TheInitial ArrestFirst Appearances and BondA Violation the Probation HearingTheSentencing


Although these steps are similar to the of her initial charge, you carry out not have the same rights and also protections once you violate your probation. In a violation the probation instance there is no best to bond, no appropriate to a speedy trial, and also no entitlement come be uncovered guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

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The initial Arrest

When the probation officer or “P.O.” thinks you have actually done something wrong on probation they send an affidavit to the judge. This affidavit defines the factors he or she feeling you have not adhered to the rule of her release. The referee reads the affidavit and signs a warrant for her arrest based upon what the P.O. Claimed in the affidavit. Once the warrant has been issued by the referee you will certainly be arrested. The regional deputies will arrive at your house to offer the warrant or friend will should turn you yourself in come the jail. One of two people way, her going to jail will begin the violation that probation case. As soon as you come at the jail you will certainly be given a court date.

Important! If you room on felony probation, your P.O. Has the government to violate you and take you come jail immediately without a signed warrant. This is also true of polic police officers who inspection you for various other crimes while you room on probation.

In rare occasions a summons will certainly be issued instead of your being taken to jail. A summons avoids your should be taken to jail as lengthy as girlfriend report to the court top top the date noted in the summons. A summons because that a violation the probation is commonly issued once the charge is a misdemeanor or once you have almost completed every one of the terms of your probation. It may likewise be offered if theonlyreason for her violation is the you can not come up with all of the money you required for fines or court costs.

First Appearances and also Entitlement to Bond

If you are arrested and also taken to jail for her probation violation you will certainly be bring away to first appearances to identify a bond. There is no entitlement come bond in a violation that probation (VOP) case. Part judges will allow a bond come be set and part won’t. Most won’t.

Bonds because that probation violations are more common in situations where there is a technological violation or where plenty of terms of the probation have already been completed. In cases where the only violation is not paying fines or court prices on time a bond is commonly given.

How long before the hearing?

Because over there is no entitlement to bond in most situations you will have to remain in jail till your violation that probation hearing. The amount of time in between thearrest and also the hearing varies in different jurisdictions. If you room in a jurisdiction that has “early situation resolution” or “fast track” or similar program to speed up the VOP instances on the docket, your violation that probation listening will most likely take place within two weeks. If your jurisdiction does not have actually these programs it could take increase to 3 months for your hearing to it is in set. Maybe even longer in jurisdictions that have huge dockets.

If your violation is a substantive or brand-new law violation, your attorney may choose to proceed your VOP hearing till the brand-new charge is resolved. In countless cases, if you are found not guilty top top the new charge or if the brand-new charge is dropped, the VOP is dismissed.

In rarely cases, even if the brand-new law violation is reduce or if girlfriend are uncovered not guilty, the State will firmly insist on a VOP listening anyway. This is since the standard of proof is lower in a VOP 보다 in a typical criminal case. Therefore the State has a far better chance of convicting you.

If you have actually a bad record, if you have actually beaten several other charges in the previous or if the State think you are involved in arranged crime, the State will go after the VOP. The State will usage the reality that that is less complicated to judge you in the VOP together a way to acquire you come confess to various other crimes, to plea to pending charges or as a method to put you in jail as soon as they don’t have enough evidence to convict you of various other crimes.

The Violation the Probation Hearing


A violation of probation listening is similar to a non-jury trial. There is no entitlement come a jury because that a violation that probation, rather the situation is decided by a judge. If you have a hearing the judge will listen to the legal disagreements from both sides and also make a decision on her case based on them and the preponderance that the evidence.

The Standard and What the State need to Prove

In order to be uncovered guilty the court must find that the violation waswillfuland substantialby a preponderance that the evidence. In some says this typical is referred to as fairly satisfactory evidence. This is the exact same standard offered in polite trials. Whether her jurisdiction uses the term “preponderance of evidence” or “reasonably satisfactory evidence” it all method the very same thing. It method that the judge just has to decide the it is a little more likely than not that you cursed the violation.

“Willful”means the you intended to perform it, that you meant for it come happen, or that you did nothing to stop it from happening as soon as you had the capacity to execute so.

The most typical example that a willful violation is a optimistic drug test. The is very difficult to come up through a factor that drugs would certainly be in your device without you willfully taking them.The most usual example the a violation that is no willful is the failure to pay court costs when you room unemployed or have actually no income. If you have no capability to pay since you are homeless or out of a task then that is complicated for the State to prove you had actually the intent to no pay the costs.

“Substantial”means the it impacted your probation in a coherent way.

The most common example of a substantial violation is not reporting. If you do not report to your probation officer climate it provides a huge impact. The officer has no means to verify you were doing what you were an alleged to it is in doing.A new law violation is also a an extensive violation. The is why castle are dubbed “substantive violations.” choose up a new charge when the court trust you not to get into any type of trouble is a huge deal.A violation that would certainly not be an extensive is a minor point such together being late in completing her conditions. For example, if you room ordered to salary restitution within 3 months, yet it takes friend 4 months to salary it that would certainly not be a comprehensive violation. That was later on than the court ordered, yet it did no make a severe impact on your sentence.

