It's something thats always driven me insane about the series, the reality that ns don't understand the true dimension of it.

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How far north does Du Weldenvarden extend? all the way to the sea? I discover it tough to think that the elves never ever went furthermore north than the line the we watch at the optimal of the offered map. And how far eastern does the level that Eragon and also the rest of the elves extend before it access time the sea? room there much more mountains anywhere, more civilisations, an ext kingdoms, woodlands or cities? Or is it all just a vast, empty, level land until you fight the various other sea?

I've read assorted fan theories about it and also seen various unofficial maps which have actually satisfied part small component of mine curiosity, but I don't recognize what Paolini himself has actually said concerning the matter, and it's steering me up the wall.

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M: works for me! Oh, this is the question—okay, to preface this, we’ve been joking around around this question since it come up as a joke and then i actually review it in this interview. Someone wants to recognize what you would certainly say the physical dimension of Alagaesia is in comparison to a land mass on Earth.

C: i’ve actually resolved the ranges on the map. The map isn’t one-hundred percent to scale because… well, I drew it means back when and let’s simply say the the cartographer miscounted his steps in a few places. But it is pretty close. From Carvahall come Farthen Dur—no no, pardon me—Gilead, whereby Eragon was caught in Eragon, to Farthen Dur, when he renders that epos journey v Murtagh on foot… i forget how countless miles exactly, ns don’t have my papers in prior of me, however I think it was verging on close to one thousand miles. Or heading in the direction; the far better part of one thousand miles.

It no a right line though, lock did sort of do an L-shape going under there.

M: us have people who have actually tracked the actual paths.

C: So have actually I! so you have at the very least that distance, and then if friend say that there’s a good chunk of street from Carvahall come Gilead, and also of course the width of Alagaësia… yeah, it’s not as big as the United states mainly due to the fact that I don’t walk all the means to the far eastern coastline on mine continent, which would be more away than the far shore of the joined States. However it’s big.

Using the only considerable figure in the book, i m sorry is Ajihad saying "you extended 130 leagues in 8 days", i did some calculations to number out the size of Alagaesia. We'll be making use of 3 miles together one league.

The distance in between Gil'ead and also Farthen Dur together THE CROW flies is 390 miles. Divide that by 8 and also we have 48.8 mi/day IF THEY can FLY and BYPASS all ON-GROUND OBSTACLES. ON 2 HORSES and A DRAGON and MINIMAL FOOD. And WHILE walking TROUGH FORESTS, MOUNTAINS, and also DESERTS.

But that's a discussion for one more time. Making use of my map, ns figured the one inch=104 miles, though this may be different relying on the dimension of her map.

Now, it take it Eragon and also Brom a fortnight (14 days) to gain from Yazuac come Daret, presumably relocating along the Ninor River. The is a little less than 1/4 customs on mine map, so the is 26 mile from Yazuac to Daret.

So lock were relocating at a speed of 1.9 miles every day. If they were moving 8 hrs a day, lock were relocating at around 0.24 mph. No wonder the Ra'zac were so much ahead.

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Now, as for the dimension of Alagaesia, or at least what component is visible on the map, I offer it a broad (at its widest) the 545 miles and a elevation of 415 miles. Note that ns am no counting any kind of islands. That offers Alagaesia one area of about 226175 square miles. That renders it around 1.5 time the size of Montana, or 1.5 time the size of England, if that's a better reference.