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The camshaft place sensor is always located close to the camshaft, often at or about the top of the valve cover. To situate it, examine for any type of electrical wires roughly the valve cover and also follow them come the sensor.

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All of your car’s accessories must be turned turn off for this test, or they will certainly interfere v the measurements.

Next, advice at part throttle till you reach 55 mph and then cruise there because that 5-6 minutes so that any type of vibrations from accelerating can dissipate prior to making one more run.

Next, decelerate under to 45 mph without making use of your brakes and also maintain this rate for 1 minute.

Lastly, perform 4 deceleration cycles, without braking, because that 25 seconds each cycle. No details speed is necessary.

There are numerous reasons why the camshaft place sensor could fail. Few of these include wear-and-tear, water damage, and also oil embedded in the engine. Over there are likewise sensors that fail as result of corrosion, i m sorry is a usual problem because that camshaft place sensor circuits.

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A camshaft place sensor can fail as result of an accident. In the occasion of a failure, it might be essential to change the engine control module and associated wiring. Circumstances choose an oil leak because of a poor head gasket or defective or loose oil cap can interrupt the sensor’s signal indigenous the wires. While that is not uncommon for camshaft sensors to fail completely, periodically the problem may be tied to one more engine component.

Yes, you can clean your camshaft place sensor, simply follow this steps:

disconnect the an adverse battery cablelocate the camshaft sensordetach the 3 wires native the sensor, remember whereby they go so you can install them ago properlyremove the camshaft sensor and also place it on a clean towelspray a small amount of solvent top top the sensor, and also wipe it dryreplace the camshaft sensor, re-install the 3 wires in their original spots, and reconnect the negative battery cable