I have had hours that meetings transparent the years around the right height for countertops, tables, pendant lights and more. Part heights space standard, when others may be particular to a client’s request. Below I’ll talk around some the the much more common heights and how they might affect your style decisions. Use this as a guide but remember over there will always be exceptions. Nothing be afraid to ask her contractor or designer for examples or even a mock-up to aid you visualize her space.

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Kitchen counters. Kitchen counters are typically collection at roughly 36 inches finished, consisting of the countertop material, although i have set them at 37 or 38 inches for tall clients. The elevation for a bar or dual-level island is typically 42 to 43 inches.Find a Pro: occupational with a local expert to create your dream countertops
Counter and bar stools.
respond to stools room standard at 24 inches. Bar stools are commonly 30 inches. These two dimensions describe the peak of the seat to the floor. Counter and bar stools deserve to be backless or have actually a chair back. Swivels are likewise available. If girlfriend opt because that a respond to or bar stool through arms, make certain the eight fits underneath the counter and clears any type of cabinet details, prefer corbels.
Dining tables. Dining tables and also even casual eating tables space standard at 30 inches. Some older, vintage tables space 29 come 29½ inches. Ns think 30 inch is best, even for high people. Dining chair seat height is typically 17 come 19 inches. If girlfriend would prefer armchairs, make sure you check any kind of apron details top top the table to ensure the chairs fit comfortably under the table.
Bathroom counters. The standard height for restroom counters is 34 come 35 inches. If you have actually a built-in vanity, such as the one shown here, the vanity have to drop down to 30 inches come accommodate a constant chair. Continuous chairs have actually a typical seat height of 17 to 19 inches.
Shelves above a desk. For an office or workspace with open shelves or uppers, 22 to 24 inch is traditional for shelf placement above the optimal of the desk. This is high sufficient to clean most computer screens and even accommodate undercounter lights.
Sconces above a sink. I think irradiate from two directions is ideal for a bathroom. Overhead light can come indigenous a ceiling fixture or deserve to lights. Forward lighting typically comes finest from sconces collection at 33 to 36 inches over the sink. Again, an extremely tall human being may require them to be higher.Find an ext bathroom bright options
Tile or timber wainscoting in toilets is collection to standard elevation at 45 to 48 inches. This typically permits for the vanity or cabinet to be put just under for a clean, uniform look.
Coffee tables. Most coffee tables space finished the end at approximately 18 come 20 inches high. This permits for comfortable legroom in relation to sofas and also chairs.
Kitchen hoods. These room tricky, since hood heights deserve to vary by manufacturer. The conventional hood elevation is 30 come 33 inches, however consider your own height. If you are a very tall person and need extra room to prevent head bonks, then consider a streamlined architecture without bulky details. The primary function of the hood is to get rid of odors and also food corpuscle in the air. Therefore, the hood need to be an installed at a height that maximizes that is effectiveness.

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Pendant lights above an island. The dimension of pendants themselves might vary according to ceiling height, yet typically I choose to watch pendants 40 come 43 inches over the perfect counter. I like a slightly greater pendant because that no overhead distractions. The number of pendants will vary according to the dimension of her island, however two to 4 is typical.More: How to get your pendant lamp rightHow to remodel her kitchenFind a decorator, designer, architect or builder close to you
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