Timex is a clock brand well-known for its loudly ticking, but great looking watches. Yet do these Timex watches in reality last long?

A Timex watch will last about five come ten years, but that deserve to be an extensive with ideal care. The life time of the battery within the watch is two to 5 years, depending upon how regularly you use the Indiglo Light, a Timex clock feature.

The life time of a Timex watch have the right to vary, though. As mentioned, the Indiglo feature has an impact on the duration, yet so does suitable care. And is it even worth that to have your Timex watch fixed? In this article, we’ll comment on all there is to know around how long a Timex watch will last.

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How long Will A Timex watch Last

Timex is a clock brand that makes rather affordable watches. Despite the reduced prices, the city hall themselves are actually of very great quality. World often share just how their Timex clock is still up and running, also after plenty of years.

And those story are absolutely no exceptions. Timex watches, although an extremely affordable, will last girlfriend a an extremely long time. With proper care, a minimum the 5 years is no rarely sight, yet they can also last double as long.

Just together with any type of watch, the lifetime of your watch will count on just how you law the watch. If girlfriend drop it regularly or are generally much more careless through it, you can expect her watch to give in a little quicker. The pressure and shock that complies with when friend drop her watch deserve to not only damage the outside, such as a cracked in the decision face, but likewise the inside.

On the various other hand, if you take suitable care of your watch, it deserve to last friend multiple years. And also proper treatment doesn’t median you take it to company every year, the just way you’re careful with it. Dropping her watch is miscellaneous that have the right to happen, however when you’re careful with her watch, the shouldn’t occur often, if ever.

The lifetime of a Timex watch could come together a surprised to some, seeing the the price point of a Timex watch is incredibly low. But a short price doesn’t constantly mean a low-quality product. simply look in ~ Timex watches, they’re amazing and also affordable!

How lengthy Does The Battery that A Timex clock Last

Inside every watch is a tiny mechanism that provides sure the time displays correctly. And oftentimes, this is it is provided by a battery. This batteries have actually a details lifetime, that course, and also that’s no various with a Timex watch.

A Timex clock battery will certainly last around one to 2 years, relying on how much you usage your Indiglo.

Indiglo is a watch function made by the company Indiglo Corporation. Indiglo corporation is in turn owned through Timex, make the Indiglo feature a Timex exclusive.

But what is Indiglo? Indiglo is a attribute on a Timex clock that display screens a green/blue light on the face of your watch. That backlights the dial which provides it much easier to read but additionally makes the look more aesthetic.

The Indiglo function was an initial introduced in 1992 in the Timex Ironman watch. ~ the introduction, the Indiglo feature quickly made its way into 70% of the Timex watches.

As you deserve to imagine, a feature like this will use up much much more of the battery. Luckily, Indiglo is a function you have the right to turn on and off. Leave it off all the moment will have little to no influence on the lifetime of the battery.

Vice versa, leaving that on all the moment will have a big impact ~ above the battery. Also using it much more than as soon as a work can considerably decrease the life time of the battery. It’s very difficult to accurately decide a details timeframe, but the much more you use your Indiglo feature, the previously your battery will die.

Overall, though, v moderate usage of the Indiglo feature, you can expect your battery to last for about three years. Once your battery does dice out, it’s ideal to take it it out to protect against the battery leaking.

Can Timex clock Batteries it is in Replaced

If your battery does die out one day, it’s best to take it it the end of the watch. The last thing you want is to have the battery begin leaking. No only can this be potentially dangerous, but it can additionally destroy the inside of her watch.

Alternatively, girlfriend could likewise have the battery it is in replaced. A new battery can quickly be inserted in the watch, granted you have actually experience v opening watches. If you don’t have experience and want to try it for yourself, this is really handy overview on YouTube!

If not, just go to your nearest watchmaker and also ask castle to perform it because that you. Because that them, it’s straightforward task and it conserves you from potentially damaging her watch. Instead of the battery will certainly of course price you part money, but it does acquire your watch functioning again.

One point to note, though, is that replacing the battery will cost you part money. And because Timex watches room so affordable, instead of the battery can even be an ext expensive than purchasing a new Timex watch.

Is It precious It To have actually Your Timex clock Fixed

This really is a an option you need to make yourself. very first off, though, ns would always inquire around the price first. Maybe the battery replacement isn’t also that expensive in the an initial place.

And if you’re inquiring around the price anyway, why not execute that at a few stores. View which one has the best price.

If you understand the prices, it’s really approximately you. A Timex clock isn’t also expensive in the first place, yet maybe it has some emotional an interpretation to you. In that case, repairing that will always be far better than getting a new one.

However, if you have actually no emotional attachment come the watch and the battery instead of is more expensive 보다 a brand-new watch, climate the obvious selection would it is in to simply purchase a brand-new one.

Are Old Timex Watches worth More

Is one old clock worth a lot of money?

This is a commonly asked question. Perhaps you’ve just found an old-looking Timex watch. Over there are numerous stories of exactly how an old watch has doubled or also tripled in value. But is this always the case?

An old Timex watch has actually a fairly low value. You can expect an old Timex watch to offer for $10 to $300, which is pretty much equal to the retail price. Sometimes, the value has actually actually declined.

Firstly, it’s important to recognize when a clock is ‘vintage’ or ‘antique’. An neck watch needs to be older 보다 100 years, if a vintage watch needs to be in between 25 and also 99 years old.

In 1901, Timex exit their an initial pocket watch, and also a few years after ~ the an initial wristwatches followed. This way that there are some neck Timex watches the end there, however most will be vintage.

Timex watches aren’t yes, really the best watches if you’re looking come invest. If friend by any chance very own or uncovered an old Timex watch, girlfriend might also keep it as a decorative piece or just wear it yourself!

The main reason because that this low increase in price is because Timex do watches through cost-conscious consumer in mind. This way that these were short entry point watches, easily accessible for the masses.

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In comparison, a vintage Rolex is a high-end piece, a collector’s item. These weren’t readily easily accessible like Timex watches. The supply was low hence driving the price up.

Currently, you have the right to find plenty of of the vintage Timex the town hall on sites favor eBay for a fairly low price, generally under $100! These an ext affordable vintage watches could even do for a nice addition to her watch collection!