When we were plotting our return to the US, we thought we might need to journey our vehicle from san Francisco to Milwaukee. Unfortunately, some work-related circumstances changed, and we came up through an alternate plan the didn’t call for such a road trip. However, the occupational of to plan the trip was already done, for this reason I thought I’d share it, in instance it is helpful to everyone planning a comparable trip.

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The objectives of this itinerary were:

To journey nine to twelve hours per day.To rest up the long drives into manageable chunks of 2 to four hours.To execute that by seeing random, amazing attractions along the means – that were not much off our route.To visit friend in Colorado and to see mount Rushmore.

With that in mind, here is the route I planned:

Day 1 <11+ hours driving>

Oakland, CA → Reno, NV: 3.5 hrs <3+ building and construction zones>Giant Indian Head/Wa-Pai-Shone (right turn off I-80 near Sparks, NV): huge sculpture; I-80 departure 12, drive southern on Keystone Ave. For ½ mile, turn right onto Riverside Drive, then an initial left top top Booth St., cross the river, very first right ~ above Idlewild Drive, journey ¼ mile, turn ideal onto Cowan Drive, get in Idlewild Park, journey ¼ mile, it’s on leftNational auto Museum (right off I-80 near Reno, NV): 200 cars, many were in movies; 10 Lake St., in ~ Mill St. And also Museum Dr.; Mon-Sat 9:30-5:30, sun 10-4; speak to to verify openReno, NV → Elko, NV: 4.25 hoursPyramid Lake (45-60 min off path in NV): On native American land, good fishing or picnicking, primitive beaches; get pass in ~ gas station if go70-Ton Tortoise (right off I-80 close to Fenley, NV): constructed to it is in unmovable, come outlast civilization, make by Burning man people, children climb it; North side of E. Key St. Between sixth St. And also Silver Lace Blvd, in an art park the opposite gas stationWorld’s largest Polar Bear (right off I-80 close to Elko, NV); Commercial Hotel and also Casino, in ~ 345 4th St.: I-80 exit 303, rotate south top top Hwy 535, rotate right complying with Hwy 535/Idaho St. Into townElko, NV → Salt Lake City, UT: 3.5 hoursWendover Will (right turn off I-80 close to Wendover, NV): large lit-up cowboy; I-80 departure 410, drive southern on united state 93, fast right top top Wendover Blvd., journey 1/2 mile west that casinosDaughters that the Utah Pioneers Museum (right off I-80 near Salt Lake City, UT): Stuffed two-headed lamb, bread indigenous 1893; 300 N main St.Sleep: Salt Lake City, UT

Day 2 <9 hours driving>

Salt Lake City, UT → Price, UT: 2 hoursMount Rushmore Replica (right off I-15 in Lehi, UT); Seven Peaks Fun center at 1320 N. 300 W. St.: parking many on east side the N. 300 W. St. Just south that I-15.Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple (right off Hwy 6 in Spanish Fork, UT); 8628 southern State Rd.: I-15 leave 253, east on Hwy 164/8000 S./80th S. Because that 2 miles, turn ideal onto Mill Rd, then southern 1 mileNursing home Stonehenge (in American Fork, UT); 538 S. 500 E. In American Fork: I-15 departure 276, drive north ~ above Hwy 180/S. 500 E. For ½ mile.Price, UT → cool Junction, CO: 2.5 hoursArches national Park: Visit vulnerable Arch viewpoint, feasible 36 mile RT Scenic journey takes 2-3 hours; $10/car; Visitor facility open 7:30-6, park itself open up 24h; possible hikes (RT):Balanced Rock: 15-30 min / 0.3 milesDouble Arch: 15-30 min / 0.5 milesLandscape Arch: 30-60 min / 2 miles; feasible side trips to Tunnel Arch or pine tree Tree ArchThe Windows: 30-60 min / 1 mileGrand Junction, CO → Boulder, CO: 4.25 hoursSleep: Boulder, CO

