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Perfect game Softball rules

Coaches: Be certain you are mindful of all rules and also rule changes. Perfect game Softball make reservation the right to amend these rules at any type of time for certain tournament play.National Federation State High college Softball Rules will certainly be implemented with the adhering to exceptions.

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Prospect Meadows sphere Park In Marion, IA

All of possibility Meadows" areas have turf infields. The players can wear turf, tennis, plastic molded or rubber molded cleats. The players will not be allowed to wear metal cleats. Sunflower seeds and also gum space not allowed on the fields.

Pool Play: All swimming pool Play gamings will it is in played with a strictly 70-minute time limit. No inning can start ~ 70 minutes.Time will certainly be retained by the PG ar Director. For each team"s swimming pool games, the home team and visiting team will be predetermined.All pool games that are tied ~ 7 innings or the 70-minute time limit will certainly be tape-recorded a tie. A tie is equal to a ½ win and also ½ loss for each team.Championship Round/Bracket Play: 70-minute time limit will certainly be provided in all games except the Championship games. This rule is subject to change. The house team in clip Play will be the higher seed. As soon as both Teams room the exact same seed in different pools, Coin Flip will decide home Team. Tie Breaker: If after ~ 7 innings or the moment limit has actually expired, the two teams are still bound the adhering to tie breaker rules will certainly go into impact except because that the Semi-final and Championship Games. The base runners will be inserted as follows:

International Tie-Breaker Rules: regular substitution rules use to this runners. The hitting team will start the inning with no outs. With last completed at bat on 2nd Base Play continues until one team is ahead at the finish of one inning. Semi-Final and Championship games will be played with constant extra innings through the 7th inning.

Intentional Walk

A batter might be walked there is no throwing any type of pitches to the batter. At any kind of time prior to or throughout an at bat the protective coach, catcher or pitcher might ask the house plate umpire to compensation the batter very first base. No pitches have to be thrown.

Forfeits: All games must be started with at the very least 9 players. A video game can be finished v 8 players. If there are no eligible subs the player leaving the original lineup will certainly be recorded as one out until she is able come return. Any type of intentional forfeit could an outcome in the forfeiting team being removed from the tournament. The competition committee will ascendancy on all forfeits. No team should benefit from the an outcome of a forfeit in an unfair manner. This dominance could an outcome in a dispute and the competition committee to make reservation the best to look at at and rule in the fairest possible way. The committee’s decision will be final! A forfeit score will certainly be 7 for the winning team to 0 for the shedding team. The tournament committee will certainly decide as soon as a forfeit is declared.Mercy Rules: 10 ~ 3, 6 ~ 5.Hitting lineup: can consist the 9, 10, or 11 players. The lineup should stay through the same number of batters because that the whole game. As soon as the an initial pitch has been thrown the lineup is locked, and the variety of batters may not be changed. The 10th and also 11th hitter if provided will be designated as an EH and XH top top the lineup card. The EH and also XH may bat at any type of spot in the order. The EH and also XH is the exact same as any type of position ~ above the ar as far as substitutions room concerned.Roster Batting: enables a team the choice to bat its entire roster “all players physically present”, in lieu the a traditional lineup. If a player leaves the game for any reason, it create an lacking player “automatic out” situation.Designated Hitter: The designated hitter may be (not mandatory) designated for any kind of one starting defensive player (not simply pitchers) and also all succeeding substitutes for the player in the game. A starting defensive player cannot be listed as the designated hitter in the starting lineup. A designated hitter for said player shall it is in selected prior to the begin of the game, and also the surname shall be had on the lineup cards gift to the home plate umpire and the official scorer. The designated hitter have the right to be listed anywhere ~ above the line-up card. The player that is being hit for, just playing defense, will have to be provided last ~ above the line-up card. A team forfeits the usage of a designated hitter if the team fails to explain a designated hitter prior to the game. If a pinch hitter or pinch runner for the designated hitter is used, the player becomes the brand-new designated hitter. The player that was the designated hitter may re-enter as the designated hitter under the re-entry rule. A designated hitter and the player for whom is batting are locked into the rotation. The role of the designated hitter is terminated for the remainder of the game when:

