In this brief guide, we room going come answer the concern “How long does a Marie Callender pie critical in the fridge?”, comment on answers to other related inquiries like just how to save Marie Callender pie, and also can you gain sick after consuming a poor Marie Callender pie.

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How lengthy does a Marie Callender pie critical in the fridge?

A Marie Callender pie have the right to last in the refrigerator for 2 work if that is unopened and also unbaked. ~ above the other hand, if you have actually baked the Marie Callender pie, you can refrigerate the unused part for 3 days. This refrigeration period is greatly influenced by the storage conditions and also the ingredient of the pie. However, you have the right to keep it refrigerated because that an optimum duration of 2-3 job under ideal storage conditions.

Shelf life of Marie Callender pie

The shelf life the a Marie Callender pie is approximated by maintaining in mind the ingredients of the pie. Also, their shelf life varies through the variable storage conditions. Some Marie Callender pies remain fresher in the refrigerator when others are to be maintained in the freezer to increase their shelf life and also to keep their quality. For a rapid review of your shelf life, you can go v the following table:

Marie Callender Pie approximated shelf life (Before expiration date)
In the refrigerator In the freezer
Fruit pie2-3 days6-8 months
Cream pie2-3 days6 months
Potpie2-4 days6-8 months
Quinche2-4 days6-8 months
Custard pie2-3 daysNot recommended
Baked puff pastry1-2 weeks6-8 months
Refrigerated pie crust4-6 weeks6-8 months
Pumpkin pie2-4 days6-8 months

Can you refrigerate small Marie Callender pie?

Baked Marie Callender pie deserve to be refrigerated because that 2-3 work if its part to be refrigerated is unused. One point that should be preserved in mental is that you have to store the baked pie within 2 hrs of ready if you are not ready to eat the immediately.

Also, make sure to carry the pie in ~ room temperature prior to you refrigerate it. Shot to pave the pie tightly v the assist of a plastic sheet, avoiding the pie to collect moisture. If moisture it s okay in, it will encourage microbial growth and also fasten the destruction of quality.

How to keep Marie Callender pie?

To store Marie Callender pie to boost its shelf life, you have to know around the nature of the pie and the ingredient of the pie. As described earlier, the storage conditions of the pie are figured out by the ingredients of the pie. Because certain pies are great to it is in refrigerated when others need to be frozen.

In the refrigerator

Pies that contain dairy ingredients need to be stored in the refrigerator. The refrigeration temperature will assist you save microbial development (including bacterial growth) in ~ bay.

If friend freeze such pies, the milk content will obtain solidified leave the liquid to type crystals. This crystals, as soon as thawed, will badly influence the quality and texture that the pies.

In the freezer

Pies the contain egg or fruits as your base contents are far better to it is in stored in the freezer. This is because of the capacity of the fruit to adapt well in the freeze environment.

How to tell if Marie Callender pie has actually gone bad?

If the storage problems are not proper or girlfriend forgot about the save on computer pies, they can go bad. To understand if they have actually gone bad, the adhering to signs can assist you:

If the pie smells strong, stale, and old, don’t consume together a pie. The off-odor is a clean indication the the reality that the ingredients of the pie have actually lost their quality.If the texture of the pie is soggy, nothing consume together a pie. The sogginess in the pie is a clear indication the the fact that the has took in much water exit from the fruits or other ingredients that the pie.

Can you get sick after consuming a negative Marie Callender pie?

Consuming a poor Marie Callender pie can reason you to be a victim of food-borne illnesses. The most apparent food-borne illness is regarded Salmonella-based food poisoning. Salmonella is a gram-negative bacteria and it is typically found ~ above eggshells or eggs. The eggs, being the vital ingredient that pies, if not handled under cautious hygienic conditions, deserve to be the cause. The symptom of Salmonella-based food poisoning selection from mild come severe and include vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, fever, chills, and abdominal muscle cramps in general. These symptoms may last for about 48 hrs after the intake of a negative Marie Callender pie.


In this short guide, we answered the inquiry “How long does a Marie Callender pie critical in the fridge?”, disputed answers to other related inquiries like how to save Marie Callender pie, and also can you obtain sick after spend a negative Marie Callender pie.

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