A healthy, adult turtle that has actually been fed properly throughout its life should be able to survive for months without eating anything. Youth turtles, in particular, infant turtles, will certainly not be able to survive for rather as lengthy as they require food (especially protein) a lot an ext frequently 보다 adult turtles do.

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Believe that or not, turtles perform go long stretches the time without eating in the wild, once they hibernate.

During tortoise hibernation, i m sorry is recognized as brumation, turtles get in into a state of really low task and have a really low metabolism. This frequently occurs during the colder, winter months of the year.

Pet turtles, however, usually execute not brumate, because:

Pet turtle are about a constant supply the food by your owners.The temperature environment does not radically change, like just how it does outside.Pet turtles are about healthy UV light all year round.

They likewise may no eat as lot as castle want as result of a readjust in your surroundings, such as from a drought.

How perform I feed My tortoise On Vacation?

I doubt that the actual reason plenty of of girlfriend are reading this post is because you may have actually a holidays coming up, and also you can’t discover someone to protect against by and also feed your turtle when you room away.

So, here is what I’d tell you.

If your expedition is going to last much less than a week and you have an adult turtle, that will have actually no problem going there is no food.

This goes for both aquatic and box turtles.

If girlfriend are trying to find a cheap way to feed her turtles, examine out this Buffet Blend tortoise Food.

That gift said, I would certainly strongly recommend the following:

Try your finest to ask who to come over, check-up and feed your turtle. If they deserve to do this simply once while you room away, it will offer you a many peace of mind. Write very detailed accuse on just how they have to feed your turtle, and what they must do if they check out that miscellaneous is wrong. Carry out a water readjust and make sure your tank is complete right prior to you leave. In open-air aquariums, the water will certainly evaporate, therefore if water isn’t at some point added, the could influence your turtle’s capacity to rise onto that basking spot, or even damages your filter. Likewise, for crate turtles, make certain it has actually a key of freshwater.Get a irradiate timer. At least with this, your turtle will proceed to have day-to-day UV light.

If you can’t find anyone come come over, I would recommend acquiring an automatic tortoise feeder.

When ns go on long vacations, I use the Turtlematic Automatic everyday Turtle Feeder. You have the right to click the picture below for more details.


Turtles room reptiles, and as such space cold-blooded.

This means that turtles perform not have to expend as much energy to preserve their inner body temperature as do warm-blooded creatures, choose humans.

As such, this also method that because they don’t should expend as lot energy, lock don’t should consume as much energy as regularly as we do.

Here are great general rule of thumbs to adhere to as soon as it concerns feeding her pet turtle. This concerns most usual pet turtle types (such as sliders, painted turtles and box turtles).

How often Should i Feed my Turtle?

If your turtle is younger 보다 6 months. Offer a everyday protein source, such as turtle pellets, dried shrimp or fish, or cook meat. Market vegetables (they most most likely won’t eat them).

If you have actually a turtle that is older 보다 6 months however less 보다 a year or 2 old, you deserve to stop giving it a everyday protein. Instead, give it a protein every other day. This will stop your tortoise from farming too fast. Keep providing vegetables or leafy greens.

When your turtle is a year or two old, you will certainly only require to give it a protein source 2 or 3 time a week. In ~ this point, your turtle need to be eat vegetables regularly.

Pet turtles need to eat leafy eco-friendly vegetables daily. Secondly, as turtles grow older they require fewer and also fewer sources of protein.

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A turtle demands a decent amount the protein when young in bespeak to fully develop and grow. Together it grow older, this require diminishes the closer it gets to adulthood.

Also, tortoise in the wild do not have actually daily, consistent accessibility to protein.

A turtle requirements a kind amount the protein when young in stimulate to completely develop and also grow. As it grow older, this need diminishes.

When provided a choice between a live fish and also a few leafy-green vegetables, the turtle is walking to choose the fish simply due to the fact that it has a (rare) chance to execute so. The vegetables aren’t walk to operation away. Castle will constantly be there.

Speaking that food, you might want to examine out this post on the Best turtle Food. It will educate you the the best, highest possible quality varieties of food for her pet turtle.

Now that we know this, let’s attend to the last component of this article.

exactly how Long can a turtle Go Without eating

Of course, there room a couple of variables the will impact how lengthy a turtle deserve to go there is no eating.

Does the tortoise have access to clean, pure, filtered water to swim, lay in and drink?

If her pet tortoise does not have accessibility to any food, but it has access to clean, pure, filtered water, the can quickly go several weeks there is no food. In all likelihood, that would shed a few its fat stores yet suffer no serious health consequences. This happens generally in the wild.

Does the turtle have accessibility to a basking area, and is the tank water properly heated and also lit?

If her pet tortoise doesn’t have accessibility to food however has accessibility to pure, clean, filtered water, a basking area to dry out its shell and receive healthy UVA and UVB rays, and a appropriately heated habitat, then it would likely survive for several months without any serious consequences.

Note: This doesn’t mean that this would certainly be healthy. It would obviously shed quite a little bit of fat stores, yet the other determinants would store it lively for a lot longer than otherwise.

This is all assuming her pet turtle’s health is your greatest concern.

Thus, the answer come the initial question (how long deserve to pet turtles live there is no food), is,a pets turtle deserve to probably make it through for months quite safely.

However, if your pet turtle is under 6 months old, and even if you have the very first two variables covered, the chance for survive without food isprobably going to be less long.

This is all assuming her pet turtle’s wellness is your greatest concern.


For the benefits of gift a an excellent owner however, the is always a great idea to have actually someone examine up ~ above the turtles at the very least once every week. Preferably, every few days if possible. Anything have the right to go dorn if a tank is left alone.

As ideal you can, it’s never ever a good idea to leave her turtle without any food for much more than a few weeks. Particularly if it has come to be accustomed to this, and an ext so as soon as it is tho young and also growing.

Hopefully, this post answered your question regarding how long can turtles live without food.