If friend love the sand, sun, and also shore, West Michigan is the place for you. V 300 mile of gorgeous shoreline, lucky visitors and also residents have actually quick accessibility to a variety of beaches that dot the Michigan coastline. It’s one factor that Lonely planet recommended this area together its Number 1 U.S. Travel Destination in 2014.

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To discover out i m sorry beaches locals choose best, we asked suffer Grand Rapids’ followers on Facebook and Instagram to sweet in on your favorites. Here’s what they had to say!


Hiking along Sand Dune at PJ Hoffmaster Park gives scenic views and also a workout!

Photo by suffer Grand Rapids

Beaches family members Love—Great for Everyone

PJ Hoffmaster State Park (Muskegon)

<40 mile northwest of grand Rapids>

The ever-popular PJ Hoffmaster State Park boasts over three miles of shoreline and also is a beautiful place to enjoy the sun, sand, and also take a hike on the trails. Girlfriend can additionally learn around the park’s ecosystems in ~ the Gillette Sand Dune visitor Center. “The walk in the woods to the coast is awesome!” says Instagram monitor

When you go, setup on bringing lunch or dinner. Picnic tables are available and restrooms are situated at the nearby Nature Center.

After girlfriend eat, talk yourself into tackling the Dune climb Stairway. Your well-deserved reward will be a stunning panoramic view of Lake Michigan and also the dunes native the observation deck.


Pedestrian access to big Red is available on Tuesdays and also Thursdays come local citizens from Memorial day to job Day.

Photo by endure Grand Rapids

Holland State Park (Holland)

<35 mile southwest of cool Rapids>

If you’re in the mood to relax in a coast chair and watch the waves, Holland State Park has a long, beautiful shoreline and a historic red lighthouse, fondly called large Red.

When responding to her favorite thing about the park ~ above Instagram,
judymesman said, “The channel.” world love to take leisurely strolls follow me the channel the connects Lake Macatawa come Lake Michigan.

Beachgoers can take advantage of the volleyball and also basketball courts. Task junkies can visit the park’s Macatawa next to rental kayaks, canoes, and also stand increase paddleboards.

Holland State Park additionally features a an excellent playground for kids, a concession stand with food and also beach supplies, and picnic tables, fire pits, grills, and restrooms.


Grand Haven State Park (Grand Haven)

<35 miles northwest of cool Rapids>

While the scenic sandy coast in cool Haven State Park attracts sunbathers and swimmers, the State Park has actually plenty to offer, consisting of volleyball and also fishing.

Add the pier and striking lighthouse, food trucks, the music Fountain (the world’s largest!), and also the proximity come the city’s quaint downtown, grand Haven State Park makes a good destination because that families, friends, and couples.

Instagram pendant
erinbahbah both offered Grand Haven State Park the “thumbs up,” together did facebook follower Alice Galanski Young.



On patience days, it is straightforward day pilgrimage by watercraft from the Muskegon area. Water native Duck Lake streams right into Lake Michigan providing a patience wading area between the north and south coast areas.
Van Buren State Park and North suggest Conservation Area (South Haven)

<62 mile southwest of cool Rapids>

The coast at van Buren State Park is a rock-hunters dream: it’s wide, long, and covered with beautiful rocks. Picnic tables and grills are easily accessible for use, as space restrooms. Plus, four-legged girlfriend are enabled in the park as lengthy as they’re on a six-foot (or shorter) leash.

North suggest Conservation Area is simply a hop, skip, and also drive north of van Buren State Park. The area, which spans 17 acres, boasts end 300 feet that shoreline, forested dunes, and wetlands.

The picturesque city of southern Haven is nearby, with a beautiful harbor, shops, restaurants and also bars, make this a good place to finish your day in ~ the beach. Instagram follower
jocoho90 voted, “North point and valve Buren State Park ‘because it’s home!’”

Duck Lake State Park (Whitehall)

<50 miles northwest of cool Rapids>

Duck Lake State Park encompasses shoreline from Duck Lake all the means out come Lake Michigan and also is a favourite for fishing, hiking, and swimming.

Parents of young kids especially love the area wherein the lakes unify – it’s shallow and easy come watch kids play there is no worrying around the depth the the lakes. The park is also obtainable by boat. “On calm days, the is straightforward day expedition by boat from the Muskegon area. Water indigenous Duck Lake streams right into Lake Michigan providing a calm wading area in between the north and also south beach areas,” says Facebook follower Tina Pyne.

