Make following weekend epic through our affordable and also popular classic Mini Bike. It’s similar to the ones we provided to have in the an excellent ol’ days, just safer and also easier to ride. The 80cc overhead valve engine and also automatic clutch ensure straightforward operation, when its rugged stole frame and also no-dent fenders carry out the toughness you require to overcome the outdoors. All of our mini bikes come pre-assembled. Just attach the handlebars, add gas and also go! 

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Simple to collection up: Tool kit included. Affix the handlebars, include gas and also go! Easy to handle: The mini bike’s huge comfortable seat, spring invited foot pegs and motorcycle layout throttle for sure a great ride. Built to last: With a flour coated gusset reinforced welded tube steel frame and tough no-dent polypropylene fenders, our electric mini bicycle is durably constructed and ready because that the rugged outdoors. Safety first: With a chain guard, exhaust heat shield and engine avoid switch, our mini bicycle was built with security in mind. Hefty Duty Overhead-Valve (OHV) Engine flexible Handlebars Super fixed Tires behind Disc Brake Rugged, Reinforced structure Custom Monster graphics Tough, No-dent polypropylene fenders bigger Comfortable seat


Engine: 80cc 2.5 HP (4-stroke overhead valve) Transmission: Automatic no-shift centrifugal pressure Maximum Speed: 23 mph Starter Type: Easy pull Brake Type: Hand activate cable actuated rear disc Tires & Wheels: 14.0 5.7 R 6.0 off-road tubeless pneumatic tires through steel rims Run Time: 45-60 minute (continuous use)

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$450.00* *Freight included.

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Prep and also Sales tax Additional.


90-DAY minimal WARRANTY: Monster Moto warrants only to the original retail purchaser the this product that this product is cost-free from defects in product and/or workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days indigenous the date of purchase. In ~ Monster Moto’s sole discretion, Monster Moto agrees to either repair, carry out replacement parts for, or replace any type of product or component having actually a material defect, except as minimal in the complete warranty statement.


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