An ongoing survivalism dispute goes about with this question: which is much better – a BIC lighter or a survival match? because that us, both tools are vital in a kit because that survival. There room pros and cons in both sides.

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But one much more question, i beg your pardon is the main worry now. How lengthy does a BIC lighter last? number of points must be considered.


Child-resistant, Safe and also reliable, 100% high quality InspectedUp come 2 time the lamp vs. The next full size top brandEvery BIC lighter undergoes more than 50 separate, automatic high quality checks during the production processAssortment of colors may varyNo lighter is child-proof. Over there is no substitute for appropriate adult supervision. Review all warnings prior to using this product. Flick the Safely.

The benefit of Lighters over Matches

Proponents that the an excellent old BIC lighter and also other lighters point to the following benefits:

Lighters are easy to use. They are much more convenient together you just really require one hand to obtain them come work. This frees increase an extra hand, which is necessary should you even discover yourself in one emergency situation. Lock are likewise much simpler to stow-away and you need not concern too much around taking extra precautions—unlike with matches that you need to keep dry all the time.Lighters have the right to start hundreds of fires. The great thing around these devices is the they are made to create flames numerous times over contrasted to your stick-based competitors. The advantage becomes much more obvious as soon as it is windy and also the solid wind can quickly put out the fire on a lighted match.Lighters are good at surviving water-related mishaps. Some lighters room actually designed to it is in waterproof. This is specially created outdoor use and survival situations. These have tendency to be heavier and bigger than you regular lighter, however they space no less useful. Yet even a an easy BIC lighter deserve to be waterproofed using a couple of simple hacks—compared come matches that can be quickly rendered useless must they happen to get wet.

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How long Do BICs Last?

The question has actually three components:

How long have the right to we use BIC lighters?

For smokers making use of a BIC, the estimate is that the lighter lasts for at least a thousand times. The company’s variation is that lasts at the average rate the 3000 lights.

Nevertheless, the is popular to find BIC lighters maintained for number of years in old drawers. Incredibly, most were found still working. So, for BICs, the only issues that can put them come a quick finish are mechanical in nature favor if friend fail to prevent early wear-out that the flint. Otherwise, if over there is always available fuel for refill, BICs will last till the ordeal is through.

How long have the right to they last and also still burn?

It depends on the size. The full-sized ones can burn as much as an hour, while the minis mean is twenty minutes. The smaller sized versions, however, have the right to last just up come 10 minutes as soon as kept lit until they run out that fuel.

Most survivalism enthusiasts, however, have preference for the mini BICs, for the reasons that their flints are replaceable and that they have the right to be refilled. The little minis can likewise be activate while hosted upside down.

How long can they be stored and still be helpful when retrieved from storage?

Long storage for a BIC lighter has actually consequences. It have the right to gather rust end time. If possibilities that rust formation are not an issue, it deserve to be made to work after years of warehouse – noted you will also take care of various other storage concerns.

Aside native the possibility of rusting, you likewise make sure that it will certainly not operation out of fuel if in storage. Inspect the aperture that the vent and additionally the temperature approximately the area.

Now, some world are careless v their lighters. They fiddle with their lighters in their boring moments – flipping the fire on and also off. In the survival trail, you aren’t supposed to perform that. Save those lighters top top the upright position. Otherwise, you’re walking to slowly release necessary fuel and found that your lighter can’t make a single flame out of fuel deprivation.



To recap, there are contentions regarding whether BIC lighters room the finest lighting tools to use during survival difficulties in our lives. Us think that they are good for this function without discounting the efficacy of various other lighting and fire-making tools prefer survival matches.

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Our BICs have the right to last long if we are mindful storing and also using them. Keep them from expelling out fuel when in storage and also never play v them as soon as not in actual use. The size of lie of the instruments we use is considerably related to exactly how we use them.