How lengthy is halftime in soccer? Why is there halftime in soccer? WHAT are THE origins OF HALFTIME? We reveal all.

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How long is halftime in soccer? Well, together stipulated by law 7 of the FIFA laws of the Game, “the halftime interval should not exceed 15 minutes.” Halftime in football lasts for 15 minutes, although the expression of the halftime interval could possibly be changed with the consent that the referee. Right here is the regulation as outlined through FIFA.

Law 7 — The duration Of The Match

Halftime interval

Players room entitled come an interval in ~ halftime.The half-time interval have to not exceed 15 minutes.Competition rules should state the term of the halftime interval.The expression of the halftime interval might be transformed only through the consent the the referee.

So when and where go the practice of halftime originate? Well, as history has it, the origin of halftime lies prior to the standardization that the regulations of the game (which arisen in 1863). Curiously, public institution teams used to pat using different sets of rules. Halftime allowed for groups to play fifty percent of the game by your own familiar rules, and fifty percent by the opposition team rules.

Changing ends, which also occurs in ~ halftime, also enables for both teams to be reasonably affected by natural conditions such as wind, sunlight, slope of the play surface and also condition of the pitch. 

Halftime obviously provides players a possibility to rest and also receive accuse from your coach, and it additionally gives referees the chance to evaluation cautions, dismissals, the main score sheet and also discuss the an initial half the play.

Ronaldo speak to his teammates during halftime. Photo:

Way ago when, there to be a time when the term was only 10 minutes long. This is still common practice at lower levels the the game, favor junior colleges and division III schools, whereby electing because that a shorter fifty percent keeps things moving and also can aid resolve for potential lighting issues in the fall.

However, through the game as commercialized and monetized as it is, there has actually been recent noise about extending the halftime rest from 15 minutes to 20 minutes.

Before the 2010 world Cup, FIFA discover the choice under the guise of being concerned that players and also referees had actually no time to rest after walking come the dressing room. But the genuine reason for pursuing the change could be summarized thusly:

“Sponsorship analysts have calculate ITV’s advertising take at the last people Cup come have gone to least £300,000 a minute, climbing to £1m for England games. The scope for Fifa to generate extr revenue from the extra five minutes is clear.”

However, given the outcry against such a change, FIFA has presumably shelved the idea (for now).

And how does soccer halftime compare to other sports?

With regards to American football, halftime at the professional level lasts because that 12 minutes. However, the interval is increased to 30 minutes because that the supervisor Bowl.

Basketball is the same as soccer v a halftime intermission of 15 minutes.

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Baseball’s halftime is FOOLED YOU. You can sing “Take Me the end to the round Game” throughout the seventh-inning stretch, yet that’s it. 

Hockey has actually two 17-minute intermissions, comes after the first and second periods. That’s as soon as then Zamboni gets the end there and also cleans/smooths the ice sheet. Why space there no Zambonis in soccer? That"s a different post for a different day.