From the Pere Marquette Park you can see the Muskegon rest Water light on Lake Michigan.

Photo by Nick Irwin Images

Pere Marquette Park (Muskegon)

<45 mile northwest of grand Rapids>

Pere Marquette Park’s prolonged two-in-a-half-mile shoreline, playground, convenient snack bar, and also numerous volleyball courts space a few of the reasons beachgoers love come visit the park in Muskegon. In fact, the beach to be voted the top beach in the state follow to USA Today's 10 ideal Reader's an option Poll. 

Bring your own equipment for a game of volleyball, or rent provides from the adjacent concessionaire. Girlfriend can likewise rent paddle boards indigenous J board SUP rentals. The beach has an obtainable walkway for world who usage wheelchairs, and also The Deck, a full-service restaurant, is located nearby. Instagram monitor
lerz18 says, “Dunes add to beach make a beautiful combo.”

In addition to the beach’s fantastic features, Pere Marquette Park is home to the USS Silversides, a world War II submarine, which draws background buffs and also beachgoers. You have the right to even publication an overnight remain on the submarine!

Take her Pet to the Beach

Kruse Park (Muskegon)

<42 miles northwest of cool Rapids>

Instagram monitor
annabal-lector’s comment sums increase what many dog-lovers feel: “ Kruse Park since DOGS.” This park has actually an ample area wherein dogs are enabled to play on the beach and in the water.

Kruse Park has around a mile that shoreline and four reservable picnic shelters, and a playground, restrooms, and an area because that basketball.

As with many dunes follow me Lake Michigan’s shoreline, the watch from this dunes space breathtaking and well worth the climb.

A couple of other beaches the welcome pets:

Van Buren State Park in southern Haven (see “Beaches for households Love-Great because that Everyone)

Kirk Park in West Olive (see surprise Gems—dogs are permitted off leash here)

allisontenharmsel actors her vote for Kirk Park, a neighborhood favorite because that swimming, picnicking, and also sunbathing. In enhancement to a playground and horseshoe pit, this park functions wooden stairways throughout the dunes the lead friend to magnificent views that Lake Michigan.

The southerly area that the park permits dogs to play off-leash, as long as they’re under her control.

Lake harbor Park (Norton Shores)

<40 mile northwest of cool Rapids>

Lake harbor Park obtained a “favorite beach” shout out from Instagram monitor
boondoxmotorsports. This scenic park includes 2,000 feet ~ above the Mona Lake Channel, as well as 4,000 feet ~ above Lake Michigan, which provides it a local favorite because that fishing and picnicking.

The picnic area that overlooks the channel uses grills and picnic tables. The park’s picnic shelter is free, on a first-come, first-served basis.

When you take it the walkway follow me the channel the end to the beach, be certain to take a slim detour to rise the wood boardwalk come the peak of the dunes and also enjoy the see of Lake Michigan.

Meinert Park (Montague)

<62 mile northwest of cool Rapids>

The glowing evaluation of Meinert Park posted by Instagram follower
kamaa_bama, will certainly surely do you desire to visit.

Naming her favorite neighborhood beach, she said, “A small, pristine beach in Montague at the finish of Meinert Road. My household would camp over there every summer… the beach has actually perfect views, and the sand is therefore clean and also warm.”

Located ~ above the coast, in between the communities of Rothbury and Montague, Meinert Park functions rolling, grassy dunes and also scenic overlooks. There room a couple of picnic benches near the parking lot, as well as a picnic shelter easily accessible for rent.

Best Beach because that Nature Lovers

Saugatuck Dunes State Park (Saugatuck)

<40 mile southwest of grand Rapids>

This beach is a nature-lover’s dream. As soon as you come at Saugatuck Dunes State Park, girlfriend won’t automatically see that is two-and-a-half miles of beautiful shoreline. To get there, you need to walk v the seaside dunes, several of which are over 200 feet tall. The go isn’t dreadful strenuous, but it’s likewise not a casual stroll.

“The namesake dunes space stunning and also the hikes are incredible,” states Instagram monitor

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The park has picnic tables and also a couple of rustic vault toilets near the parking lot, two-and-a-half miles of undeveloped beach frontage, and a 300-acre nature park favored through birdwatchers and hikers.