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It"s gotta it is in Florida, right?

The Sunshine State"s easternmost point, a place referred to as Singer Island (outside the West Palm Beach), is about 4,085 mile from Guerguerat, a small village in western Sahara.

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Google Maps/Tech however Florida is not the closest point to the afri continent by practically 1,000 miles.

Maybe it"s north Carolina, whose Cape Hatteras juts out right into the Atlantic? It"s closer, but at 3,625 miles from Tarfaya, Morocco, it"s still no the closest.


Google Maps/Tech for this reason it"s gotta be Cape Cod, Massachusetts, right? additionally wrong.

The east edge of the cape is closer than Cape Hatteras, 3,332 mile from El Beddouza, Morocco, however still isn"t the closest.


Google Maps/Tech We"ll cut to the chase: The location of "closest us state to Africa" belongs to Maine and, specifics a peninsula called Quoddy Head.

Michael DeRamo/Wikimedia

Its quaint, tiny lighthouse, the Quoddy Head Light, is situated at the easternmost allude of the joined States. It"s also the point closest to Africa, around 3,154 miles from El Beddouza.

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Google Maps/Tech

So if you"re ever before inclined to take it a nice lengthy swim end to the sand-swept shores that northwest Africa, you could want to want to begin up in Maine.

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