You deserve to expect a top speed of roughly 80MPH because that the greater 1,000cc ATV and Side by Sides. There are changes you deserve to make come go even faster, yet this is around where manufacturers set at from the factory.

Average speed overall is about 50mph. This is the golden number and plenty rapid for the median adult. To trust me, 50 on one ATV “feels like” 80 in a car.

The slowest ATVs space going to be the ones created kids, but these and even some adult ATVs have throttle limiters. V a youngsters ATV you can get speeds where its barely relocating (1mph) to really fast running speeds (25mph). Just make certain to follow the laws when it comes to children ATVs and also warning decals posted on the machine.

Top Speeds

Here is a list of the cc engine choices and their top speeds. Save in mental these space the mean numbers; some ATV manufacturers deserve to go much faster or slower.

ccATV Side by Side
5010 MPH
7015 MPH
9025 MPH
11030 MPH10 come 25 MPH
15035 MPH15 come 30 MPH
20040 MPH
25050 MPH
30053 MPH
35055 MPH
40057 MPH
50060 MPH45 MPH
57065 MPH45 MPH
65070 MPH
80075 MPH60 MPH
85075 MPH
100080 MPH80 MPH

The 50, 70, and 90cc ATVs may seem reduced than people expect. The number are based on models that ship come the US. Friend can get models that perform go faster, yet the US has stringent laws when it concerns ATVs marketed to kids. I can not anxiety this enough, make certain to follow the laws and warnings for children’s ATVs!

Limiting Speed


Most ATVs have actually throttle limiters that space easily changed with a screw and wrench. This is great for someone new to a an equipment that girlfriend don’t want to go also crazy.

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It’s not intended as a full stop due to the fact that anyone v a driver can readjust it. However if the human doesn’t know around this, many don’t; climate you could have a good way to limit an ATVs power.

Digital Keys

Another means manufacturers deserve to limit the rate of an ATV is with the keys.

Can-Am is huge on this with their DESS keys. You deserve to have one key that is full power, another one the is minimal on the height end, and also another one that is a ‘work’ crucial where the slow however has a ton that torque.

Digital tricks are ending up being rare specifically on the an ext affordable ATVs. But the more affordable ATVs space also, the slow of the bunch.

This is miscellaneous to save in mind as soon as you want to get an ATV the you think might be too much power. You can always get one with various keys with different power levels. This means you have actually the choice of much more power just by changing out the keys. Store in mind that some manufacturers don’t support this option.

Pi$$ing Contest

If friend ask me, ATV speed and cc size have come to be one big pi$$ing contest. I’m making use of the $ authorize on purpose due to the fact that it means large bucks to manufacturers.

Whatever. That is every I have the right to say about it. My days the racing and also going rapid are over. I rather have actually a maker that is just ‘enough’ and won’t kill me ~ above gas. This is why I prefer the 570cc and also 650cc engines. Castle fast enough and far better on gas 보다 the 800 or 1,000’s.

I candid don’t understand why anyone wants the 1,000cc engines and also even wrote around it here.

ATVs nothing have sufficient weight to them to use every one of that strength for hauling. The just thing the its an excellent for is just plain old walk fast. Uneven you race them for a living, i don’t watch the need. Speak to me one old man but after riding every cc dimension ATV I’ve pertained to value the ~600cc variety the most.

Will They ever Go end 80MPH?

I don’t want to save never, however I nothing think castle will. 80mph has come to be the limit the manufacturers will certainly push. Whereby they will certainly go from here is advertise the 0 come 60 numbers. Optimal speed is over, but who it s okay to the peak speed faster is still underway.

Overall it’s a legal issue. Speak ATVs is dangerous, and the manufacturers don’t want to add any much more top speed to the factor.

Make your ATV Faster

You have the right to make your ATV faster; the not hard to do. Yet I need to state that ATVs are dangerous therefore wear suitable gear and also ride understanding the dangers. I’ve seen terrible things occur so please be responsible.


The easiest alteration is to gain a brand-new exhaust. The conventional pipes border flow and thus power. Keep in mental this will certainly make the quad louder, but many pipes space not the bad and give the ATV a nice sound. Speed aside, a nice sound pipe is a must.

Make sure you acquire the exactly pipe for your ATV. I’m a pan of HMF, below is one example – Can-am HMF performance PERFORMANCE collection Slip-on Exhaust (Amazon link Ad).


You can additionally get an engine remapping module. This will certainly reprogram the engine to give you more power and might even be essential for part pipes. Keep in mental this could void her warranty v some manufacturers.

Here are options for ATV engine programmers.


The greatest thing that can slow her ATV or next by next is the tires. You require to gain tires that fit the case you’re most most likely ride in.

If girlfriend ride in muddy and also rough areas, you need a bigger/agreesive tire 보다 someone that races in the dunes. Store this in mental if you’re concerned about speed.


If you desire to make her ATV faster make sure you’re not already limited. I’m not talking about the governors that the manufacturer has to install but things like user accessible settings.

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Earlier I mentioned you could be utilizing a digital crucial that is limiting the power. Other manufacturers will use a fuse in the fuse box to determine your rate settings.

Read her owners hands-on to check out if her ATV has any speed limiters built in. Ns can’t tell friend how countless times I’ve watched someone complain around their slow-moving ATV and come to uncover out castle were utilizing the not correct digital key.