The protective player, or any previous defensive player because that whom the designated hitter batted, consequently bats, pinch-hits or pinch-runs for the designated hitter, or The designated hitter or any type of previous designated hitter assumes a defensive position.In case of rain: all rain out games may not be comprised depending on time constraints. In situation of scheduling changes, the is the team"s responsibility, not the competition committee, come make certain they are aware of the new schedule or any type of scheduling changes. This details will be posted on the competition website once it i do not care available. Note: No special requests will be honored if rescheduling i do not care necessary. Tournament style is subject to adjust at any time if understood necessary and also will it is in determined based upon the fairest outcome for every teams. All coaches need to make certain the tournament committee has current contact info. If games are cancelled, swimming pool winners and also championship qualification will certainly be identified by the tie breaking measures (listed below).Stop in Play: If a game is stopped, the game must begin within 1 hour that the prevent in play. If gamings are not resumed, castle will become suspended or dubbed official. Games called by umpires that cannot it is in resumed in ~ 1 hour will be considered an official game, if 5 innings have actually been completed, or 4 1/2 innings if the home team is ahead. ~ 5 finish innings, a tie score will be taped a tie in swimming pool play. The competition director can extend the 1 hour if there are extenuating circumstances, i.e. Lightning detector, functioning on fields, etc. A suspended game will resume whereby the video game was halted. In the event play is stopped for any reason prior to or throughout the Championship round, very first place, 2nd place, 3rd place, etc. Will certainly be awarded based upon Perfect game Seeding and Tie Breaker Rules.Protests: referee calls room not eligible for protest. Protests will certainly be heard and ruled on by the competition committee. The team protesting have to make cash payment of $100 at the moment of the protest. If the protest is ruled in the protesting team’s donate the $100 will be refunded. The judgment made by the committee will certainly be final. Protests need to be filed and also ruled on prior to the next pitch if throughout game, or prior to umpires leave field if after a game.Roster and Roster changes: every players need to be provided on the official roster. Playing a non-rostered player could result in a forfeit. If a player is noted on more than one roster, the player noted will do a decision as to which roster he is legit on. This decision is approximately the separation, personal, instance player. No player can appear in a tournament video game for an ext than one team. If there space multiple events going on at one time players are permitted to play for one team in each occasion if for this reason desired. Age divisions within a tournament count as different events.The team’s manager is responsible for all elements of the eligibility of the football player on his team and that they accomplish the requirementsA player that is in violation of the period eligibility candlestick be taken into consideration an illegal player.If anytime during a tournament game, a player is uncovered illegal early out to period violation or participating on much more than one team in the very same tournament, the team is topic to forfeit. The very first team a player participates because that is their main team.Participating players shall have actually photocopies of their initial birth certificate in the possession of their team manager. Electronic copies of ID records are accepted. Failure to have a copy that a birth certificate, in the occasion of a protest, could an outcome in suspension for the remainder the the event until such document can be produced. Driver’s patent is permitted. For events classified through graduation year, transcripts native a players most recent scholastic semester shall be in the possession of your team manager.Scoring: us recommend that all groups (home and also visitor) store a scorebook. The official scorebook and also lineup card for the game will be maintained by competition staff, in instance of emergency where staff can"t keep publication the house team will certainly be the official scorer. In a instance in which competition staff and the residence team room unable come score the visitor would become the main book. All subs need to be report to the umpires. To get rid of scoring problems scorekeepers should inspect with the main scorer during and after the game.Line increase cards should be totally filled out through players very first name, critical name, position, and accurate jersey numbers. Every substitutes need to be listed with accurate jerseys numbers. Failure to create a finish lineup map can result in gamings not starting on time. Line up cards room to be offered to the main scorekeeper prior to the home plate meeting. Lineup cards will be obtainable at coach inspect in.Sportsmanship: In the interest of keeping a high quality event, the tournament committee make reservation the appropriate to eject any type of person indigenous the site for unruly or unsportsmanlike behavior.Physical attack on one umpire, tournament official, associate director, associate officer, and/or any player or fan prior, during, or automatically following a video game played under the authority of Perfect Game. Attack on an official is a felony in part states.Players, coaches, managers, fans, spectators, or sponsors threaten an umpire, competition official, combine director, or combine officer through physical harm.Any player, coach, manager, sponsor, fan, spectator, director or officer that engages in physical fighting.Using unsportsmanlike conduct or abusive language, prize tactics, or derogatory or unbecoming acts.Destruction of building or abuse or fail to pay.Competing under an assumed, false and/or changed name.Tournament hosts have the authority to eject a player, fans or team anytime during a competition of committing any type of of the above detailed offenses.A player, spectator, fan or coach ejection carries removal from that game only.Any spectator, coach, manager or player who is ejected for the second time throughout the tournament will be eliminated from participating for the remainder of the tournament.Any occasion that outcomes in physical altercation (before, during or ~ a game) could result in a forfeit for both teams. Competition committee reserves the appropriate to remove teams native playoff contention.Bat Specifications: Non-Approved bat list will certainly follow the national Federation State High institution Softball Rules.A damaged bat is defined as a bat the was as soon as legal, but is broken, cracked, dented, rattles or has actually sharp edges that might deface the round (Rules 1-5-1, 7-4-2, 2-4-3).A damaged bat is thought about an illegal bat, through the penalty being, the bat is merely removed indigenous the game without penalty. Pitcher Simulating taking a Signal - while on the pitcher’s plate and also prior come bringing she hands together, the pitcher have to take or simulate acquisition a signal indigenous the catcher. A signal may be taken from a coach one of two people by hand signals, verbal call, or by looking increase on a wristband through a playbook/playcard. The signal acquired from the coach can be taken if on the pitching plate or when standing behind the pitcher’s plate prior to taking a position on the pitcher’s plate. Through rule, the only requirement is the no matter where or from who the really signal is obtained, the pitcher must take a position on the pitcher’s plate with the hand separated and simulate taking a signal indigenous the catcher. Request the pitcher to take it a position on the pitching plate and also simulating taking a signal indigenous the catcher front to lug her hand together allows the batter to prepare because that the begin of the pitch. If the pitcher does no pause after ~ stepping onto the pitcher’s plate come simulate acquisition a signal native the catcher prior to bringing she hands together, one illegal pitch need to be called. Illegal key Penalty - The NFHS soft ball Rules Committee vote to remove the advance of runners when an illegal pitch is called. Due to the fact that the will of one illegal key in softball is to deceive the batter, the committee felt that just the batter must receive an award once an illegal key occurs. The adjust to the penalty for an illegal pitch will result in a ball being referred to as on the batter, however runners will certainly only development if forced as the result of the batter gift awarded very first base. Exceptions to the penalty for an illegal key in ascendancy 6, section 1, write-up 1 have likewise been modification in stimulate to follow the new penalty and also ensure the runners room no longer progressed as a an outcome of one illegal pitch. The Pitchers plate: NFHS: The pivot foot need to be partly on top of the pitching plate. Perfect video game will permit pitchers to use the "Step Back" or the "Start Back". The back, or non-pivot foot, have to land in ~ or partially within the 24-inch width of the pitcher’s plate.Courtesy Runners: Courtesy runners deserve to be offered for the Pitcher and also Catcher at any type of time yet must it is in a precious SUBSTITUTE. If a team is batting their entire lineup, last easily accessible will be used as a courtesy runner. In addition, the same substitute CANNOT operation for much more than one place (Pitcher or Catcher) in the exact same game.Not covered in the Rules: In the event any item is not spanned in this rules or NFHS rules, the tournament committee will make the fairest possible ruling and that ruling will be final!Field Dimensions: Pitching/Base Distances8U, 9U, 10U – 35’/60’11U, 12U – 40’/60’13U, 14U, 15U, High school – 43’/60’Seeding and also Tie Breaker Rules: swimming pool play as whole record (winning percentage) If two teams room tied Head to Head winner If three teams are tied – If one team has beat both other teams, the team advances. If no go come #4 Least total runs permitted in pool play. If quiet tied – total runs scored in pool play Coin Flip

