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Which dimension wire perform I must run a 220 volt breaker? i need about 50 feet, however I"m not sure which dimension wire I should run that with. I recognize it"s a 220 volt circuit breaker.



240 volts.

If the demorphs bed doesn"t actually pull 220 amperes (which I"m sure it doesn"t). Friend should check the nameplate or manufacturer"s installation instructions, to determine the actual electric requirements.


I don"t know why this popped up close to the height of the usmam.org app on mine iPhone, ns didn"t realize it to be this old and also surely you have actually solved the problem, but since I checked out the problem of looking it up on the computer, I"ll weigh in.

Choosing the proper wire size is of course around amperage, not voltage.

Tester101 is completely right around the 4/0 conductors handling 220 amps, and also also about needing to examine the nameplate top top the tan bed whereby it need to list the electric requirements (or look increase the version in the company manual or top top the web).

But 240 amps that"s large enough business for your entirety house (most likely). You obviously meant 240 Volts, not 240 amps.

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You"re obviously installing a devoted circuit because that the tan bed.

Tanning bed I"m feather at virtual are almost everywhere the map in terms of power requirements. Ns don"t see any kind of specifying smaller than a 20A circuit or greater than a 70A circuit, for this reason the wire dimension would be in line through this table:

20 amps 12 gauge copper30 amps 10 gauge copper40 amps 8 gauge copper60 amps 6 gauge copper70 amps 4 gauge copperHere"s an example of the receptacle requirements for miscellaneous "Phoenix Sun" demorphs bed models, through the hardwired ones requiring a permanently-wired connection into package in the wall (no removable plug). That course, every of these requires the tantamount rated breaker in the service panel. Ns just grabbed this in ~ random--I don"t know if I"ve ever even seen a Phoenix sunlight tanning bed:

Tanning Bed Voltage Outlet3000XP 220VAC, 20A NEMA 6-20R4000XP 235VAC, 20A NEMA 6-20R4000XP 1F 235VAC, 30A NEMA 6-30R4000XP 2F 235VAC, 30A NEMA 6-30R5000XP 235VAC, 30A NEMA 6-30R5000XP 1F 235VAC, 30A NEMA 6-30R5000XP 2F 235VAC, 30A NEMA 6-30R6000VHR 235VAC, 30A NEMA 6-30R6000VHR 1F 235VAC, 40A Hardwire6000VHR 2F 235VAC, 40A Hardwire8000STS 235VAC, 60A Hardwire9000STS 235VAC, 70A Hardwire9000STSXL 235VAC, 70A Hardwire