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Low seasonHigh seasonAverage price round-tripGood transaction round-tripGood transaction one-way
AugustBest time to beat the crowds v an median 8% autumn in price.

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DecemberMost popular time to fly through an typical 27% rise in price.
$315(avg. Price end the last 2 weeks)
$77or less
$69or less

Looking because that cheap airfare to Puerto Rico? 25% of our users found tickets to Puerto Rico because that the following prices or less: From ft Lauderdale $151 one-way - $270 round-trip, indigenous Miami $94 one-way - $313 round-trip, from Boston $213 one-way - $396 round-tripBook at the very least 1 week prior to departure in order to get a below-average price. High season is taken into consideration to it is in January, November and also December. The cheapest month to fly to Puerto Rico is August.Enter your wanted departure airport and also travel days into the search type above come unlock the recent Puerto Rico flight deals.Aguadilla Borinquen airport (BQN), likewise known as Rafael Hernandez global Airport is the perfect staging suggest for trying out western Puerto Rico which has the municipalities that Mayaguez, mountain Sebastien, Arecibo and also Centro Puntas while san Juan luis Munoz Marin worldwide Airport (SJU) or san Juan plane is appropriate for the eastern fifty percent of the country.The Caribbean island that Puerto Rico has several popular resort locations within proximity come the airports. Because that example, if you’re continuing to be in Carolina or Dorado then you should fly into San Juan Airport whereas Isabela and also Rincon space closer to Aguadilla Borinquen Airport. Culebrita and also Vieques space islands turn off the eastern shore of the mainland so using San Juan Airport renders the most sense.Some the the much shorter flights from the us to Puerto Rico originate from 4 metropolitan airports in Florida. 2 of them are in Orlando: Orlando worldwide Airport (MCO) and Orlando Sanford worldwide Airport (SFB). You can likewise use Florida Lauderdale-Hollywood worldwide Airport (FLL) or Miami international Airport (MIA).The island of Mona, early west of mainland Puerto Rico, is a herbal reserve through no irreversible inhabitants and also is thus an explorer’s dream. If you wish to visit this island, climate your flight from the united state to Puerto Rico should land in ~ Aguadilla Airport. If girlfriend cannot obtain a trip from there to Mona Island, girlfriend can obtain one from Mayaguez airplane (MAZ).Both worldwide airports in Puerto Rico come fitted with numerous ATMs simply in situation you forgot to withdraw cash prior to your trip or because that those who like to acquire some notes after your arrival in the country and also there is a branch of Banco well-known at san Juan plane if girlfriend require other financial transactions.
Visitors native United says must existing a an adverse RT-PCR (NAAT) check taken 72 hours prior to departing to Puerto Rico.

What files do I have to fly to Puerto Rico?
Passenger Disclosure and AttestationTravel explanation FormMust be completed prior to travel to Puerto Rico.

What other coronavirus (Covid-19) constraints are there in Puerto Rico?
Masks: Required in windy spaces and enclosed environments.Restaurants: Open with restrictionsBars: Closed

Can vaccinated people travel come Puerto Rico?
Current regulations for vaccinated travelers come Puerto Rico: most visitors from United says may get in Puerto Rico but may still require to administer proof of an adverse COVID test.

Can i fly come Puerto Rico without having actually to quarantine ~ above arrival?
Visitors native United claims are not required to quarantine after entering Puerto Rico.

Which airlines have a versatile cancellation policy for flights come Puerto Rico because of COVID-19?
Frontier, Southwest and JetBlue have actually waived their readjust and cancellation fees on flights come Puerto Rico. Confirm policies on booking site.

Which airline fly to Puerto Rico?
JetBlue, heart Airlines & American airline fly the most typically from the United states to Puerto Rico. The most famous route is from new York to san Juan, and JetBlue, Qatar Airways and Delta paris this path the most.

Which airport must I usage to visit El Yunque national Forest?
El Yunque is distinctive for gift the only tropical rainforest and also is a haven for eco-tourists. The make reservation lies among the Sierra de Luquillo mountains, i beg your pardon is located approximately 45m from mountain Juan therefore a flight into the capital is the best option and also then you can make your own arrangements native there.

Can I gain a trip from the united state to Ponce in Puerto Rico?
If you great to visit Ponce, you will have to very first fly into either Aguadilla airport or san Juan Airport and then obtain a connecting flight to Mercedita airplane (PSE) in Ponce, or you have the right to drive or take it a taxi. The estimated driving time is 1h 45m indigenous Aguadilla and also 1h 30m from san Juan.

What’s the best way to visit the archipelago of Vieques and Culebrita?
The archipelago of Vieques and Culebrita lie off the east seaboard of the mainland, for this reason if you plan to visit either or both, flying right into San Juan renders the many sense. Additionally, Culebrita is just a couple of miles from St. Thomas, united state Virgin islands so you may think about flying or acquisition the ferry from there.

Do I require a visa come visit Puerto Rico?
Although Puerto Rico is not a united state state, the is a region of the unified States and also therefore there are no visa needs for us citizens or permanent residents to take trip there.

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