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I purchased a 2014 DS 250 about 9 month ago. I have done the clutch kit, removed the spacer, readjusted the sprocket to a 14 tooth and also the faster this point will walk is 37 MPH. It"s really disappointing. I also have a 2014 Honda TRX 250 and this thing goes 48 MPH. Why together the large difference? and also why execute you see youtube videos of males going 45-48 miles per hour on their DS250"s? Anyone??

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There is nothing wrong with it. Us bought a ds250 a couple of years earlier from a dealer brand new for a very low price. Something like 1900 out the door. It"s in no method a funny bike. Absolutely no torque, very heavy, high seat position and good luck getting it to wheelie. Drifting is also near impossible at time if the conditions aren"t perfect. I"d to speak 30-35 is around all the has. We also have a 250ex and it"s 10x the an equipment that the ds is. We usage the ds greatly for guests the don"t have actually anything to ride. It"s exceptionally easy come ride but it"s in no way a funny bike. I think the cvt infection holds the down
What doesn"t provides sense is the other people with older DS250"s can acquire theirs going 45 miles every hour. There should be something various on the enlarge ones. Ns don"t understand what it can be. However we have actually a DS90 and also that machine almost keeps up. Pretty sad.
What doesn"t provides sense is that other world with enlarge DS250"s can get theirs walk 45 miles every hour. There need to be something various on the older ones. I don"t recognize what it might be. But we have a DS90 and that machine almost keeps up. Quite sad.
Ours is a 07. Ns seriously doubt it will go 45 however I have not actually clocked it so ns can"t yes, really be sure. My judgement would say 35 tops simply based off of the various other quads us have. In a 3-400 ft drag, the 250ex will certainly take the by a an excellent 4-5 quad lengths though and also it feels prefer the DS just stops accelerating an extremely quickly. I wouldn"t be surprised if a son on the ds90 was maintaining up with an adult on the 250. I additionally wouldn"t be suprised if the 90 had a much better suspension lol

We had actually an 08" that us clocked in ~ 45mph. Clutch from complete power performance and also a diff front sprocket. Otherwise stock.
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I"m guessing you added a bigger front sprocket? Yea that together with a clutch kit would sure help it however in 100% stock type (which mine is) i think 40 would really be advertise it. I"ve never ever liked it sufficient to consider including anything to it to do it perform much better but I"ve watched those clutch kits add a little low end pep to it. I have the right to barely obtain mine come wheelie when standing top top the seize bar in ~ 190 pounds. In comparison, the 250ex feels like a speak monster.

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Actually the sprocket you obtain from FPP is one tooth less. Therefore it"s snappier with the clutch kit. I placed on 22" rear tires come gear earlier to normal and also it still only goes 39. It"s a secret why the larger ones room faster.
Does everyone know exactly how to acquire the limiter spacer the end of carbohydrate on a 2014 DS 250? an additional post ns read proclaimed it was just a 5 minute job yet I can"t seem to acquire the tthottle body the end to eliminate the spacer. Any kind of ideas or pics would be significantly appreciated...

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I have actually an 07 ds250 ns weight 135 and also I can power brake into wheelie put on exhilaration shows and also drift favor crazy I"m ordering a fpp clutch and sprocket tomorrow then homily ns can acquire the fpp carbohydrate kit following month I should be pushing 55 come 58 v everything

Last year ns picked up a brand-new ds250. Worst failure ever. Substantially under powered, grossly end weight, and also NO power aftermarket equipment to even aid it. I did no research study on this bike and also now I"m paying the price. Previously this year i tried to offer it yet couldn"t get any type of bites in ~ $1700 because that a virtually brand-new bike. So here I am...The first thing ns did was occupational on acquiring it previous the 34 mph cap this thing had. It to be so slow it to be dangerous. My child tried going increase a hill and it didn"t have the power to do it. He nearly rolled that in reverse because of no power. Again, dangerous!First to be to remove the carburetor limiter. Then readjust the accelerator limiter. Then ns dumped the smog unit. Then I replaced the 18 gram roller weights and replaced them v 12 gram rollers witch permitted the rpm come hit it"s "power band". These few things gained that ds250 come hit 48 mph (not 50) as soon as clocked along side mine Outlander. My next job is to install a 14t front sprocket, 22" rear tires, Sigma 6 carb kit, aluminum wheel to mitigate weight. In ~ this point, I think finding means to minimize weight is the key to helping this thing, yet it"s no going to be easy. This is mine winter project.
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