Shoes:12U and also Under: No steel Cleats13U and Older: steel Cleats allowed

Team Classification:Gold = ASilver= BBronze= CState directors, kris Johnson and also Mike Kerr can reclassify any kind of team at any type of time.

Age Requirements

A player"s period on December 31, of the previous sanction year, will determine the age category in which the player is eligible to play.

Sanctioned Year because that Youth FastPitch:

A team"s fastpitch season and a team"s it is registered periodwill operation from august 15-August 14 that the following year. Any tournamentsthat a team plays after respectable 15, (this would exclude any type of current year’snational championship) would go in the direction of qualifying a team because that the followingsanctioned season’s State and National Championship Tournaments. Teams that areplaying in between August 15 thru January 1 (this would exclude the existing year’sNational Championships) would must play under the following calendar year’seligibility requirements.

Age limitations for 2021 Season (August 15, 2020 - respectable 14, 2021):

every players must be born top top or after ~ December 31, 2011 come play 8u in the autumn of 2020 and in the feather of 2021. All players must be born ~ above or ~ December 31, 2010 to play 9u in the fall of 2020 and in the spring of 2021. All players must be born on or ~ December 31, 2009 come play 10u in the fall of 2020 and in the spring of 2021. Every players must be born ~ above or after ~ December 31, 2008 to play 11u in the autumn of 2020 and in the feather of 2021. All players have to be born ~ above or after December 31, 2007 come play 12u in the fall of 2020 and also in the feather of 2021. Every players have to be born ~ above or ~ December 31, 2006 to play 13u in the autumn of 2020 and in the feather of 2021. Every players should be born ~ above or after December 31, 2005 come play 14u in the autumn of 2020 and also in the spring of 2021. All players need to be born ~ above or after December 31, 2004 come play 15u in the loss of 2020 and in the spring of 2021. All players need to be born on or ~ December 31, 2003 to play 16u in the loss of 2020 and also in the spring of 2021. Every players should be born ~ above or after December 31, 2002 come play 17u in the autumn of 2020 and in the spring of 2021. Every players must be born top top or after December 31, 2001 come play 18u in the fall of 2020 and in the feather of 2021.

