "adult" tarantula, lets assume they weight 70g. Which means you"re looking at a minimum of 201 that these simply to lug your woman, or 239 because that a man.

However we need to take into consideration whether that is possible, a tarantula is generally 12cm long, suspect its the wide, then every tarantula takes up 144cm^2, currently an average person male is 178cm, and also 43 cm vast (shoulder width), therefore if you"re lying under you have the right to potentially have actually 53 tarantulae transferring you, together no much more could fit, but given my calculation of 5 times body mass, this tarantulae would need to take around 20 times your body weight, presume your human is average, which way they would gain crushed come death and also probably death the human.

Luckily for your stranded human, there is the arts of handwavium, so you have the right to ignore the special, of the science, and take your variety of tarantula come be about 50 - 200 depending upon whether you desire to complement surface area or the lot of load lifted