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Subject: 56 mile bike training inquiry for girlfriend pros...

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Question because that you pros.....I haveBuffalo springs1/2 ironman comes up the finish of June..I did it critical year for the an initial time ever and also my bike to be 3 hours and also 15 minutes...I live top top the course and did it this day in 3 hours and 20 minutes...I have actually the entirety month off...Do I have to do the 56 mile say every Sunday and also Thursday v down time in in between to recover?? Or perform i should do prefer 30 mile every various other day, or just 20 miles everyday....Any advice?? Thanks, Brian

when i am riding full-time i choose to ride much more often vs longer last year a lot an ext 1:30-2 hr as typical rides, weekly much longer ride the 3 or os, and also a lengthy ride because that me (3:30-4hr ) every 10-12 days. What you perform with that time is going to issue a lot too though. 2 come 2:30 of tough riding will execute a lot an ext than 3 or 3:30 of just noodling around.
I think as lengthy as you ride because that at least 1 hour in ~ a time, it"s all around the total hours and miles, return a weekly 56 miler would be a great idea. I would shoot for 150 miles / week if you have the time and energy.
Welcome aboard! good job on doing the HIM critical year and great for you for signing up to do it again. Negative on her for waiting till 4 weeks before the race to questioning advice. :-)I yes, really don"t know how to advise you with this small time left. Enabling two weeks come taper before your gyeongju really just gives you two an excellent weeks come train hard. If it were me, I"d bicycle 70+ mile long rides for this reason come race day, 56 miles will certainly seem short. :-) but that"s simply me.~Mike
I have actually done a couple of olympic races already this season...I go one last week and beat my last years time by 20 minutes..I have been riding every other day 25 mile distances...No problems, however after the 56 today, and also being really worn down after, ns thought around a readjust up..Yes I know its late..Just wonder what yall thought around how to take care of the 56... I have the entirety month off of work so I have actually the time to make the gyeongju a priority...Thank you because that the help! Brian
2 main taper? ns guess i didn"t acquire that memo as I go 2 gyeongju in the 8 days before my critical HIM and also had a 27 minute PR.The advice native NewBz is spot on. Monitor it and also you"ll perform much much better on the bike.
For that race I"d pick that long nasty hill
(I"m a huge guy, all those hills to be nasty) and do threshold repeats top top it. Say 10-12 in a 40 mile ride.
Maybe you could have had a 35 minute PR v well rest muscles?I definitely need, return I do not want, a 2 week taper to prepare for Oly, Mary& HIM. My legs a ruined with cultivate pains.
^^^^^Since you"ve ridden the distance before, not certain that reasonably slow 56+mi rides would help you much. However in the untrained/undertrained cyclists a pair interval sessions every week (never on consecutive days) have actually led to improved TT power in just 4-8 weeks. I understand you don"t have that much time, but it"s precious a shooting to do 4 struggle sessions over next 2 weeks before tapering.You gotta ride much faster to obtain faster. The said, saddle time is important too. And also many feel the a slow-moving recovery ride (very low effort) the job after a tough bike (or run) is good for recovery. Ns know many bike racers who do M-W-F tough training rides with simple T-Th recovery rides. Because they gyeongju weekends, Weds has tendency to it is in the hardest maintain ride.

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Well, ns think it"s crucial to specify "HARD" If through "Hard" you mean riding for 2 hours at to speak 80% of your max HR, I would certainly agree. Ns think though that tempo and interval yes, really "HARD" cultivate sessions are also beneficial. Tempo would be riding for say one hour during a 2 hour ride at your fifty percent IM soot or intervals speak a collection time or distance at Olympic paced initiative with some recovery in between.
I offered the two week taper based off of what numerous training plans give a person. It"s pretty typical stuff. And also a two week taper does not average two main of rest... That just means maybe reduce the street each week little by tiny but maintaining the strongness high. Obviously, every person deserve to make their own decision through regards come the ideal taper. And... Oddly enough I just see to run on your logs. Perform you log her tri ingredient here?
i think what Don to be referring come is that countless plans call for a 2 week taper, yet that there room many people who question the worth of a 2 main taper. The original concept of periodization along with tapering (developed through the Soviets because that olympic athletes) is no a new one. But in *MY* opinion, 2 mainly is just 2 much for many of united state mere mortals. *I* think civilization de-train a lot v a 2 main taper (yes I understand you are not law "nothing"). The 2 mainly taper I think is finest suited for very high level fitness athletes who"s slim loss in fitness is OK since there level is for this reason high to enable peak performance. I would absolutely not tell you (KSH) to change your setup at this stage. All i really want to execute was discuss that over there are people who really concern the 2 week taper concept, that"s all
I"d rather err top top the side of being fully rested/recovered come race day...because i think for an endurance event, gift rested is an ext important than any type of potential benefit one could make in endurance "performance" in 2 weeks.~Mike