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Qualifications because that State Tournaments:To qualify because that the state tournament, you have to play in at least one JK/PG state qualifying tournament.Qualifications for nationwide Tournaments:To qualify for the national tournament, you should play in at least one JK/PG state qualifying tournament and you must finish in the optimal 25% of any kind of qualifying tournaments to gain a direct berth come the nationwide level tournaments. So if a team theatre in an open up tournament. The peak 25% of the Gold groups would qualify qualify, the optimal 25% that the Silver groups would qualify and also the peak 25% of the Bronze teams would qualify. So, it does not matter where you location in the tournament, simply as long as you finish in the optimal 25% of her classification. This would be the exact same if a bronze team play in a silver- level tournament.Bronze (C) Rules

DiamondKast scorekeeper will serve as the official scorekeeper with house team as secondary. 70 minute time border is used for all competition games other than in tournament interruptions. Time starts after the pre-game meeting. Every teams should be prepared to begin their game up to 30 minutes before scheduled time slot, in instance we room ahead of schedule. when time has expired, the game will finish if the shedding team is trailing by the number of allowed operation per fifty percent inning +1. Regulation games will be characterized by the kind of video game that that is. There will be two species of games played in the different formats that we will be using: swimming pool play: games will be 7 innings or time limit whichever come first. If the game is tied at the end of regulation, the will end as tie. clip Play: games will it is in 7 inning or time limit. Games that room tied in ~ the end of regulation will usage the worldwide Tie Breaker rule until a winner is declared. run rules: 10 runs after 3 innings; 6 runs after 5 innings. smoking or tobacco use is banned on the field or in the dugouts. Roster Batting will be required throughout the whole tournament. This method all available players on your roster that room in her dugout need to be provided on the lineup card. And you will be required to rotate in a lineup card before each game. Because of requiring roster batting, there room some extr rules that have to be clarified: Injury Batter: If a batter cannot satisfy her time in ~ bat because of injury or illness, that player will certainly be removed from that whole game. Her spot will certainly be skipped in the batting order. Groups will no be required to take it an automatic out until they drop listed below 9 players. Runner: If a jogger cannot proceed her time ~ above the bases, that player will be substituted through the last batter not on base. She will not be allowed to get involved in the remainder the the game. The line-up will compress once her spot comes to bat. Ejections: If a player is ejected when roster batting, this will an outcome in the team shedding that player because that the whole game. Her spot in the batting order will certainly then be an automatic out. Courtesy runners will certainly be permitted for pitchers and catchers at any type of time. The courtesy jogger will it is in the last batter no on base. Teams deserve to score a maximum of 5 runs per fifty percent inning for every ages. If one Illegal pitch is called, the penalty will certainly be a round awarded come the batter, there will certainly be no development of runners top top base. games will end at time border if a team is under by much more than 5 operation or what they space allotted left come score in that fifty percent inning. teams my begin a video game with 8 players. Teams may include any and also all football player to the finish of the line-up at any time. This players must noted on the line-up map submitted before the game. If the players room not present for your time in ~ bat, their spot in the lineup will certainly be skipped till they arrive. There will certainly be no automatically charged (unless below 9 players). The following procedure will certainly be offered to identify the groups seedings after swimming pool play: i. If three or much more teams room tied v the same document in a division, head-to-head might or may not be offered to rest ties. Ii. As soon as a level of tie-breaker is used, we execute not revert back to any type of steps that the tie-breaking procedure. Us will proceed on down the list until all ties space broken. highest Winning portion (number of wins divided by number of games v a result)(ties eliminated form formula) many Wins Head-to-Head games Runs allowed per game operation differential (+/- that 8 runs every game) Coin upper and lower reversal If a team is playing an extra swimming pool game, the runs enabled and the Win/Loss in that game will not count in the direction of your total. However, the result of the video game (win/loss) will be offered in head-to-head factor to consider if a tie in pool play occurs. In instance of a rain-shortened tournament, pool play gamings can be deemed main after 2 ½ innings of beat (with home team winning) or 45 minute of elapsed video game time. This plan will just be used through pool play. In addition, if gamings are cancelled as result of weather, there may be an adjustment in applications of the tie-breaking procedures. 10 & Under bronze (C) rule on defense, 4 outfielders may be used. because that 10U, players may only advancement one base every pitch ~ above a sphere not put in play by contact. No breakthrough of the Batters top top a dropped 3rd strike. No Infield Fly ascendancy there is no steal home. There are just 4 ways to score: Batted round in play. round entering dead ball area. Bases invited hit through pitch. Bases loaded walk.

A complete listing the the softball rules alters will be available on the NFHS website in ~ Click “Activities & Sports” at the height of the home page and also select “Softball.”