The evade Charger"s distinctive "coke bottle" styling and available big-block V8s make it among the many sought-after dare of all time.

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The 1969 Dodge Charger is among the most renowned muscle cars ever before built. In 1969, the Charger obtained a couple, popular design tweaks. The distinctive Charger Daytona did well in NASCAR and also a 1969 Charger to be featured in Dukes of Hazzard together The basic Lee. This publicity produced sales demand and also in 1969 Dodge constructed an remarkable 89,199 cars.

The 1969 Charger was easily accessible with engines varying from Chrysler"s small 225 slant-6 to the legend 440 Magnum V8. Optional trim packages contained the Charger R/T, the Charger SE, and also the Charger R/T-SE. Yet every solitary 1969 evade Charger was imbued v a timeless, aggressive appearance.

Today, this second-generation dodge Charger"s distinctive "coke bottle" styling and accessible big-block V8s make it one of the many sought-after dare of every time. However with so countless chargers built, there are still deals available.

Let"s investigate how much a 1969 evade Charger is precious today.


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In 1965, the dodge corporation can no longer overlook the complaints of evade Dealers: they were getting killed by sales that the new Ford Mustang. Mopar corporation"s Plymouth division already had its answer--the all-new Plymouth Barracuda. The dealerships asked evade for a Mustang killer, and also hopefully something because that a various market 보다 the tiny, valiant-based Barracuda. Dodge"s answer was the 1966 Charger.

The very first generation evade charger to be designed approximately one the the biggest fastback roofs and rear home windows in the industry. It was huge, slab-sided, and also boasted a premium interior. The car featured 4 bucket seats, a cabin-length facility console, leather, woodgrain, and state-of-the-art electroluminescent gauges. The very first generation Charger was an experiment, one upmarket automobile without the Chrysler nameplate, perhaps aimed in ~ a younger crowd. And it was a roaring success.

The second-generation Charger to be a legendary muscle car. Because that the 1968 model year, dodge was identified to go mainstream through their Charger. They tapped renowned designer Richard Sias who flared both the front and rear fenders dramatically. The result was a haunchy, hourglass-shaped monster often defined as having a "coke bottle" or "double-diamond" profile. The result was a 2-door hardtop, 208 inches long and also 76.7 inch wide, v a wheelbase that 117 inches. This second-generation Charger kept the very first Charger"s full-width grill through hide-away headlights.

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The same year, Dodge readjusted the Charger to a much more conventional inner with a rear bench seat, vinyl mats, and a regular facility console. Evade even available a budget-model Charger with the modest 225 Slant-6 engine. At the exact same time, Dodge launched the Road/Track power package. In 1968, Dodge offered an tremendous 96,100 Chargers.

for the 1969 version year, Dodge retained the "coke bottle" body styling. A designer called Harvey J. Winn produced a brand-new grill v a facility divider and also dramatic, longitudinal taillights.

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Dodge offered Chargers with either an automatic or four-speed manual transmission. The 1969 Charger special Editions (SE) featured animal leather inserts to the former seats, chrome rocker moldings, a timber grain steering wheel, and also wood grain instrument dashboard inserts. Just 260 Charger buyers asked because that the optional sunroof.

The high-performance Road/Track (R/T) package came standard through the 440 Magnum engine. The 440 to be a mildly constructed engine through wedge-shaped combustion chambers that was powerful, reliable, and similar to modern Dodge truck engines. The 440 engine turned-out 375 horsepower.

R/T buyers could also opt because that the greater compression race-tuned 426 hem engine (named after Dodge"s proprietary hemispherical combustion chamber). The 426 hemi churned out a chuck 425 horsepower. R/T Chargers likewise featured the dodge Scat load bumblebee stripe wrapping end the tribe deck. Buyers can delete this stripe and Dodge fit their cars v a metal R/T badge instead.

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Finally, evade engineers created a 1969 Charger for NASCAR. The Charger Daytona was built with one 18-inch sleep cone (providing 1,200 lbs of downforce) and a 23-inch tall behind wing (add 600 lbs that downforce). The Charger Daytona was capable of speeds in overabundance of 200 mph. To enter the groundbreaking car in NASCAR, Dodge required to likewise sell lock to the general public as well. Dodge developed 503 Charger Daytonas to market in the U.S., and also 40 to market in Canada. Daytona"s command quarter-million-dollar price tags and are taken into consideration investments together they are just going to walk up in value provided their rarity and also historical value.