Day 3 <9+ hrs driving>

Boulder, CO → Lusk, WY: 3.75 hoursStagecoach Museum (right off I-90 in Lusk, WY); 322 S. Key St.; Call to inspect hoursLusk, WY → mount Rushmore, SD: 2.5 hoursFlintstones radical City (right off Hwy 16 in Custer, SD); 301 W. Mt Rushmore Rd. In Custer: ~ above west finish of town, simply west that the us 16/385 split; on south side of united state 16Chief Crazy steed Memorial (right turn off Hwy 16, previous Custer, SD); 202 Ave. Of the Chiefs in stunner Horse: turn off of united state 385/16, 6 mile north of Custer/17 miles SW of mount Rushmore; Daily 7-dark, Off-season 8-5Mount Rushmore (in Keystone, SD); 13000 Hwy. 244 in Keystone: I-90 exit at rapid City, follow united state Hwy 16 southwest come Keystone, follow Hwy 244 come it; indigenous south, monitor Hwy 385 phibìc to Hwy 244 come it; Daily 5-8 (winter) or 11 (summer)Mount Rushmore, SD → I-90, SD: 2.5 hoursNational Presidential Wax Museum (right off Hwy 16, past Mount Rushmore); 609 Highway 16A on Keystone: south of downtown fast City, 10 mile on united state 16, then exit south on us 16A towards Keystone, drive 2 miles, cross Hwy 40, journey ½ mile come south finish of townWall drug Store and also Dinosaur (right off I-90 in Wall, SD): Western-themed mall/amusement park v animatronic TRex, animated lining Wagon Quartet, piano-playing, singing gorilla, jackalope statue; 510 main St.: I-90 exit 110, turn north top top Glenn St., turn left, journey 2 blocks, turn appropriate onto main St., 2 blocks phibìc on rightSkeleton male Walking Skeleton Dinosaur (right turn off I-90); On westbound side of I-90, just prior to exit 170Whitetail Deer make of car Parts (right turn off I-90 in Kadoka, SD); South next of I-90 departure 150, State road 73, Sinclair gas stationSleep: off I-90

Day 4 <11+ hrs driving>

I-90, SD → Sioux Falls, SD: 2.75 hoursMitchell Corn Palace (right off I-90 in Mitchell, SD); 604 N. Key St.: I-90 come Mitchell, phibìc on Hwy 37 (Burr Street), left on Havens Avenue, appropriate on Sanborn Boulevard, left on 7th Avenue because that 3 blocks; Daily 8-9, off-season Sat-Sun closed; contact to verify hoursPorter Sculpture Park (right turn off I-90 in Montrose, SD); 25700 451st Ave.: I-90 west to leave 374, rotate south ~ above 451st Ave., journey ½ mile, top top left; Summer: everyday 8-6; speak to to verify hoursReplica of David Statue (right turn off I-90); I-229 exit 6, west top top Hwy 42/E. 10th St. Downtown, simply west that river, ~ above S. Second Ave. Between E. 10th and 11th Sts.Sioux Falls, SD → Rochester, MN: 3.5 hoursJolly Green huge Statue and also Museum (right off I-90 in Blue Earth, MN)Statue: 1130 giant Dr.: I-90 departure 119, revolve south onto us 169, journey ½ mile, turn ideal onto CR-104/Fairgrounds Rd, rotate left onto gigantic Drive, that behind dairy QueenMuseum: southern of the Statue, on southern side the W. Sixth St., 8 blocks west of us 169, at corner of W. Sixth and S. Nicollet Sts., beside the Blue planet Chamber that Commerce.; Mon-Thu 9-5, Fri 9-3; speak to to verify hoursRochester, MN → Wisconsin Dells, WI: 2.5 hoursFiberglass Animals, Shapes, and also Trademarks Corp. (right turn off I-90 in Sparta, WI): Mold yard with various giant fiberglass statues; 14177 county Highway Q, Sparta, WI: NE of town on Angelo Rd/Hwy 21 – drive 1.5 miles, previous American Legion short article with Cobra strike helicopter out front, revolve left ~ above Hwy Q.

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Museum of historic Torture Devices (in Wisconsin Dells, WI); 740 Eddy St. In Wisconsin Dells: I-90/94 leave 87, east on Hwy 13 through a few stop lights, throughout bridge into downtown Wisconsin Dells, 2nd right onto Eddy St.; Summer daily, otherwise Sat-Sun only; contact for hoursTop secret – Upside-Down White House (in Wisconsin Dells, WI); 527 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy. In Wisconsin Dells: I-90/94 leave 87, east on Hwy 13 because that 1 mile, turn best onto us 12/WI Dells Parkway, the on ideal in ½ mile, just past first stoplightWizard Quest (in Wisconsin Dells, WI); 105 Broadway in Wisconsin Dells: I-90/94 exit 87, east on Hwy 13 through few traffic lights, across bridge right into downtown WI Dells, top top left, in ~ Eddy St.Wisconsin Dells, WI → Milwaukee, WI: 2.5 hoursSleep: Milwaukee, WI