Clint black is definitely happy to be working through The King that the Cowboys, Roy Rogers. Who wouldn’t be? He’s an amazing singer and also a legend in country music. Working v someone that big is intimidating, but Clint keeps himself together and also gives us an remarkable performance. Let’s hear Clint and also Roy together in this one-of-a-kind collaboration.

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Photo Credit: (L-R) Clint Black and Roy Rogers/ David Valdez/

“Hold on Partner”

In 1991, Roy and also Clint both collaborated to record a song for Roy’s album. “Hold on Partner” is a stimulating track penned by Bobby Paine and also Larson Paine in the exact same year. The single was component of Roy’s critical album Tribute in 1991. In addition, “Hold ~ above Partner” was likewise Roy’s last song that gone into the nation chart. It satellite at number forty-two ~ above the Billboard chart, and also number forty-eight top top the Canadian country chart.


Roy’s last album also scored a point out on the chart. Tribute reached number seventeen on the Billboard Top country Albums chart. Furthermore, it likewise secured a clues on the Billboard 200. Roy has actually not just collaborated with Clint in his album. He worked with other artists such together Randy Travis, Emmylou Harris, Willie Nelson, and more.

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“That’s exactly how the West to be Swung” through The Kentucky Headhunters.“Here’s Hopin"” through Randy Travis“Hold on Partner” with Clint Black“Tumbling Tumbleweeds” v K.T. Oslin and Restless Heart“Little Joe, The Wrangler” through Emmylou Harris“When Payday roll Around” through Ricky van Shelton“Final Frontier” through Kathy Mattea“Don’t Fence Me In” v Lorrie Morgan and The Oaks Ridge Boys“Rodeo Road” v Willie Nelson“Alive and also Kickin"” with Roy Roger“King that the Cowboys” with Dusty Rogers“Happy Trails” with Dale Evan and also Dusty Rogers

The Music Video

The just music video clip Roy released in his entire career to be for the song “Hold ~ above Partner.” In the video, Roy and Clint room seen riding ~ above a horse while black and white clips of cowboy movies were shown. The fun part of the music video was in ~ the end when Roy and Clint room done make the video.