How the listening is Conducted

VOP hearings generally follow these typical procedures:

The State gift its Case

The State goes first in a VOP hearing. Normally the only witness is her P.O. The P.O. Testifies regarding what conditions he or she feeling you have violated. The State or her P.O. Might introduce documents such together lab reports or probable cause affidavits as evidence that you tested hopeful or cursed a brand-new law violation.

After the State inquiries the witness, her attorney will certainly cross examine them. Her attorney may also object to advent of some types of evidence. Her attorney will shot to get the angry to recognize that the violation was no willful, not substantial or that there was a trouble with the proof that was introduced. Any type of of these admissions can aid your case.

Then your Attorney

Once the State finishes calling all of their witnesses and introducing your evidence, her attorney will certainly call any witnesses that may help you. Her attorney will question your witnesses. Then the State will have actually an chance to cross examine them.

After her attorney finishes calling all of your witnesses, the State has an possibility for rebuttal. The is rare the the State puts on a rebuttal case. Typically after her witnesses the Judge will certainly hear closeup of the door arguments.

Closing Arguments

At the closing debates the State will argue that you violated her probation. Her attorney will certainly argue that the proof shows any violation was no willful or substantial. The judge climate weighs every one of the testimony and also makes a decision.

Unlike continuous criminal cases, hearsay is allowed in a VOP hearing. However it can not be the sole basis because that the conviction. The evidence rules in VOP hearings are less strict than those of a regular case. This means the referee allows more evidence come be introduced in a VOP hearing 보다 what may be permitted in a consistent trial. This might be great but in most situations it method the State deserve to introduce an ext evidence against you.


The Judge’s Decision

A VOP conviction is judged by a preponderance of the evidence. In simplest terms, a preponderance way it is 51% much more likely than no that you violated. If the referee determines the it is 51% more likely than not that you violated your terms of release you will be uncovered guilty. If girlfriend are uncovered guilty you will be sentenced. If the is found that friend did not violate your probation you will be released.

If girlfriend are found not guilty and released you will still it is in on probation!Unless the referee tells friend otherwise, you will still need to report every month and also keep up with your terms. Being uncovered not guilty the the violation does not end your probation sentence.


There are several possibilities because that sentencing if girlfriend are discovered guilty that a violation that probation. In a violation the probation you may be sentenced to any type of punishment that you might have received originally. This means if you can have been sentenced come prison, you could be sentenced to jail for the violation. If you deserve to only obtain probation you must gain probation. The all counts on the initial charge. Yet your sentence can’t exceed the statutory maximums. The possible sentences because that a violation include

Time ServedReinstatementNew Probation SentenceJail or prison Time

Time Served

If the judge determines that you have actually spent enough time in jail in between the arrest for the violation and also the sentencing, the referee may give you time served. Time served is a well-known sentence once you are discovered guilty that a violation of probation and the initial charge is a boy one. The common crimes the involve time served uses are petit theft, prostitution, possession of marijuana, steering on a rely license and also uttering charges.


Reinstatement way that girlfriend go back on probation to finish the initial terms. If you room reinstated you are not given an ext time ~ above probation. You room just allowed to complete out your initial probationary term and also conditions as if you were never ever violated. Periodically they will provide you additional terms together as more community service hours or drug counseling. However you don’t have to serve any extra time.

New Probationary Term

At time the referee will want to placed you back on probation. Yet there may not be time because that you to finish the terms in the time you have actually left ~ above your original probation sentence. In these instances the judge may offer you a brand-new term the probation instead of reinstating the old probation so the you have much more time to perform the things the judge desires you to do.

Jail or jail Time

Jail or prison sentences space the most usual punishments when a person is discovered guilty the a violation of probation. The reason is that if you didn’t do it ideal the very first time then you won’t perform it best the second time. So jail is the only ideal solution. Even if you have actually completed practically the entire probation term, you have the right to still it is in sentenced come the maximum quantity of prison time for her violation.

How Time is calculation for your VOP Sentence

If you room reinstated or provided a brand-new probation sentence for your violation of probation, then you must be provided credit for any type of previous time you properly spent on probation. If you space sentenced come jail or prison, you should be offered credit for the moment you already spent in prison or prison. However the probation sentence and also the jail sentence carry out not overlap.

For example, in most states a 3rd degree felony is punishable by 5 years in prison. This method five years is the best sentence. If girlfriend were initially sentenced to three years that probation, and you finish two that the 3 years prior to you violate, the judge have the right to still provide you 5 years in prison as a punishment. This is since you didn’t get any kind of jail time the an initial time around. Yet if you are sentenced to five years of probation, you will only have to serve three years because you currently have completed two years that probation successfully.

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This seems an extremely unfair and it has been challenged several times in the courts. Yet the courts have actually consistently upheld that this is allowed.